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Mary J Blige Making Moves

Posted in Mary J Blige, Tyler Perry with tags , , , , , on May 1, 2009 by Kenya

You all should know that besides Sade, Mary J Blige is my ab-fave female artist.  It’s not just her story that touches me, it’s her honesty, and realness.  While Beyonce is all up in everyone face over in Europe, my girl Mary is doing some big things right here in the states. Miss Blige/Isaacs has signed on with the William Morris Agency, and is planning to expand her horizons. She’s already dabbled in some acting projects, and will make her big screen debut in Tyler Perry’s forthcoming flick, “I Can Do Bad By Myself”. I didn’t know that she was the co-owner of Carole’s daughter along with Will and Jada, and Jay-Z. Anyway, for more on Miss Mary doing her thing, click here.

she's come a long way baby

she's come a long way baby


What a Difference A Few Bucks Makes

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Today is a really slow day for any celeb gossip, so I’m forced to tap into my well of creativity.  I like to see how celebs change from when they were broke, and the new kid on the block, to how they are now that they have money in the bank.  Enjoy the show folks!