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It’s official, House Of Dereon sucks, but we’ve known that for years.  Remember Tina and Beyonce were debuting this crap on the Oprah Show, and I couldn’t help but wonder to myself 1) it’s messed up for them to make Kelly model that crap on national television. 2) one hundred dollars for some iron-on decal on the pocket of some cheaply made jeans? and 3) Why did she never show her line at fashion week…..okay that was a jab!  Anyway, House of Dereon is right where it belongs…or rather “Miss Tina” in Walmart.

But that’s not the point to the post, the point is, that although I despise Tina Knowles, I thought she was a nice looking older woman.  All she had to do was lose the red lipstick and all that hair weave.  You could tell that she must have been some kind of fox in her youth, but now, she went and chiseled her nose and she looks ten times worse than before.

And did ol girl have some cheek implants thrown in for good measure?  I always thought that  this was one of those woman who felt like she had to compete with her own daughters.  RME.





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In a recent interview with XXL Magazine, Kanye blames an entire city for the early demise of his mother.

He claims that moving to Southern Cali prompted his mom to go under the knife of killer doc Jan Adams which claimed her life.  I wish her a peaceful journey wherever she may be.  He then goes on to state that if they lived in NYC, she’d still be with him.

In my own opinion, it is not plastic surgery that may have taken her life, but his statements against  then President Bush during a live telecast after the Katrina Tragedy.  At this point, Kanye proved himself to be a loose cannon, and loose cannons are unpredictable.  You never know what they may say or do, at anytime.  So, how can you ensure that your loose cannon doesn’t go off at the mouth anytime he pleases, you silence him by killing his mother.

By the way, did you know that Dr. Adams ( laugh) attended Harvard University, but never rec’d his diploma?  I’m wondering if the good doc belonged to the Skull and Bones Society, and/or is a Mason?

The good doc also has ties to UCLA which according to some, is one of many programming centers that front as a research center.  Oddly enough, it is also where Disney Darling, Lindsey Lohan spent some weeks of “rehab” recently.

Too many “coincidences” and connections, but then again it could all be reaching on my part.

It Was All A Dream…

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Kimberly Jones is at it again.  Ol’ girl just can’t accept that she was Biggie’s go-to girl, and is now claiming that he appears to her in her dreams, giving her valuable advice.  She also claims that Biggie will reveal his true feelings from the afterlife.  For more on the craziness that is Lil’ Kim, read the full article on Baller Status.


" Are you there, Big...It's me, Kim"

" Are you there, Big...It's me, Kim"

I guess the world needs crazy people like Lil’ Kim to make it interesting, because she is clearly off her damn rocker, but I’m not mad at her.  If her believing that she was Big’s number one gets her through the day, who am I to judge?    If  Kim looks in the mirror and sees a white woman looking back, then I guess she can communicate with Biggie from the Great Beyond.  I hope he advises her to stop with the plastic surgery because enough is enough.  Don’t forget to watch La Loca on Dancing  With the  Stars.

It’s Just Not Worth It

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The road to perfection is a dead end street

The road to perfection is a dead end street

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Usher’s wifey, Tameka Raymond going into a Brazilian hospital for routine liposuction, and going into cardiac arrest.  Thank goodness she’s allright, but can you just imagine what could have happened?  Now I don’t have anything against getting some work done.  I myself, would never think about going under the knife unless it was absolutely necessary, but to each her own.  This obsession with the “quick fix” is really out of control.  The woman just had her second child two months ago, and I’m hearing that while doctors want you to wait six or more months after having a child to undergo any major  surgical procedure, she told them it had been four months.  I don’t know how true that is, but that’s just madness.  Instead of eating right, and excercising, she and so many others always opt for the easy way out, which can be fatal.  For the full article, read it here.

Little Kim Is Starting To Get On My Damn Nerves

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This child needs help!

This child needs help!


So I heard that Kim finally went to see the Notorious movie, and like she’s been yelling all this time, she’s not satisfied about how she was portrayed in the movie.  According to Kim, she was not a jump-off.  Kim is so damn delusional, that she’s started to believe her own lies. 

Now think about it, if you were Biggie’s girl, he would have married you.  If he wanted any kind of life with  you, he wouldn’t have made you abort your child.  See, she can holler “I was Big’s girl” all she wants because he can’t dispute it.   She was talking down on Naturi’s performance…but I know it doesn’t have anything to do with her acting, which I found okay, but her skin color.  Kim has been on a mission to turn herself into a white woman, but has only managed to make herself into a circus clown. 

 If she didn’t want to be portrayed a certain way, then why sign on the dotted line?  It seems that everyone knows what Kim was, except for Kim.  Kudos to Faith for not stooping to Kim’s desperate level.  It’s a shame when someone with so much talent, lets it go to waste.  Check out the full article @