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I remember back in the 80’s, Spike Lee was making real movies, and addressing some very real issues within the black community.  The industry labeled him a racist nut, but if your black you know that the issues he dealt with in his movies were very real to us.  One of those movies was School Daze and it was about the inner-racism that has existed since the days of slavery.  If you’ve never seen it, I’d highly recommend that you do.  Here is a clip and keep in mind, that the hair is just a symbol.

The very first time I experienced racism was in high school, at the hands of girls who had  darker complexions. I could never understand where that unwarranted hate came from, as I had never done anything to this person personally, she just assumed that because my skin was light, and my hair reached my shoulders, that I thought I was better than her. To me, having a lighter complexion was no big deal because the people in my family ran the color-line from “high yella” to dark brown.  We were all different, but we loved each other regardless, because no matter what, we were family

With that said, I have once again run into a person of color who hates herself.

This is the face of self-hatred.  I never even knew this person existed until she tweeted me regarding my “failed blog”.  Lol at first I thought she was a white man because she called me a “nigger”.  When she called me fat, I had to see who was throwing all that salt my way, and that’s what I found.  So words were exchanged back and forth, and then she sent me this…


My question is, we are arguing about blogs, so where did the racial issues come from?  I never claimed that I was white or mixed for that matter, so what’s motivating this….self hatred.  I suspect that our mentally unstable friend is one of those people who believe  that having a dark complexion is something to be ashamed of.  If Willie Lynch were alive today, he certainly would be smiling to know that his seeds of divide and conquer are still keeping us from coming together . But after all this time, why is complexion still a major issue for us?  And to call another black person a “n*****” is unacceptable in my opinion but if your willing to disrespect your own people, how can you demand that others (races) don’t? Please somebody tell me what happened to the Black Power movement of the 70’s?