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Beyta was spotted  in NYC leaving Lure with handler one and two ( Hov and Julius) looking remedial as hell.

It is clear to me that she is on something, and/ or that she has dissociated into a very young child.  She keeps this same expression from the entrance to the curb.  Did they dine alone, or was this a “business” meeting?  If it was, then with whom did they meet?

This picture is quite disturbing and brings to mind that video of Anna Nicole Smith.  I find it equally disturbing that this photo has made it’s rounds in the blogosphere, and nobody has said anything about the expression on her face.

It is possible that there’s something fascinating going on by the curb, but I doubt that.  Do they think that they can keep messing with this girl’s mind and nobody’s going to raise an eyebrow?

I continue to keep Beyta in my thoughts, and wish a slow, torturous and painful death for her handlers/programmers/ and owners.


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I told you all that I wasn’t posting pics here, so bear with me.  I looked up Beyonces red carpet pics and she was doing the same robotic pose as always in an awful standard mermaid dress that did nothing for her shape, as usual.  My question is why does she always do that same robotic pose, oh yeah she is a robot.  Look up “beyonce/redcarpet” on google images and see what I’m talking about.


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So Beyonce is reportedly going to take six months off in order to “recharge  my batteries”.  This creeps me out, because although I’m all for her taking her ass out of our faces for more than a week (even though she will still be visible as she is performing at the Grammy’s, and taping new commercials for  Nintendo)  I’m shuddering at the thought of what’s really going to happen.  I’m sure she’ll be going through some additional programming by her handlers.

Beyonce being recalled?

And by the way, I was reading an interview she did with some publication whose name escapes me at the moment, but the interviewer claims that Beyonce had “jay” etched on her nails.  The thing that caught my attention is that she refers to him ( JayZ) as his stage name.  This would be fine if his name weren’t actually Sean.  I just think that’s weird.