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I know I’m late, but I’m sure by now you are all aware of the Bishop Eddie Long Scandal.  When I first heard about this, you can bet I wasn’t surprised.

After all, Eddie Long isn’t the first “man of God” to stray, however upon hearing that his megachurch cost $50 milli to construct and that he has over 25,000 members, I thought I’d better take a closer look.

So just to get on the same page, to date, four young men have come forward accusing the Bish ( that’s my name for him) of sexual coercion.  According to these young men, when they were teens in his congregation, he gave them money, cars, gifts, and lavish trips in exchange for sexual gratification.  Of course, the Bish denied these charges, and says that he will fight them, but then again what else did you expect him to say?  Now if it was only one boy, I might disbelieve, if it were two I would raise an eyebrow, but four?  Come on now!

I was thinking the other day, what kind of woman would marry a gay man, and please don’t you dare tell me that she probably didn’t know he was gay, because he looks gay to me in the one picture I’ve seen of him.  She’s got to be humiliated, and if she knew about her husband’s style of religion, then she should be ashamed.

What kills me is that for one, he has the reputation of being quite the homophobic.  Two, he used his position to gratify his own perverse pleasures, and three, he stole from his flock ( of sheep).

After hearing how much this church cost to build, I decided to go on over to the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church website, and noticed a couple of things.

Apparently you don’t have to wait until Sunday to give your weekly earnings to his gay prostitution fund, you can click on a button to donate as much money as you can, 24/7.  On the banner, there is a picture of a white family.  I am just assuming that since the Bish and the Bish’s wife are black, they would have a black family to represent them?  Maybe that’s just me.  I also noticed that they refer to the couple as the “Bishop and First Lady”


I thought that title was reserved for the presidents ( of the U.S.) wife?  Silly me.  But what is the saddest part, is that they will forgive him, and continue to follow him.


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I saw Wyclef Jean on twitter whining about not being on the list of presidential candidates.  I don’t know where he got the idea that he could be president of another country that he hasn’t lived in for quite some time, but such is the thinking of a jerk who thinks that he’s bigger than he actually is.  If the reports I’ve been hearing about his “charity” and his mistress are true, then he def needs a reality check.  I’ll put it like this, the day when he can get Lauryn’s support, is the day he’ll get mine!  I blame Obama for this mess!  By the way, what happened to Claudette Ortiz?

Our girl has been laying (kind of) low for the past few months, but here she is with her “man” in Italy on vacation.  I understand that they have been hanging with the likes of Naomi Campbell, Quincy Jones and that’s bad enough, but the Rothchilds?  Hmmm?  Anyway you’ll notice her attire and that matching bandage on her elbow. Please pray for her safety!  Btw… while we know that Jay is her handler, who is her owner and programmer?  Jay isn’t that smart to be making up codes and triggers.  What’s going on with these two besides the obvious prostitution? I know they are on “vacation” but what are they really up to, could they be running drugs into the country?  One just never knows.

Proof positive that public schools are slowly but surely overstepping their boundaries.  A school in Wyoming has been planning to teach sex ed to first graders, unbeknownst to the parents, and that involves homosexuality.  This is something that should be taught at home, at the discretion of the parent.  I believe that the government is trying to take the rights of the parents away, so that they can have absolute control over our children’s minds.


They Start Them Early Huh?

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Somebody needs to rescue these kids before any more damage can be done…So i’ve always suspected that Will Smith is homosexual ever since his days on Fresh Prince.  Jada’s interview with Essence cemented it for me.  Jaden Smith is cute as a button, but something about the kid is so effiminate.  Not only is he much too old for all that damn hair on his head, but this picture reminds me of the picture of Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray where she’s  lounging in daddy’s lap with her torso seductively stuck out towards the camera, and the arm stretegically placed to symbolize a penis.  I see that same game going on here, but look closer and you will see the way Wills hand is  holding Jadens leg, and where his other hand is placed looks like our old evil friend baphomet who has boobs in this pic ( just an observation) and the fact that Jaden’s hand just so happens to be close to his own penis is probably an indicator for those “in the know” that he just may be for rent. (ouch!)

Now Anglina Jolie  I suspect is a slave, being that she is  one of the industry’s darlings.  Little Shiloh is obviously a girl, so why is Angelina dressing her like a boy?

One way the children are programmed (besides ritual abuse and trauma) is to confuse the subject.  Since Angie was most likely programmed as a child, is she just doing to Shiloh what was done to her, or is she getting her ready to be mind controlled?  I guess only time will tell what these children will endure.  Hopefully as we work to spread the word, and to enlighten those who haven’t been as of yet, maybe somebody will interfere before this can go on any further.