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So it seems our little Beyta lied to us, yet again.  I’m hearing that she’s releasing a new album, and a single could be hitting airwaves as soon as three weeks from now.  Wait!…I thought she was supposedly on break, so where did this new album come from???  While over zealous rabid fans are no doubt thrilled, the rest of us will be bracing for this new onslaught of songs that weren’t written by her, but will reflect her as a co-writer on the credits!

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Now I’m Convinced…Erykah’s Been Compromised

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I came across this on youtube, and disturbed doesn’t cover it. You judge for yourself


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In the past I’ve gone a little hard on Beyonce.  It’s not that I hate her, it’s mainly what she portrays to our young women-to-be. 

I’ve been doing alot of research on this whole Illuminti/Freemason theory, and the name Brice Taylor keeps popping up.  You see Brice Taylor claims that she was a min controlled sex slave and a human database for some very powerful American men.  I decided to read her book and hear what she had to say and once again I am blown away. Here are some excerpts from her book “thanks for the memories”…

“Once my mother and I were released from the hospital after my birth, my father began the rigorous training and intentional torture required to shatter my base personality with the goal of creating many separate and individual personalities for training and use by others as I grew older. When my mother left my father to babysit me, he withheld all food until I was starving. Then he held my bottle in front of me, but instead of allowing me to have the bottle, he would slip his penis into my mouth for me to suck. I felt I was dying through suffocation, as my airway was blocked and I gagged for breath. There were many such traumas to follow, most often on a daily basis.”

She also claims that Walt Disney sexually abused her at Disneyland, and this was where alot of her torture took place.  Once she’d been abused in some form, her parents would buy her a mickey mouse baloon and tell her that they had just had a fun time at Disneyland.  Next time your in the park, think about how many children were probably raped or tortured on the premises. 

Brice Taylor...she does look like a robot

Anyway, she goes on to say that after about ten years of this sexual abuse and programming, she was “bought” by Bob Hope the comedian to perform sexaul acts for him and his friends in politics, business, and entertainment.  She was also used by Henry Kissinger as a human database, and by the “council” who we will assume are the American Illuminati.  She was ten years old and sleeping with Presidents like Gerald Ford, John F Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Bill and Hill Clinton who she alleges used cocaine during these threesomes and it just goes on and on….

Bob Hope...legendary comedian, actor, veteran, pedophile and slave handler

I am no fan of Beyonce, and I have never been, and there are some things that just bother me about her. 

 contradicitons.  she said she wrote irreplacable, but then we find out that Neyo is actally the songwriter. 

 She claims that she grew up rich and she attended private schools, yet in an early interview, her mother says that they struggled to make ends meet while matthew quit his job to manage them full time, even having at one point to move out of their house, and into an aparment.

At the Obama inauguration she told the world that this was the first time she was ever a part of an inauguration, yet she and destinys child performed for bush in  2000.  It was also kind of an eyebrow raising moment when her nipples were prominently displayed through her dress while she sang.  

Was this really necessary, the sexual undertones are deafening

 It also bothers me that she performs so suggestively with her father sitting in the front row, I mean if it were me and I knew my father was there watching, I would at least tone it down, or do some other routine that didn’t involve me pumping like a dog in heat. 
Beyonce has been quoted as saying that her alter “Sasha” is something she came up with to protect her true self. 

She said that when she starts to perform, she feels that she is taken out of her own body and someone else takes over.  She says that Sasha does things that she would never do.

how long has she been inside of beyonce?


Could Beyonce be the victim of programing?  Could Matthew have been the one that  initiated  the sexual abuse in order to create the alternate personalities,  for them to be programmed to become say a major pop star at a later time? 

I’ve heard that matty doesn’t like Jay.  Now that could be that Jay is a thug, but since we all know how money/power hungry matty is, then I doubt that would matter much since Jay is rich and powerful.  Could the animosity stem from the fact that now Jay is Beyonce’s handler, and matty’s control in her life is slowly diminishing? 

did he or didn't he?

 I want to go back to an earlier post I did on Jay and Beyonce.  TMZ had captured the two coming out of Katsuya after the golden globes, or was it the grammys?  Anyway I want you to pay close attention to Jay when Beyonce is trying to get into the vehicle.

Julius grabs her forearm, and Jay tells her “get in on that side” and she does it without missing a beat. 

And who could forget the time when Beyonce took that fall down the stairs.  She must have been hurt by that, and I know the show must go on, but the way she popped up on that one was crazy.

  According to Brice Taylor, during her ritual abuse and programming she was taught not to feel pain.  Scientists inserted burning cigarettes into her private place and contiually told her that she felt nothing.  Maybe while Sasha was being programmed she was taught to feel nothing too.  This is very creepy, and if Beyonce is a mind controlled slave, then who else?  If there is any truth to my theory, then she and her family are really like the Jacsksons as I’m sure Joe sold all of them out, and Brice also talks about seeing them raped before a performance on the Ed Sullivan show, and Bob Hope was most likely their handler also.  I think that Beyonce is an unfortunate victim in all of this, I feel very sorry for her.