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You all know that out of all the puppets in the industry, Prince is my all time favorite.  Happy Birthday Prince, can’t believe he’s 52 and still looks like he’s thirty~

BTW..His Royal Funkiness will be gracing this months issue of Ebony

More From the New World Order…

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I was on another post about BeyJay’s ties to the Illuminati, and the comments were talking about MJ’s involvement with the “I”, and then I began thinking about Prince, who is one of my favorite artists.

Anyway, I went and started looking for some shit, and sure enough I found it. One of the Freemason’s symbols is a black and white checkerboard. I was dissapointed to find that on the cover of his “controversy” album, Prince does indeed sport a pin with “rude boy” and a checkerboard background.

Although “controversy” was hailed by critics, Prince didn’t knock it out of the park until “1999”. Now on this album cover, there are two eyes peeking from both the nines.

So what say you folx, did the “I” get a hold of Prince?  We know that they control the music industry, and the rest of the media.  We know that music company execs are crooked.  What was the real deal beind Warner Bros. and Prince falling out?  How did Prince’s son really die, and why now at the age of fifty something does he feel the need to find religion.  Is he repenting for his involvement?  Did he sell his cute little soul to the Illuminati to gain worldwide fame and fortune?

That leads me to an interview he did with MTV’s Sway, around the time he performed with Beyonce.  How did that matchup come about?  It only strikes me as odd because in that interview, he was asked which new artists he likes, and he named a couple, including Alicia Keyes, but there was no mention of Beyonce, even though it was close to his performance with her. 

What do you think?

What a Difference A Few Bucks Makes

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Today is a really slow day for any celeb gossip, so I’m forced to tap into my well of creativity.  I like to see how celebs change from when they were broke, and the new kid on the block, to how they are now that they have money in the bank.  Enjoy the show folks!