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Have I made it clear that I despise Viacom’s many faces and their programming?  Anyway, the plantation that is VH1’s series “Basketball Wives” has added their newest wynch to their growing stable of slaves.

You may remember her from the second season of MTV’s original “reality” experiment “The Real World-Venice Beach”.  Her name is Tammi, and she is best known for a) having an abortion on television, b) wiring her jaw shut in order to stabilize her weight and c) getting her roomie kicked out and equating his pulling off her covers to rape.

Well, he did go too far, and he should have stopped when she told him to, so he did deserve to get kicked out.  Anyway after the Real World, gold-digging Tammi married ex-NBA baller Kenny Anderson, whom I understand has children with “Spinderella” of  girl rap group Salt n Peppa.

Anyway, she seemed to be a drama queen so this is the perfect fit, you all can check your local listings for when this mess premieres, but speaking of  “B-Ball Wives”, I understand that one of the cast members who is not anyones wife is being sued by her baby’s father, Dwight Howard for smearing his name and reputation over the internet.  I’m saying this has got to be the most frivolous lawsuit I’ve heard of, seeing how what she said was probably the truth, and her opinion.  I’m sure it won’t see the inside of a court room.


More Foolishness From VH1 and Terelle Owens

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So it seems that all you T.O fans are going to be seeing more of your boy, when his new VH1 series debuts.  I really don’t know when, because I don’t plan on watching this mess.  We already know that the brother is an egomaniac, but seeing him occasionally acting a fool in the media, and on the field  is quite enough…do we really want to be exposed to him on a weekly basis?  Well I guess if Flava Flave, Ray J, and those idiot brothers from ILNY (all corny as hell ) can have their own show, why not?  Remember when VH1 played videos?  Want more on this coonery in the making? Go to



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