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If you guys are on Twitter look me up @thedirtblog. Okay with that said, we all know that when it comes to protecting children from pedophiles, I am willing to go in and go hard.  The reason for this post is to inform, and expose the pedophile that I had the misfortune to come across on Twitter.

Jamal Mayfield sent these tweets to Reginae Carter a.k.a. Lil Wayne’s daughter.  I don’t know exactly how old little Reginae is, but she’s far too young to have a Twitter account.  Not importantly, @therealjuicyjae is RatStaxx bigggest cheerleaders and in the words of Vibrant Vixen ” co-signs with every disgusting caper she pulls” or something like that.

I’m just wondering what kind of grown man calls himself juicy in the first place?  But that’s neither here nor there, the fact is that this pervert is allowed to use social networking to send inapprorpriate messages to a baby, so I’m going to do my best to expose him until he is banned.  I have forwarded the tweets to the police, and if nothing else, at least it is documented if he ever acts on his primitive urges  He must be feeling the heat since he blocked me from following his Tweets, but I won’t stop.  I guess what I want to say is that if you have children who have accounts with social networking sites, please make sure you monitor them closely.  Stop trying to be your childrens best friends, and reclaim your natural role as parents.


So it seems that posting this has lit a fire under the pedophile’s nasty behind because he’s running around like a chicken with his head cut off!  He’s even gone so far as to  enlist the help of another blog, and when that failed he changed his name to @juicyjaedagreat.  I’d also like to note that he is notorious for posting tweets that suggest that he hates women.  If you go to his page, most likely there is going to be some violent statements towards females.  Another thing that is highly disturbing is that he has a young daughter, so naturally I’m concerned.  We really need to get this guy off th internet completely, I just feel that he is a sociopath, and I’d be willing to bet that he’s suffered some kind of abuse himself.


Real Gangsters Don’t Hide Behind Polarized Glass

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LMAO @ the other dudes as they conveniently look the other way, and T.Q's expression like "WTF?  I didn't sign up for this!"

I was over on Necole Bitchie, and one of her posts was the Lil’ Wayne/Katie Couric interview, in which Wayne claims he is a gangster. The first thing that ran through my mind was him and Baby kissing on the lips, but I digress.

I’m just thoroughly sick of these “studio gangsters” like Wayne, and Rick Ross, who claim to be thugs, killers, and gangsters, but when placed in the middle of some real shit, they run like a dog with their tails between their legs. I don’t condone this gangster mentality, but this needed to happen to Wayne. You are not a gangster, otherwise you would have jumped out of that truck and unloaded on those fools. These guys kill each other on a daily, so what makes him think they wouldn’t smoke him and not bother blinking an eye. LMAO @ Wayne the gangster calling the police@ 8:10!

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