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Well, it looks as if T.I won’t be talking anyone else off of any more ledges for at least eleven months.  I know you recall a couple of days ago when he just happened to call into a radio station, and just happened to show up at this radio station which just happened to be in the building where some random dude just happened to be threatening to jump.  T.I. just happened to have some kind of message taped,  that was just happened to have been played for the jumper, who then just happened to change his mind.  All of this just happened to be before he was scheduled to appear before a judge to answer for that little violation of his probation shortly after initially being released.


Like myself, and other folks, this judge just happened to see this b.s. for what it was, and smacked the “King of the South” with eleven more months in jail.  My question is, why is everyone so surprised?  He should have to go back to jail, just like anyone else who violates their parole.  What makes me so mad is that with all the people who really do attempt/commit suicide, this just kind of pisses on this problem.  What is it with these self serving jerks, anyway?

Sometimes, it don’t matter how much money or status you have, and I’m glad this was one of those times.  Now, if TI had been white, do you think that the judge would have been more leniant?  Do you think that if he hadn’t tried to dupe everyone with that pathetic attempt for sympathy would the judge taken it easy on him.  Well, we can only speculate, guess Tiny and Toya will be renewed for another season.





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First off, I used to look up to this woman.  I believed that she was a champion for women and children.  In light of all of this “Illumination” and the scandal that has rocked her school over there in Africa, I’m taking a deeper look at “Queen  Oprah”  and I have to tell you the more I look at her, the sicker I become!

I believe she is an agent/puppet  of the Illuminati.  Nobody can be in the “Billionaires” club without siding with them, this much we know.  The world is still ruled by rich and powerful men, and I doubt they would want to see a black woman have so much without her signing on their dotted line.  I believe that Oprah is gay, and Stedman is a patsy so that she can continue to be accepted by mainstream America while her and Gayle play their games of lust.  This is why she refuses to marry him.  I believe that the sexual abuse of those girls was the plan all along.

That school is nothing more than a front for more Illuminati reindeer games. I once questioned her motives when I first heard about her opening this school, and thought why she wouldn’t do the same for girls right here in America.   The girls being  sexually handled by the teacher(s) is just the tip of that toxic iceberg.  Can you say MK Ultra?   These are gifted minds, and while they are young they can still be programmed for future use.

I’ve had a problem with Oprah who continues to support the bloody diamond industry, those little icy gems she wears  aren’t fakes, believe me!  Oprah also disappointed me by turning traitor and allowing a scum bucket like Jay Z on her show!  WTH, I though she despised misogynistic rappers, and Jay is up there on that list, so why is he on her show?

Okay so I digress, I’m hearing that she’s penning a “tell-all”.  I don’t wanna hear shit she has to say, she is a fake, and she is a liar, unless she’s an Ultra victim herself, than I just plain feel sorry for her.  Guarantee that she is not going to reveal shit, but she’s sure going to have a lot to say about nothing!  I won’t be paying for or reading her trash, but I am going to keep an eye on this one,she’s on of the greatest hoax’s out there!