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I knew that after Kelly Rowland fired Matthew as her manager last year, it was only going to be a matter of time before he was dumped again.  First Tina kicks him to the curb (legally) and now  Michelle Williams has  finally realized that old Matty would have continued to sabotage her career after Destiny’s Child.

Love her post dc look, this is way better!

I’m glad Michelle brew enough balls to let him go, now lets see if she’s going to swim or sink.  I’m really rooting for Michelle, who never really got to shine while playing  Beyonce’s back up dancer/singer.  BTW.. I loved “We Break the Dawn”, hopefully she will continue with that formula!  Good Luck MW!


Miss Jones: New Home, Same Hate…

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I was over on, you know that blog created by Russell Simmons?  Anyway, he’s got quite a few celeb, and psuedo celeb bloggers  over there.  One of them is Miss Jones.  Miss Jones had a hit back in the early nineties, but her career never took off.  Anyway, she’s best known for clowning celebs during interviews on her former radio show.  She hung up on Christina Millian, and tore Tiffany “New York” Pollard a new ass when she put her on blast for lying about going to college. 


Same shit...different day and venue

Same shit...different day and venue

Mrs. Jones also hated on Beyonce…DAILY, and even cracked on Tina Knowles during a chance meeting in the lobby of the building that houses the radio station she was fired from.  Anyway, she posted this, blaming Beyonce for Kelly Rowland  being dropped from Columbia Records, which has been her label for over ten years.  She also alleges that Matthew Knowles is Kelly’s biological father. 

I must say, that I do believe that Kelly Rowland is Matthew’s love child, because they look alike, and Kelly even has his wonky eye, which Beyonce also has.  Do I think that Kelly’s being dropped was Beyonce’s fault?  No, I don’t.  I think that Matthew was so insulted, and furious that Kelly dropped him, that he urged the label to get rid of her.  After all, Beyonce has made that record company alot of money, so Matthew does have some leverage.  Anyway, I hardly think that this will hinder her career, and it may even be what she needs to realize her own shine out of  Bey’s shadow.  However, she is still with them as part of Destiny’s Child…that’s really weird.  We’ll see how this plays out.

Kelly and her deadbeat dad...he's been there all along

Kelly and her deadbeat dad...he's been there all along

Is Kelly Dumping Matthew Like Old Trash?

Posted in Kelly Rowland with tags , , , on January 28, 2009 by Kenya

I was checking one of my traps this morning (bossip) , and came across an interesting tidbit.  According the this “exclusive” report, Kelly Rowland has dropped her cokehead father manager, Matthew Knowles.  You know him, the man behind sabotaging anyone’s career whose name isn’t Beyonce?  Well rumours have been swirling regarding this for some time now, so i’m just wondering if this is true.

Miss Kelly has seen the light

Miss Kelly has seen the light

Matthew hasn’t been putting as much energy and obnoxiousness into Kelly, Michelle, and Solange’s careers, as he does for Bey, and hopefully Miss Kelly realizes this.  It’s apparent that him and Tina want all the shine for Beyonce, when Kelly is just as talented a singer.  Now what puzzles me is that if Matthew wanted Beyonce to be the only star, then why the freak did he even start a group?  Why not just put her out there as a solo artist?  Another thing I’ve been pondering is, if Dangerously In Love had been a flop, would DC still be together?  For more on this and other stories check out