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Someone asked me if Janet Jackson’s shenanigans at the superbowl were her “initiation” into the Illuminatis spiderweb, and I responded that with Michael having been sold out by Joe, then it would have made complete sense that Janet and Letoya were as well.    Remember, Janet appeared with her brothers on stage when she was very young, and who could forget her role as Penny, the girl who was beat down, and burned with an iron by her abusive mother played by Chip Fields.

Here’s a chubby faced Janet with her brother/sibling slave Michael…Rest in Peace Michael, now everything makes sense

Her character on the classic sitcom “Good Times”  was named Penny.  Penny had a huge crush on J.J. who was a grown man.  Innocent?  Maybe, if she hand’t been imitating Mae West, and strutting around suggestively (and the audience goes wild!)  My cousin told me that everytime he saw her doing that bit, it made him uncomfortable.  Indeed.  

From 1980-1984, Jackson had a recurring role as Charlene Duprey, Todd Bridges’ girlfriend on the hit sitcom “Diff’rent Strokes”.  Todd Bridges ( Willis), Geary Coleman (Arnold), and Dana Plato (R.I.P….Kimberly Drummond) have struggled after DS wrapped.  I wonder what they saw and were exposed to, but that is another post, and we will not touch upon it here at this time.  You’ll see that her nose is totally different than it was when she was on Good Times,  seems to me that every celeb (female slaves) is required to have a nose job, black and white…

While reprising her role on Different Strokes, Janet released her self titled debut album, Janet Jackson which failed to impress…

She released Dream Street in 1984, another flop.  It was also during this time that she was on the television show “Fame”….Her character was Cleo, who was in love with Leroy ( Gene Anthony Ray) who showed her no interest whatsoever, and if you couldn’t tell that Leroy was gay from his original role in the film version, then something was def wrong with you. I could never understand why Hollywood insists on putting these gay men in “straight” roles, it’s not believable, but I digress.


1984 was also the year when Janet married James DeBarge, but it was anulled in 1985. I’ve already discussed the DeBarge/Motown/Illuminati ties, so I suspect that James DeBarge could have been Janet’s handler under the guidance of her then handler, Joe Jackson.  Here’s an interesting tidbit…Joe Jackson is rumoured to have told Janet not to refer to him as dad, but as Joseph since he was her manager.  This distancing of himself from his children is one more confirmation for me that he indeed sold his children like cattle to the industry in exchange for money, which goes a long way in explaining his non-chalance in the aftermath of his son’s death, and the fact that Katherine wants him to have no contact with Michaels children.  

Although Janet was well known for being Michael Jackson’s little sister who was on a couple of television shows, it wasn’t until 1986 that her star began to rise.  With the release of her album “Control”,  Miss Jackson (if your nasty) dismissed papa, teamed up with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.  On the surface the “control” referred to Miss Jackson taking charge from her controlling handler of a father, but underneath is that really what it’s about?  The album went 5x platinum.  Here’s the album cover….

This record cover is a contradiction, the premise is that Janet is in control, but is she ?  Her hair is everywhere, and although the drawing is outlining her form, it also appears to be constraining her…peep the triangles (pyramids) at her wrists which are placed close to her body.  Also check the expression of her eyes.  I’ve seen this dead fish look before on a certain Queen Bey.  Here’s a pic of Janet, I’m guessing sometime in 84/85 .  I want to draw attention to her puppet like facial expression, and the key earring she would soon become famous for.  Now to you and I, it’s a key.  Kind of  quirky, huh?  But put on your thinking cap, what would posess her to put a key on a hoop and wear it in her ear.  Was this an indicator that she was undergoing her sex kitten training, and anyone who had the “key” could conjure up that persona if they had the money?  You will also notice that she is wearing a red boustiere (sp?), and if you think about it, Beyonce is often seen in public in a short red dress, is the color red synonomous with sex slaves just as much as leapord print?  The vacant expression and fake smile, the key, and the red seem just coincidental when picked apart, but put them together and it starts to look a little suspect.

Rythm Nation 1814 came in 1989.  I remember her world tour came to Oakland, and I just happened to be catching the Bart train from where I lived in Fremont.  The trains were full, and when we pulled into the Coliseum station, it was chaos, everyone dressed in all black, wearing a single key on their earrings like Janet.   Anyway, it spawned seven number one hits, and made Janet Jackson a household name, and a super-star.  Here’s the video, and you’ll notice that your boy from the hood classic “Menace to Society” (Kane) makes a cameo. 

On the top, this song is about peope coming together through music to fight social inequality.  The Illuminati uses double talk to cofuse the masses.  They say one thing, when they mean something totally different.  The fact that this vid was shot in black and white suggests duality.  The concept of the song is a call for society to come together through music, and be a part of the Rythm Nation. 

 ” “We are a nation with no geographic boundaries, bound together through our beliefs. We are like-minded individuals, sharing a common vision, pushing toward a world rid of color-lines” and her creed, “Music, Poetry, Dance, Unity”.

This is basically the concept behind the  Rythm Nation 1814 project, I’ll tell you what I see…

no geographic boundaries, meaning there will be no individual laws governing the world’s population, the laws made to rule the world will come from one central governent. 

” Like minded individuals” refers to elite who want the same thing….total and complete submission  and acceptance of their New World Order agenda. 

No color lines could mean that they plan to kill all minorities leaving the white surviving population to live out their days on the Earth in global slavery 

Here is Janet leaning on the horns of Baphomet, her key on full display….


The nineties were the decade of  Janet Jackson, and she released 

Janet 1993, she also was secretly married to one of her dancers in 1991 sounds familiar (britney/kevin federline).  This picture of Renee Elizondo’s hands covering Janet’s boobs caused quite a stir.  From this point on, Janet’s music and image began pushing the sexual envelope.  There is something very unsettling about this picture.  It seems to say that he controlling her, but you don’t see his face  Very indicative of the handler/slave relationship, while the unbuttoned jeans are supposed to entice, for a price.

She also starred in the movie Poetic Justice with the late Tupac Shakur.  Janet supposedly demanded that Shakur take an AIDS test as a condition of a kiss they shared in the movie.  I also remember Tupac saying that Janet gave him a fake phone number.  I thought it was Janet just being a diva, but since news of her then marriage came to light, I think that it was Renee’s conditions voiced through Janet.

This promo shot for the movie is totally fake, the body language indicates that Janet clearly is uncomfortable, and doesn’t come off as believable in the least.

The Velvet Rope in 1997 featured the single “got till it’s gone” here’s a very interesting promo photo for that single, masonic checkerboard present and accounted for

During 2000, Reneee Elizondo filed for divorce from Janet Jackson, but the divorce wouldn’t be granted until three years later.

In 2001, Janet released All For You. 

 I’d like to mention that despite her increasingly sexual image,  Janet was never able to top the sales of  both Rythm Nation, or Janet, both of which went six time platinum.  In 2002 Janet began dating  Jermaine Dupree, who’s father worked for record label Columbia.  Was Dupri Janet’s handler as well?

In 2004, one year aft, er her divorce became final she released Damita Jo.  Notice the parental advisory sticker on the cover

It was about this time that Miss Jackson claimed to have MPD, which I’m inclined to believe as most slaves are MPD’d in order to create the sex kitten alter among others.  So i guess it was Damita Jo who exposed herself alongside Justin Timberlake at the superbowl?  MTV, the satanic riyual network produced that halftime show so i doubt it was a “wardrobe issue”  Now what I found interesting was the nipple ornament…

The sun is worshipped by the Masons.  The sun is piercing Janets nipple,are they telling America that Janet is their slave?

2006 saw the release of 20 Y.O.

She ditched sultry for dominatrix for the release of 2008’s Discipline

Janet has worked whith whom I believe to be two other Illuminati homosexual slaves, Tyler Perry and Eddie Murphy…



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Now it makes total and complete sense.  Remember when Angelina Jolie and her brother were on some red carpet at some event and they shared an intimate kiss?  Now I have brothers, and I wouldn’t ever think to give them a peck on the mouth let alone some tongue action.  I thought the kiss was for publicity, but I was wrong.  I find this totally disgusting and offensive, but that doesn’t make it any less true for me.  Here is a quote from the brother James Haven regarding his relationship with his sister.

“Maybe I haven’t found the right woman because my sister is too picky for me. Any woman has to go through two filters, me and then my sister,” he added.  “I’m a perfectionist by nature. Then, because I’m so close to Angie it’s like I’ve already got the perfect woman in my life and it’s hard for anyone else to live up to that.”

Here are those whacky Hilton sisters in some very suggestive photos taken on their way to a party at the Playboy mansion some years back.  Uh, I guess this is how they have fun, take note of Paris’ posing with her hand placed on Nicky’s butt, a sure indicator that Paris is the dominating sister

Body language speaks volumes.  Judging from the pics, I think that Paris totally enjoys sex with her sister, but maybe Nicki feels like it’s wrong?  I read a great article about how the Hiltons are decendants of one of the thirteen bloodlines, and have been practicing Satanism, incest, and goodness knows what else.  I also learned that Paris’ wonky eye is the result of electroshock she recieves as a life long Illuminati slave, and noticed that Beyta also has a wonky eye.  I also learned that Paris’ show about finding a  BFF was a lure for more sex slaves, as the contestant who won the British version, died not long after.  Could this be the real reason why Nicole Richie distanced herself from Paris?


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I think something should be clarified right now.  There is no way that Jay Z is a “member” of the Illuminati.  First of all, he’s black.  Second of all, he’s not of inbred lineage, like the Rockerfellers, or the Rothchilds who are indeed members of the Illuminati.  Off topic: i heard that each member of the Illuminati families is sodomized by the others at the age of three, don’t know how true it is, but it’s certainly tragic!

the mason backed by the illuminati, never a member

Now Jay is indeed a mason who is being used by the Illuminati.  The Mason’s are a secret society, inside of a secret society.  One level doesn’t have any idea what goes on above his head, and ole “hov” is right at the bottom of the totem pole in that regard.  Does he know what he’s doing?  Yes of course, he’s definitely a handler just as Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra and countless others, but remember he still answers to someone and is obligated to follow orders as per his “contract”!  As far as I’m concerned he’s nothing more than a new millenium slave, he’s just not picking cotton.


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FINALLY…somebody besides anonymous bloggers call Jay out on his Satanic promotion.  I have to admit, this dude has put everything we’ve been speculating into a nifty little tune….

Now let’s see if  he responds to this one, I have a feeling it’s ’bout to get hot in the music industry for these butt fux

i can’t post the link here because of my stupid mouse, but look for the post on

Obama…the Ultimate Puppet?

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Throughout history, the Masons have been at the helm of every decision that has  affected America.  The Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, and countless other families have  controlled the money for decades, thus affording them great power and rendered them untouchable. These people were/are psychotic and would resort to the lowest levels to keep  and grow their power and influence over everyone else. 

It is rumored that the Mason’s practice Satanism, and I’m not touching on  that, yet.  I will tell you that since this whole music industry being connected with the Illuminati and Mason’s have come to light, it’s rather hard  not to notice all of the symbolism in the videos.  Things that we’ve come to accept as the “NORM” are actually not  normal.   We are definitely being deceived.

When Obama was running for President of the USA,  he had the backing of everyone.  After all, this would be the very first time in history that a black man was being named commander and chief, and for alot of people, that actually means something. 

That means that we have something to aspire to besides being a rapper/singer, basketball, football player. It meant that we had finally broken down the barrier, and could aim high.

  Obama had the support of Hollywood behind him, and the general public that wanted something other than what we’d been living with during the  Reagan, and  Bush administrations.  We thought that he was going to be our “savior” which is exactly what his role is, and boy is he playing his position. 

 We all know that Bush lied about those pesky weapons of  mass destruction, in order to start a war that would line the pockets of the elite that really run this country.   

  Don’t you find it suspect that practically all of Hollywood’s major players got behind this man?  These are the people with the most control over the masses, as they are the ones we follow.  We actually look to them for guidance on what we should be wearing and saying, which is why if you are a celeb and you want to have fame/celebrity you have to pay a very dear price indeed, but more on that later. 

  Never has there been as much support from celebs for a presidential candidate than in this election.  McCain knew he didn’t stand a chance in winning the Presidency, because the election isn’t decided by “us”, it’s decided by the Illuminati who hold all the power because they have all the money.  Why else would McCain choose a dipshit like Palin to run with him?  He was pressured to sabotage his chances of winning.  I don’t believe that McCain is a Mason, but Obama definitely is.

If this triangle (pyramid) is the symbol for "rockafella" then why are they throwing up at a speech for Obama?

Image Source

The Mason’s share a very distinct handshake…

Image Source

I assume this is his college graduation

Image Source

As you can see in this photo, McCain is not using the Mason handshake that acknowledges that he is a fellow mason. John McCain didn’t have a chance in hell!

Democracy is a lie!

As you can see, there is no secret handshake, and the look on Obama’s face screams “contempt”.

I remember watching the movie Casino.  It was about how the mafia was deeply involved with running/robbing Las Vegas.  They had a frontman, Phillip Green who definitely was not in charge of anythng.  This seems eerily familiar with our new President.

"Phillip Green" was the frontman for the Mob in the movies Casino.  Is Obama the Illuminati's "Phillip Green"?

Phillip Green was the frontman for the Mob in the movie Casino. Is Obama the Illuminati's Phillip Green?

 Image Source

Not only is he failing with the issues this country faces, he is continuing the Bush agenda.  Same shit, different day.  What really made me start having doubts about him was before he even took office. 

 Beyonce expressed an interest in singing at the Inauguration.  Now we all know that she is an attention hog, Illuminati sex puppet bent on poisoning the masses, and she screamed and kicked until she was allowed to sing at the Inauguration.  What an insult to Miss Etta James, who was alive and kicking, and could have very well sang her own song.  Was this Bey’s way of gloating, and rubbing it in?  I believe that Beyonce and countless other celebs are the “I”‘s puppets, as are the execs in the music industry who control the artists right down to what they wear.  I will touch on the Masonic images in the videos and movies at another time. 

Next up was the fact that he gave billions of dollars to bail out the huge corporations, and two of the biggest crooks in America, Freddy and Fannie ( these are some suspect names for corporations don’t you think?)  They sold Americans the dream of home ownership, and set them up for epic failure with all of these “creative” loans.  These companies willingly put people in the position of getting behind in their mortgage payments, and they get rewarded with a financial windfall from the government?  What is wrong with this picture?

AEG Blows it’s Bailout like it’s 1999!

The economy went belly up, Wall Street crashed again, and people were being foreclosed on left and right.  Instead of helping these people out, he allows them to refinance their homes.  Now instead of being evicted now, they get evicted later, because there is a job shortage.  He then bails out AEG, and what do they do with the billions…throw a big ass party while the rest of us worry about where we  are going to be living, how they are going to survive in this economy, these execs aren’t fazed by it in the least.  I would have let them all sink personally. 

Then he sends  in more troops to Iraq when I was under the impression that he would end the war.  The Illuminati, or the “I” as I call them, are planning to take over the world.  They want one government, one banking system, one religion a.k.a. total domination.  They want to implant chips so that they can keep track of you and what you are doing. 

Now the elite want to make Mexico, Canada, and California into one union.  They want us to have a single currency called the Aero dollar?  They say it will make America stronger in the global market, but I say that’s bullshit.  It’s just one of the first steps in world domination.  I mean what’s next, a bridge connecting Europe and the United States? 

They want to keep you in a hypnotic state so theybombard  us with subliminal messages in our music and television, genetically alter the food we consume, poison us with chemtrails, and fabricate things like H1N1 so that you will run for a vaccination containing I don’t know what.  The brainwashing is apparent, and it starts with the children  You have little babies on youtube gyrating like women in their thirties and we think it’s “cute”  am I the only one who thinks that this is totally insane?   

My son has Autism.  For the first two years of his life he was fine.  He turned two, and we took him for his immunizations, and a few weeks later, he stopped talking altogether.   Autism effects the way he communicates.  Thankfully, it’s not as bad as it could be, but I still am not sure that he will ever be able to function at his full capacity, and who knows what other kind of poison they put in the injections, and what other consequences lie in wait for him?  Cancer, brain damage?    They injected him with something that caused this, as nobody in my family has this disability.  The governement has found that the pharmacuetical companies aren’t responsible…big surprise there, the pharmacuetical companies are out to milk the public for every red cent, and that money goes into the pockets of the rich and elite. There is a reason why all of Obama’s speeches are televised….YOU ARE BEING HYPNOTIZED AND FED SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES!!!!!!!!!! TURN OFF THE DUMBBOX!

Tupac was much more than a guy who made music, he was a thinker, and he told us that there was going to be a revolution.  He has been quoted as saying that we need our own country, goverment, monetary system because the goverment and the powers that be don’t care what happens to us.  The illuminati wants to decrease the population worldwide by billions of people so that they can have all the Earth’s resources for themselves.  My question is that whether you believe this theory or not, the day is going to come when you will have to take a stand.  What side will you be on?