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Thanks to one of my fellow truthers from Facebook, this video of the Oprah Show from 1989 says it all…

Oprah is a slick one…

” I don’t know any Jewish families who sacrifice babies”

a.k.a. trying to discredit by making light.



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Hey guys, I came across this interview with Oprah on the Larry King Show.  After Oprah’s show ends, she will have her own network and it is appropriately named O.W.N. which stands innocently enough for the Oprah Winfrey Network.  But as you and I both know, nothing is ever what it seems, if you reverse that you have the New World Order.  Here she is on Larry King throwing up the sign allegiance and full cooperation around the  :20 mark.  What was that for if not intentional.  Or do people go around making the 3 6’s on a whim?   I see you O.

Goodbye Bea!:(

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Legendary tall gal, and deadpan comedic actor, Bea Aurthur died and left the world a little sadder with her passing.  I didn’t watch Maude, which spawned the spin off Good Times which I never missed, but I sure do love the Golden Girls!  I mean, what’s not to love.  You have the hyper-sexual southern belle, Blanche Deveraux, the Scandanavian nitt-witt, Rose Nyland, the old Sicillian mother Sophia Portillo, and of course the amazonic , level headed school teacher, Dorothy Zbornack! Oh and Dorothy came as a package deal with her putz ex-husband Stan, a follically challenged pig. This was the ultimate ensemble cast, and they could never be duplicated. These ladies showed the world that life doesn’t end at fifty, and cheesecake played a big role in thier lives while they sat and talked out thier problems at that tiny kitchen table.  The exchanges between Dorothy and her mother Sophia were true comedic genius, and the whole cast played thier parts to a T.  What were your fave moments from the Golden Girls? 

RIP Bea and Estelle

RIP Bea and Estelle

My fave episode was when Rose’s cousing Sven came to visit.  He was supposed to marry a girl from Sweden, but fell in love with Blanche, which had Rose upset.  So once Sven pronounces his love for Blanche, there’s the doorbell.  Big Sven, his father, sent his bride-to-be to come and get him, and she’s a young hottie, needless to say, he forgot all about Blanche!  Bea will be missed.

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Rihanna, I hope You Tune In

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I know I will be watching the Oprah show on Thursday.  The real Media Queen is dedicating an hour to talking about domestic abuse, inspired by the Rihanna tragedy.  As for Rihanna, until I see some proof that she took that animal back, I’m going to reserve any comments.   This should be interesting.

Sorry Perez...this is the queen of all media

Sorry Perez...this is the queen of all media

So What’s The Problem…

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Nothing wrong with getting smashed once in awhile, at least she had the sense to cover up her goodies.

Nothing wrong with getting smashed once in awhile, at least she had the sense to cover up her goodies.

I initially saw this on DC Rumours, but Googled it to get the whole scoop.  Apparantly, Beyonce was on some English television program, and when asked if she’d have a drink of brown ale, she refused.  I guess they didn’t take it too good, because they said they woudn’t invite her back on the show.  According to one of the hosts, her pimp father,  Matthew guaranteed them that she would do anything they asked.   Well Beyonce stood up for herself and refused.  Beyonce, you need to ditch Matthew before he sells you to the highest bidder!


I know I often have nothing good to say about Beyonce, but I applaud her for not collapsing under the pressure.  I don’t understand how she’s acting like a diva for refusing a nasty drink.  Have you ever tried one of those brown ale things?  Anyway, we all know that Beyonce has been known to take a drink now and then, but she is a grown woman.  On the other hand, I hear that she doesn’t have that strong  following over there, so I probably would have just sipped politely.  I think that the Britt’s are going to call her stuck up for not going along with it.  Not a good way to win over fans.  Anyway you can read the whole article here.

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The New York Post’s Writers Are Untalented Hacks

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Well, I don’t read the post, but apparantly they have Macy Gray up in arms over a story they ran about her being quoted saying that she wanted to have children with Obama.  I know she’s out there folks, but this sounds crazy.  When Macy was reached for comment, this is what she had to say…

I portray a character in the Starz comedy series Head Case, which is a hilarious show about a wacky psychiatrist who is wackier than her patients. My character admits that she thinks Obama is hot. It is innocent and funny. It was shot back in September and airs in March. The quotes printed by Page Six were taken completely out of context, and no less the dialogue from a scripted television comedy. It’s ridiculous.

It’d be just like having Denzel Washington arrested in real life for the crimes his character committed in American Gangster. There are members of the press, namely the person who wrote the article, who are untalented and uninspired so they look to write false statements and tear people down because they couldn’t get paid to write about anything meaningful or true. 

I respect and love our new President and his family just as you do and would never disrespect them in anyway.  Thank you.

Love the Look!

Love the Look!

Photo credit: Giuliano Bekor

LMAO @ “couldnt’ get paid to write about anything meaningful or true”    These so called “journalists” are way out of line with their false reporting, but I guess selling papers is the bottom line.  By the way, haven’t heard anything from Macy in a minute, but it’s nice to know she’s working.  I enjoyed her in Training Day.  Support Macy, and check Head Case sounds like it may be good.   Read the full article at

More Foolishness From VH1 and Terelle Owens

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So it seems that all you T.O fans are going to be seeing more of your boy, when his new VH1 series debuts.  I really don’t know when, because I don’t plan on watching this mess.  We already know that the brother is an egomaniac, but seeing him occasionally acting a fool in the media, and on the field  is quite enough…do we really want to be exposed to him on a weekly basis?  Well I guess if Flava Flave, Ray J, and those idiot brothers from ILNY (all corny as hell ) can have their own show, why not?  Remember when VH1 played videos?  Want more on this coonery in the making? Go to



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