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I love my google alerts, even though I take my time getting into them because there are so many, but from now on I’m going to stay on top of them!  So I followed a link to this article about how RatStaxx attempted to proposition Slim Thug, and he not-so-nicely shut her down.  Now we know I am  on Twitter, and I do follow both these idiots, but I only caught the end of their back and forth.  I think Slim Thug told her that she had a face like a possum, and that he didn’t find her attractive… or something to that effect.  What say you…I think she does look like something that hangs upside down from a tree limb to sleep.

He then went on to clown her about the lack of persons that attended an even she was hosting at some club, and that she was only paid $100.00, that’s nine hundred dollars less than Foxxy’s take the other night! LOL

Anyway, this chic deeply disturbs me.  You can tell a lot about someone’s frame of mind by the things they say, or in her case “tweet”.  She’s obviously insecure and needs some kind of validation.  My guess would be that she was abused as a child ( I don’t know her background) and is looking for attention no matter how negative and demeaning.  And am I to understand that she is a mother?  WOW!

I guess she thought that being a public whore would make her rich,and is willing to sacrifice her self-respect to get it, but didn’t SuperHead already do it ?  I  think she should quit now, because as far as I know, she hasn’t sexed up any a-listers like Sup did.  Good luck with that Kat, I hope that hundred-dollar appearance fee goes towards your child’s therapy fund.




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In a desperate attempt to get his name in the blogosphere, Slim Thug went hard on black woman and what HE sees is the problem that we seem to have regarding relationships.

Here’s an excerpt from his interview…

“It’s hard to trust a Black woman [sometimes] because a lot of Black women’s mind frame is that the man gotta do everything for her⎯ he gotta pay for this, he gotta pay for that, and if it ain’t about money then a lot of them ain’t fucking with him. If that’s what you’re here for then I don’t want to be with you.”

Slim Thug, did you ever think that what you put out there, is what you get back.  A black woman who has her own isn’t going to need anything from you.  While I do agree that there are women ( and they can be from any racial background!) that are out for dough, there are many out there who are handling their business on their own, not depending on a man for any financial benefit!  Maybe it’s the circles you happen to run in, or maybe you should raise your own standards!  I’m just saying.  He also claims that it’s the “white side” of his bi-racial girlfriend which is the reason they are still together.  This fool gets the David Banner award for stupidity!  I guess he’s still “regret”ing the fact that Letoya put him on blast….”suicide doors, I co-signed” LOL!

( click on the image to see in its entirety)

Read the entire interview here.

And by the way, apparently this lost soul’s  “advice” has sparked the disappointment of Marc Lamont Hill, and prompted him to write this

Open Letter to Slim

It’s nice to know that some black men do not share his views.

On a side note…. Don’t think I didn’t notice that Letoya is wearing cheetah print, and that Slim Thug is repping Baphomet.  That lovely lady in the background looks familiar, is that the same woman that was with Jay-Z and Beyonce in Croatia?

Oh, and Marc Lamont Hill is gorgeous!