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Beyta was spotted  in NYC leaving Lure with handler one and two ( Hov and Julius) looking remedial as hell.

It is clear to me that she is on something, and/ or that she has dissociated into a very young child.  She keeps this same expression from the entrance to the curb.  Did they dine alone, or was this a “business” meeting?  If it was, then with whom did they meet?

This picture is quite disturbing and brings to mind that video of Anna Nicole Smith.  I find it equally disturbing that this photo has made it’s rounds in the blogosphere, and nobody has said anything about the expression on her face.

It is possible that there’s something fascinating going on by the curb, but I doubt that.  Do they think that they can keep messing with this girl’s mind and nobody’s going to raise an eyebrow?

I continue to keep Beyta in my thoughts, and wish a slow, torturous and painful death for her handlers/programmers/ and owners.


Celebs Do NYC Fashion Week

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Ming Lee, Kimora Lee, and Aoki Lee

Ming Lee, Kimora Lee, and Aoki Lee

The celebs turned up in NYC for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  My fav mommy-in-the-making did her thing at the Baby Phat/KLS show.  As usual, her cuties were in attendance. Kimora adores these girls, and they adore her, and that’s the way it should be. 


Misa and Justin

Misa and Justin


Misa Hylton was in the audience at BP/KLS with her little man Justin.  Misa is Diddy’s ex, and mother of  his first son.  Remember her from the Biggie Small’s video? She was the girl in the hot tub with Puffy, and had the platinum blonde hair.  Anyway, Jutin looks just like mom, he’s really going to be a cutie when he finishes maturing.



Kanye West and gal-pal Amber Rose were front and center for the Narcisco Rodriguez show.  Rodriguez gained national attention when First Lady Michelle Obama wore one of his dresses on Election Night.  I just didn’t think the piece did anything for her, but that’s my opinion.  Anyway, Kanye definitely seems to be taking this quest to be a fashion designer seriously, which is a good thing.  Too often these celebrities put these “lines” 0ut there without truly understanding what goes into a successful fashion line.  Amber looks fab with no hair, but enough with the sunglasses in the dark!



Fast becoming a littel fashionista, Solange and Zoe Saldana are pictured here with fashion icon, Georgio Armani at his show.  Zoe’s shoes alone should have gotten her ran out of town on the first thing smoking, those are hideous!  Looks like Beyonce may not be the only one in the family with a mis-matched eye. She doesn’t even look like herself  here.

Zoe please don't you eva..eva..EVA wear those shoes in public again!

Zoe please don't you ever, ever, ever, EVER...wear those shoes in public again!

Photos courtesy of Concrete Loop

Do You Dig the New Do?

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Here’s miss Ashanti in NYC outside Gemma restaraunt.  Someone’s decided to lose the long weave, but I really don’t know if I like the new hairdo.  It could be because I’m not used to it on her I’ll just reserve judgement until a later date.  I am feeling her simple dress, and the color of her shoes.  One thing about Shanti, she’s always got a smile on her face, and a gleam in her eye. 

I’m hearing that she’s about to come with a line of handbags and accessories.  Now although I hate how every other celeb is coming with a fashion line…and most of them suck DEREON, but I hope hers looks like something.  I’ll be watching.

Not sure about the hair...give me some time.

Not sure about the hair...give me some time.


Photo courtesy of Concrete Loop…duh!

Diddy Don’t Do Security

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DJ  Clue had a hot birthday party on Monday night in NYC, and as you can probably guess, the club was celeb central, and as such, security was tight, searching everyone at the door.  Now, enter Diddy who was a little resistant to having security pat him down.  According to gossip girls, he threw a hissy fit, claiming that he was being disrespected, then asked to be let into the back, which didn’t happen.  So now I’m wondering, was Sean packing heat?  Why else would he be so against being patted down?  Why is he carrying a gun around, isn’t that what your bodyguards are for?  He had to know that there was going to be security, didn’t he? 

The Didster

The Didster