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Thanks to my girl Buttafly for this “eye opening” ad for the United Negro College Fund.  I never really thought about them in regards to the scheme of things, but since doing my research, I have found that college credentials mean very little,  it’s just more recycling misinformation, or “programming” which is why this doesn’t shock me in the least.  First of all what does this butterfly have to do with the U.N.C.F., secondly notice how it’s placed directly above her head. It also creeps me out that they would be using a young child, instead of someone college aged.  What are you saying U.N.C.F.?  Get ’em while they are young?    They should change their tagline to ” a mind is a terrible thing not to control”.

Give a buck, MK a child!


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I was over at Pseudo Occult Media, fooling around in their archives, when I came across the name Kim Noble.  It seems that Kim Noble is MPD with around 20 different alters.  Anyway around 12 of them paint and are pretty good at it, as she is able to make a living from it.  Anyway, I went to her website to see her virtual galleries because I was so moved by her paintings.  One alter’s (Ria)  paintings  in particular moved me to tears, and I thought I’d post them here to show you what she went through and saw to cause the split.  These are graphic depictions of children being sexually abused and dehumanized, so consider yourselves warned!

Click image to see in its entirety

Okay, here’s where things get a little graphic…these are the ones the did it for me, especially the abortion/baby on the its knees in front of a dog bowl full of blood.

I apologize, but I had to share this with you guys.  This should give you an idea of the kind of hellish existence that Kim and other MK’d children live with.   The mind would have to split in order to deal with this kind of thing on a  continuous basis, but this is also a testament to the strength of this woman’s spirit, heart, and determination despite what her family( insert burning sarcastic hatred here) put her through.

I tried to make out the mirror writing on the walls, and in most cases was unable to, but the ones I was able to make out involved the words “help” an awful lot.   I cannot imagine!  I simply cannot!  My heart and soul are so heavy but I am unable to turn away!

Read about Kim Noble here, and see her collective work here.

Just a few more thoughts…On the wall of the last painting, it says “Pratt was here”.  Could Pratt be her father, or a friend, or other family member?

Also,  the name of the painting is “you’re special, now shut up”..could she as a child have asked her torturer why he was doing this to her, and he told her “because you’re special, now shut up!” as he continued to abuse her?

Update: I have been looking at these painting on and off since I posted them, and each time I see them a fresh wave of horror strikes me.  This is going on, and we don’t have any idea.  Could be the people we work with, could be your pastors at your church, or even a school teacher or a coach that works closely with children.  Could you be sending your own children to this kind of mess when they go on sleepovers at their friends houses?  Any of these scenarios is possible, and that’s what  is so scary.  Anyway, upon a closer look at all the pictures, “Pratt” is written on the walls in almost every single one of them.  This is a mystery, who is Pratt?

Thank you Pseudo Occult Media, I love your blog!


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Maybe my wires are crossed, but I just don’t get it.  Bristol Palin, daughter of MK Ultra’d political robot Sarah Palin, and teen mother is being glorified by the press for being a teen mom.  Check this photo from the shoot.  Don’t miss the cat print carpet in the corner.

This photo is creepy…first of all it seems to be saying that her life as a teen mom is easy, a piece of cake?  She is glammed up like a stepford wife ( minus the husband), while her son is in jeans, without shoes or socks, and crap smeared across his face.  ?????

Is this HB’s way of saying that despite her (and her family’s) false front, they really are just trailer trash?  Look at the beautiful view, of a wall out the window, is this saying that teen motherhood, or motherhood without marriage is nothing more than a dead-end?  And she has the audacity to talk about politics?  Are you kidding, her mother is nothing more than a political robot/joke, who is sure to fail if she runs in 2012.   Wow, this girl is being honored, and looked up to, yet Solange was blasted when she popped up preggie.  Well these two ladies have one thing in common, absentee parents.

They Start Them Early Huh?

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Somebody needs to rescue these kids before any more damage can be done…So i’ve always suspected that Will Smith is homosexual ever since his days on Fresh Prince.  Jada’s interview with Essence cemented it for me.  Jaden Smith is cute as a button, but something about the kid is so effiminate.  Not only is he much too old for all that damn hair on his head, but this picture reminds me of the picture of Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray where she’s  lounging in daddy’s lap with her torso seductively stuck out towards the camera, and the arm stretegically placed to symbolize a penis.  I see that same game going on here, but look closer and you will see the way Wills hand is  holding Jadens leg, and where his other hand is placed looks like our old evil friend baphomet who has boobs in this pic ( just an observation) and the fact that Jaden’s hand just so happens to be close to his own penis is probably an indicator for those “in the know” that he just may be for rent. (ouch!)

Now Anglina Jolie  I suspect is a slave, being that she is  one of the industry’s darlings.  Little Shiloh is obviously a girl, so why is Angelina dressing her like a boy?

One way the children are programmed (besides ritual abuse and trauma) is to confuse the subject.  Since Angie was most likely programmed as a child, is she just doing to Shiloh what was done to her, or is she getting her ready to be mind controlled?  I guess only time will tell what these children will endure.  Hopefully as we work to spread the word, and to enlighten those who haven’t been as of yet, maybe somebody will interfere before this can go on any further.


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First off, I used to look up to this woman.  I believed that she was a champion for women and children.  In light of all of this “Illumination” and the scandal that has rocked her school over there in Africa, I’m taking a deeper look at “Queen  Oprah”  and I have to tell you the more I look at her, the sicker I become!

I believe she is an agent/puppet  of the Illuminati.  Nobody can be in the “Billionaires” club without siding with them, this much we know.  The world is still ruled by rich and powerful men, and I doubt they would want to see a black woman have so much without her signing on their dotted line.  I believe that Oprah is gay, and Stedman is a patsy so that she can continue to be accepted by mainstream America while her and Gayle play their games of lust.  This is why she refuses to marry him.  I believe that the sexual abuse of those girls was the plan all along.

That school is nothing more than a front for more Illuminati reindeer games. I once questioned her motives when I first heard about her opening this school, and thought why she wouldn’t do the same for girls right here in America.   The girls being  sexually handled by the teacher(s) is just the tip of that toxic iceberg.  Can you say MK Ultra?   These are gifted minds, and while they are young they can still be programmed for future use.

I’ve had a problem with Oprah who continues to support the bloody diamond industry, those little icy gems she wears  aren’t fakes, believe me!  Oprah also disappointed me by turning traitor and allowing a scum bucket like Jay Z on her show!  WTH, I though she despised misogynistic rappers, and Jay is up there on that list, so why is he on her show?

Okay so I digress, I’m hearing that she’s penning a “tell-all”.  I don’t wanna hear shit she has to say, she is a fake, and she is a liar, unless she’s an Ultra victim herself, than I just plain feel sorry for her.  Guarantee that she is not going to reveal shit, but she’s sure going to have a lot to say about nothing!  I won’t be paying for or reading her trash, but I am going to keep an eye on this one,she’s on of the greatest hoax’s out there!


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Tiger Woods cheated….shout it from the mountain top until my damn ears bleed. It’s all anybody can talk about on television. Every day someone else is coming out claiming they slept with Tiger Woods. This is nothing new, men cheat on their wives all the time, especially men with money,fame, and power, but enough is enough already!

Then I started to think…WHY is this being focused’s like they are trying to ruin the man, so I started digging, and guess what I turned up!

I’ve been touching on the Illuminati and how they control everything. MK Ultra were mind control experiments conducted on American citizens by the government. The gist is that they would introduce drugs and sexual trauma on subjects, shattering their psyche in order to create multiple personalities (beyonce/sasha fierce) which they would then “program” these individuals to serve certain purposes. I can believe that Michael Jackson, Beyonce, and others are most likely included in this group. If you’ve seen the manchurian candidiate, then you know what I’m talking about which is ironic in itself since Denzel is an agent of the Illuminati

Brice Taylor who wrote the book “Thanks For the Memories” claims that she was a victim of this mind control, and was a sex slave for the elite. She mentioned that her father repeatedly raped her and sold her into child prositution. She also mentioned that the same happened to Michael Jackson and his brothers when they were children, and accompanied Bob Hope to an unknown location, and were raped in a lineup fashion. This could go a long way to explaining why Michael was trying to destroy himself via his appearence. This could also explain why Joe Jackson is so non-chalant about the fact that he just lost one of his own children. Could it be that Joe was never attached to them , and are Janet and Latoya also victims. Isn’t it strange how when Mike died, Katherine Jackson stated that she didn’t want him anywhere near the children? Is this what he wanted to tell us at the time of his death. I made a comment a long time ago, that Beyonce’s father could have had an inappropriate relationship with her, because I find it disturbing that she performs so suggestively in front of her father without blinking an eye, but that for another time.

Anyway, Bob Hope is purported to be what is called a “handler”, something like the puppet master that pulls the strings. He is also reputed to have been a closet pedophile along with George Bush, and actually introduced a three year old Tiger Woods as a golfing prodigy along with his father on the Michael Douglas show back in the day.

Now what I’m thinking is that Tiger was programmed to be a golfer. His father may have sold him to the Illuminati as a small child, and if what Brice is saying about Bob Hope is true, could he have raped Tiger Woods, or was he raped by other powerful men? I know it’s crazy, but I think there is some truth to this whole thing. I think that after years and years of serving their purpose, he did something to piss them off, and now they are trying to ruin him. I feel sorry for Tiger, he’s never been in control of his own mind from the start, and never had a chance.