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According to Michael Jackson’s trust, his children Paris, Prince, and “the little fella” ( I refuse to call  this kid Blanket!) are due some serious cash, but hold on, they won’t be able to touch it until they are thirty!  Smart move on Mike’s part. I think that children who come from affluent families and  are spoiled, are out of control when it comes to spending the folks money.   I think that when a child is not taught the value of money, they are more likely to blow it and have entitlement issues.

This is a culture that thinks it’s cool for a sixteen year old CHILD to have two matching Range  Rovers ( MTV’s Super Sweet 16).  Does anyone see the absurdity in this?  Well anyway, the children will receive an allowance until they are 30, and at that time they will get only 1/3, at 35 they get 1/2, and when they are forty they will get the remainder .

Katherine Jackson, his mom, will get 40% for the rest of her lifetime, and when she passes, the remainder will go to the children.  20% goes to designated charities.  I’m hearing that each of the children’s share is going to be around 33 million each, but that’s just hearsay.  I’m sure Joe Jackson is somewhere stewing in his own pedophile juices, dreaming of a scheme to get his grubby hands on some money, but I would suggest that he clean some of his families blood off them first.


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DMX was once my favorite artist in the rap game.  I believed that he posessed more talent than alot of rappers that came in the nineties, especially Puffy.  Anyway, I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden you started to hear about how he was on drugs, and crazy, and breaking into airports, and stealing cars and whatnot.   

I’d written him off as being a loser crackhead, but now I’m not so sure.  Listen to this interview with DMX, and hear what he has to say about the industry.  I think he makes reference to Jay Z when he says that you wouldn’t find him at the club throwing “it” up, and made me laugh when he was talking about the deejays.

Pretty much the same thing that happened to Lauryn Hill, they called her crazy and on crack to discredit her.


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Now it makes total and complete sense.  Remember when Angelina Jolie and her brother were on some red carpet at some event and they shared an intimate kiss?  Now I have brothers, and I wouldn’t ever think to give them a peck on the mouth let alone some tongue action.  I thought the kiss was for publicity, but I was wrong.  I find this totally disgusting and offensive, but that doesn’t make it any less true for me.  Here is a quote from the brother James Haven regarding his relationship with his sister.

“Maybe I haven’t found the right woman because my sister is too picky for me. Any woman has to go through two filters, me and then my sister,” he added.  “I’m a perfectionist by nature. Then, because I’m so close to Angie it’s like I’ve already got the perfect woman in my life and it’s hard for anyone else to live up to that.”

Here are those whacky Hilton sisters in some very suggestive photos taken on their way to a party at the Playboy mansion some years back.  Uh, I guess this is how they have fun, take note of Paris’ posing with her hand placed on Nicky’s butt, a sure indicator that Paris is the dominating sister

Body language speaks volumes.  Judging from the pics, I think that Paris totally enjoys sex with her sister, but maybe Nicki feels like it’s wrong?  I read a great article about how the Hiltons are decendants of one of the thirteen bloodlines, and have been practicing Satanism, incest, and goodness knows what else.  I also learned that Paris’ wonky eye is the result of electroshock she recieves as a life long Illuminati slave, and noticed that Beyta also has a wonky eye.  I also learned that Paris’ show about finding a  BFF was a lure for more sex slaves, as the contestant who won the British version, died not long after.  Could this be the real reason why Nicole Richie distanced herself from Paris?

They Start Them Early Huh?

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Somebody needs to rescue these kids before any more damage can be done…So i’ve always suspected that Will Smith is homosexual ever since his days on Fresh Prince.  Jada’s interview with Essence cemented it for me.  Jaden Smith is cute as a button, but something about the kid is so effiminate.  Not only is he much too old for all that damn hair on his head, but this picture reminds me of the picture of Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray where she’s  lounging in daddy’s lap with her torso seductively stuck out towards the camera, and the arm stretegically placed to symbolize a penis.  I see that same game going on here, but look closer and you will see the way Wills hand is  holding Jadens leg, and where his other hand is placed looks like our old evil friend baphomet who has boobs in this pic ( just an observation) and the fact that Jaden’s hand just so happens to be close to his own penis is probably an indicator for those “in the know” that he just may be for rent. (ouch!)

Now Anglina Jolie  I suspect is a slave, being that she is  one of the industry’s darlings.  Little Shiloh is obviously a girl, so why is Angelina dressing her like a boy?

One way the children are programmed (besides ritual abuse and trauma) is to confuse the subject.  Since Angie was most likely programmed as a child, is she just doing to Shiloh what was done to her, or is she getting her ready to be mind controlled?  I guess only time will tell what these children will endure.  Hopefully as we work to spread the word, and to enlighten those who haven’t been as of yet, maybe somebody will interfere before this can go on any further.

The State Of the Black Man In Hollywood

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Well it seems that  I’m on some socially conscious trip this week.  That’s fine, I have many sides to me, as I’m sure you do.  Before I get into what I’m about to get into, I just want to say, that I have never discriminated against people that are homosexual.  I don’t care what your sexual preferences are, as long as your not hurting anyone.  I believe that homosexuality is something that your born into, not something that you choose to be. 

The only thing that I do have a problem with concerning homosexuality, is when a man who is homosexual does too much.  All that finger-snapping, and extra hard dip in the hip, is not how women act, walk, or talk, so who are they emulating?  Is this how men really see women?


 Same thing goes for lesbian women who dress like a man, walk like a man, talk like a man, trying to act hard like a man.  If you are homosexual that is fine, but by engaging in these stereotypes, it just makes things confusing.  Okay, with that said, let’s get ready to dive in.

I was surfing the net, and came across a photo of Ving Rhames in the movie Holiday Heart.  For those of you who don’t know, Ving Rhames played a drag queen, about six feet five, 300+ pounds who although was a flaming homosexual, could kick your butt to the point of hospitalization. 

scene from holiday heart

scene from holiday heart

Photo source


Anyway, I also remember the movie “Pulp Fiction” where Rhames played a high level crime figure, who gets himself into a tight squeeze.  Bruce Willis and Rhames fight thier way into a pawn shop, and the owner just happens to be a sadistic freak.  He calls his buddy, a cop, and they take Rhames and Willis into the back room to have a butt-bumping-party.  Of course Rhames is the first to be sodomized, while Willis somehow gets loose, and kills the pawnshop owner and the cop who is violating Rhames from behind. 

pulp fiction

pulp fiction

Photo source

 My question is why was Rhames the first to get it in the film, and not Willis?  Willis coming to the black man’s rescue, which is how the slave owners saw themselves, as “saving” the slaves from their animalistic ways. 

It seems like  almost every major/minor black man in Hollywood, has at one point in thier  career put on a dress, wig, lipstick to portray women.  Now we could argue that they do it because it’s funny. 

chris tucker in the fifth element

chris tucker in the fifth element

Photo source

Then I’d ask you what’s so funny about a man who is not gay (?) putting on a dress and heightening their voices?  Is it funny because they are mocking women?  I don’t get it.   Or you could argue that it shows an actors range to be able to emulate women.  In my opinion that is BS, Denzel Washington never put on a dress, and he has an Oscar.  He’s played many roles, but never a woman, so that theory doesn’t wash.   What’s really going on in Hollywood? 

eddie in norbitt

eddie in norbitt

Photo source

Will Smith is one of the one of  Hollywood’s biggest stars.  His first movie role was in  Six Degrees of Seperation, in which he played a homosexual con man.  On his hit show, “The Fresh Prince” , Will was often rolling his head and giving someone “two snaps and a circle.”   

scene from fresh prince of bel air

scene from fresh prince of bel air

Martin Lawrence had Shenneneh


 and even Flip Wilson had  Geraldine,


 and the list goes on.  I know there have been white actors who have cross dressed, but compared to the black actors, the numbers don’t add up. 

It’s the new-age minstrel show.  African Americans have come a long way from the image of the bumbling pickaninny, scratching his head, clueless as to what is going on around him.  Someone who is happy to entertain, singing and dancing.  African Americans have become a major influence on society in general.  We  have shown that we can compete with our white counterparts, and win!

So how does Hollywood get it’s grinning, bowing minstrel back?  By dressing him in woman’s clothing, throwing his weight on his hip, rolling his neck and snapping his fingers.  This accomplishes two things; It shows that the black man is ineffective, and therefore weak.  It also shows that the relationship between African American men and women is non-existent, and that African American men see their women as silly, vindictive, and petty.  Often these “characters” are loud, ignorant, and confrontational, and that’s funny?  What the heck are we laughing about?  Have we been conditioned to laugh?  It reminds me of how not so long ago, studio audiences were prompted to laugh, or applaud during the taping of television shows.    Be honest, if a man dressed up as Michelle Obama, and acted like Michelle Obama, then there would be no humor in that.  Why, because our First Lady carries herself with quiet dignity.  However, take the Madea character from the Tyler Perry movies, and almost every cruel, ignorant, and obnoxious thing that comes from “her” mouth  leaves us doubled over with laughter.  Chew on it.