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So the saga continues…upon hearing that B.O. would be visiting the site of the BP oil spill fiasco, BP shipped in 3-400 workers to make it look as  if they gave a damn and were cleaning up their mess.  The cold part is that once B.O. left, so did the workers.  RME!

Read all about it here.

This just goes to show that surprisingly, BP is not taking this seriously!   Hmm…, let’s take a huge container of oil and dump it over everything they own, I bet they would care then!


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Here’s the pawn explaining how the government is going to demand now what they should have imposed on their buddies over at BP before this mess happened.

I don’t know, it seems as if he’s not as angry as he claims to be.  I may as well be looking at a dead fish up there, and what is the purpose for those hand gestures?  Are they triggers?  This “independent” commission he talks of, will it be as corrupted as the 911 commission was?  Why can’t he give a straight answer instead of double talking, OH that’s right, he’s a puppet politician!

Countries offering help, but are being refused in the interest of big business.  BP is off partying on some distant island instead of cleaning up this mess they’ve made, and I’ll bet my life that they won’t be made to pay for what they’ve done.  President Obama is too busy getting served by pop stars to give a damn about what is going on down in the Gulf.    Why is Washington trying to wipe Louisiana off the face of the Earth?  Or is it the people they are trying to kill?  Can you say Depopulation Efforts?

@ around 41:19, Helen Thomas poses the question regarding pulling out of Afghanistan, and watch how slick the President is, and how he uses Bushs’ tactics in using the “terrorist fear” before he answers.