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If I had to choose just one MC that I repect and admire, it would have to be KRS-One.  Boogie Down Productions made such an impact on me growing up, and I consider KRS-One one of the greatest MC’s of all time.

-This interview took place sometime after the election but before he took office.  Listen as he breaks down Obama-mania, and how we have to look past the man’s racial make-up, and get to his underlying intentions.


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Hey guys, I came across this interview with Oprah on the Larry King Show.  After Oprah’s show ends, she will have her own network and it is appropriately named O.W.N. which stands innocently enough for the Oprah Winfrey Network.  But as you and I both know, nothing is ever what it seems, if you reverse that you have the New World Order.  Here she is on Larry King throwing up the sign allegiance and full cooperation around the  :20 mark.  What was that for if not intentional.  Or do people go around making the 3 6’s on a whim?   I see you O.


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Katherine Jackson sits down for a third-party interview that is to be aired tonight on Dateline NBC.  Apparently Mike confided to his mom that he knew that someone was trying to kill him.  Leonard Rowe, and Latoya both claim that he was murdered for the valuable musical catalog he owned in partnership with Sony Music.  Mike has been a long time critic of both Sony and executive, Tommy Mattola ( Mariah Carey connection who also sang at his memorial her cover of the Jackson 5 classic, I’ll Be There.  Mariah is obsessed with the butterfly motif/Monarch Butterflies/Monarch mind control), once calling Matolla a devil, and claiming that Sony Music was a racist corporation ( aren’t they all?).

In 1985 Jackson acquired the catalog for 47.5 million dollars.  I believe that this was the reason that he and then pal Paul McCartney ( they collabed on a couple of different songs) fell out, as that catalog includes the masters to songs by the Beatles.  Ten years later Mike sells half the catalog to Sony, for 150 million.  Through the years Sony has tried everything to think of to get him to sell his remaining interest, but Mike has vehemently refused.   Today this catalog is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 Billion dollars.

With all the reports of his supposed money problems, you’d think he would sell.  But of course, the media is a web of lies.  So if your Sony, what do you do in order to get your greasy mitts on that catalog?

AEG Live owns most of the sports arenas in this country.  They were the promoters of Mike’s comeback tour, and surprisingly were the temporary administrators of Mike’s estate, which I cannot begin to understand.  Allegedly, Dr. Conrad Murphy was retained by AEG to accompany Mike as his private physician to London for a fifty date tour ” This Is It”.

Remember those reports that Michael was in poor physical health?  Well why on Earth would a man on his supposed last legs do a fifty date tour?  More propaganda, Mike was healthy as  a horse, but in order to get the public to believe that Mike had a prescription drug addiction, you’d have to put out false reports regarding his health.  Then if your AEG Live, you go out and find a desperate doctor with close to a million dollar debt hanging over his head, proposition him to murder Mike, and promise him that he will be protected under the umbrella.  Once Mike is dead and gone, Dr. Murphy serves no time for murder, but he receives a mysterious financial gift that entitles him to keep his medical license.  Nevada was threatening to snatch it because in addition to being a hired assassin, he’s also a deadbeat daddy.

So, if your AEG and you stand to benefit largely from your affiliation with Sony, you gain control of Mike’s estate, which will include a certain catalog, and you sell it back to Sony for a whopping $250 million.  At the end of the day, the elite win another battle, but we can’t let them win the war.  Rest in Peace Mike, you never had a choice but you fought a good fight.


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I’m sorry you guys but this Gabourey girl is starting to really really irk the hell out of me.

First of all, I don’t feel as if she’s proven herself as an actress.  I guess it wouldn’t be a far leap for an obese girl with low self esteem to play an obese girl with low self esteem.  But what is really starting to make me upset is how she’s being portrayed in the media,  like a horny, rude, obnoxious black woman.  Somehow, I think the reports of her misbehavior at an event at the White House were true, as her mother admitted it in so many words.  Now she’s been quoted as professing how she’s into chasing leading men.  First she wants to walk down the red carpet with Justin Timberlake, now this…

“I use any event to hit on a young man! (I’ll do it) at the gas station! I just like hitting on people, I’m into boys! Recently, Sex and the City, the guy that plays Smith – Jason Lewis, I believe his name is – he’s hot! I hit on him for four straight minutes the other night!

“Here’s how I open up: ‘Hi, you are hot! What’s up with that? Take down these digits!’ He was very, very, very nice. I’m sure I scared him off a little bit, I can be quite aggressive. It hasn’t slowed me down though!

“I hit on Orlando (Bloom) – eight straight minutes of hitting on him! I time it, I have a notebook for this

I am absolutely disgusted!  Someone should tell this girl that first of all, this is Hollywood, not your neighborhood.  You must never forget that you are a black woman in a white game.  Second of all, you are morbidly obese, there is no place for you in Hollywood besides in typecast roles, if that.   Justin Timberlake and all the other white actors you hit on will never, ever, “get” with you.   Third, you are putting yourself out there like a desperate, self-hating  whore seeking attention.  I’m sorry but I have to call them like I see them, and someone needs to usher in a wake up call to this child.  She reminds me of the fat girl in school that was easy because she wanted to be accepted.