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Disney: The Ultimate Evil

Posted in Illuminati, It's a Damn Shame, Movies, Stupidity Has a Face, television with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on December 23, 2009 by Kenya

I am the mother of five boys, and two of them are now 19 and 21.  I remember when they were little, me and my mother used to buy them Disney Movies.  We loved movies like Alladin, The Little Mermaid, and especially the Lion King, so you can understand how troubling it is to me to find out that Disney is just as corrupt as the government.  Okay, let’s start from the beginning.

First of all, Walt Disney was rumoured to be heavily involved in the corruption of our children.  You see, the Illuminati is hell bent on getting our children while they are young.  This way they can condition them to accept certain things that we adults consider unacceptable.  Walt Disney, under the guise of subsidiaries like Pixar, produced pornography, some of it involving children which were being conditioned  to be mind controlled.  Now, two years ago I would have laughed if someone would have told me that, but the evidence is too big to ignore. 

I have never seen the Rescuers, so I couldn’t tell you what it was about, but what I do know is that during the film, one of the scenes involves a pornographic image in the background.  It comes and goes so quickly that you wouldn’t know it’s there…conciously, but here is a still, and let me assure you it is no joke, as Disney has recalled the video after some parents complained.



Now there could be some logical explanaton for this, and when you think of one that makes sense, please let me know.  My question is, why on Earth would Disney even have a picture like this available to them in the first place? HMMM… could it be that they were filming pornography in the same studios…DISNEY STUDIOS?

Now let’s take a look at the Little Mermaid…I have a problem with the whole Disney mentality as a whole.  Maidens waiting around for a prince to kiss them and save them, or wake them up, or marry them so that they can have a happy life..such antiquated bullshit in my thinking.  But take a close look at the original movie poster for The Little Mermaid.

You’ll see that part of the castle looks like a male member…

Isn't that an usual place for a "member"

Would you like to excuse this as an accident?  Before you try to blow it off, tell me how do you explain this….

Notice, the preacher marrying the couple seems to have an erection?  Is this an accident, or is this meant to corrupt the minds of children?  Remember this type of thing would never be retained in the concious, but in the subconcious.  Now let’s move on to Disney’s biggest cash cow…Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus.

She’s Hannah Montana….She’s Miley Cyrus.  Disney’s entire “Hannah Montana” show is based on Miley living a double life.  Duality…Split personalities…  Now remember when those racy photos of a “bored” Miley surfaced on the internet?  By the way, nothing is ever “accidentally leaked” on the internet. 

This is what your children are following.....

Now don’t get me wrong, I mean I know teens do some pretty crazy things, but this is just too much, and what follows just leaves me speechless…


A picture is worth a thousand words, and this picture just screams “Jailbait”!, but compared to this next one seems almost tame…..

Daddy's little girl

It’s bad enough that this was shot by a grown woman, but it’s doubly offensive that her father is in it with her.  I mean she’s lying across his lap with her midriff exposed and thrust forward.  This is blatantly sexual and inappropriate for a girl and her father to be photographed that way.  It is downright frightening that he was game!  Another shocker is the Hannah Montana candy and what it contains…

Is that a penis?

Okay don’t tell me that this is anything but a penis, they just couldn’t put testicles on it, that would have been too obvious.  This is what your children are being bombarded with, and your too blind to see it!  Taking Disney’s track record, and accusations regarding porn and pedophilia of it’s founder, I would certainly boycott anything Disney, because it’s just not what I’ve already mentioned, it’s also in their theme parks…
This disturbs me…why is Donald facing this way as opposed to the other way
 This isn’t a picture I’d want to share with anyone, it equates to soft core kiddy porn…

Remember Christina was a Mickey Mouse Club member, was she also ritually abused?

The connections are more than just a mere chain of coincendence, don’t you think?  Do you think?

Mary J Blige Making Moves

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You all should know that besides Sade, Mary J Blige is my ab-fave female artist.  It’s not just her story that touches me, it’s her honesty, and realness.  While Beyonce is all up in everyone face over in Europe, my girl Mary is doing some big things right here in the states. Miss Blige/Isaacs has signed on with the William Morris Agency, and is planning to expand her horizons. She’s already dabbled in some acting projects, and will make her big screen debut in Tyler Perry’s forthcoming flick, “I Can Do Bad By Myself”. I didn’t know that she was the co-owner of Carole’s daughter along with Will and Jada, and Jay-Z. Anyway, for more on Miss Mary doing her thing, click here.

she's come a long way baby

she's come a long way baby

Madea Opens To the Tune of 14.7 Milli

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14.7 Mill opening night, not bad Tyler

14.7 Mill opening night, not bad Tyler

Your boy, Tyler Perry wasn’t feeling the recession lastnight with his latest installment of the “Madea” film franchise grossing over $14 Milli its  opening night.  I must admit, I do like these movies, even though the first two followed the same my-man-is-a-dog formula. For the full article, click here, and support a black man in film by checking out Madea Goes To Jail.

Beyonce To Portray Angela Davis? Yeah Right!

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I know I am not the only one who thinks Beyonce needs to leave the acting to the actual actresses, and I don’t want to even think of her attempting to play Angela Davis, former Black Panther, and Professor.  According to Young, Black, and Fabulous,  Rachid Bouchareb is making a movie about Davis’ life, and wants Beyonce to star in the leading role.  Beyonce couldn’t carry a movie if it had handles.  Let’s just hope that if/when this guy asks Beyonce to take the role, she has the decency to decline.  Besides, I can think of several actresses that could pull this role off without blinking an eye…Taraji, Sanaa, Alicia Keyes, or Jennifer Hudson would be good choices, what do you all think?

Beyonce's Emerald Tuna look

The Little Mermaid...yes...Angela Davis?....I think not.

Consider Notorious Dug

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I watched the movie Notorious last night, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised!  Not only at the story, which kept my attention throughout, but the acting as well.  I heard the movie made 21 million when it opened in theatres last weekend, and I guess it was deserved.  I liked all the actors in their roles, except for little Isaiah as Lil Cease, and Anthony Mackie as Tupac.  In my little opinion, Mackie was way too restrained in his portrayal of  Pac, who was over the top, and little Isaiah is too soft to play someone from Junior Mafia, one of who’s members once dumped the Cumminator into a trash can.  Derek Luke was a  pleasant surprise as the super-suave Diddy.  Wow, I’d almost forgotten how annoying Puffy was back then, but I’ve come to love him.  I really don’t understand why Kim was so upset by Naturi’s portrayal of her, I mean, she was tame compared to how Lil’ Kim really was back then.  I also like the job that Antonique Smith put in as Faith Evans, but we all know Faith wasn’t that small at that time.  One thing that hit me this morning was that Charlie Baltimore was not even in the movie.   Other than that, the movie was pretty good.  What do you think?


 (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, file)