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Major Shot out to miss Buttaflyy, you all should check out her blog Buttaflyy’s Opinion and show your support!

I saw this over at Baller Status, and I fell out laughing.  Apparently some folks are still checking for Foxxy Brown enough that she’s getting paid to make appearances at clubs.  You know, I never could understand that whole concept…pay x amount of $ just so you can say you partied with a celeb, and nine times out of ten, that celeb is holed up in the VIP where your not going to get in.  Silly sheeple!

Anyway the Illest was supposed to perform at the Splash Bar but didn’t show up until thirty minutes to closing!  On top of that she refused the car they sent because it was an 09, and not a 10 model.  On top of all this, you can too get Foxxy to perform at your party for a mere $1,000.  Yep that’s right folks, you heard me $1,000.00!

I was never a fan, but this is the Foxxy I choose to remember…I mean without the gratuitous cleavage and all, she was so happened?  Proof positive that this industry will chew you up and spit you out to die on your own.

Damn Jay, your girl needs some help!  No wonder the only way she can keep her name in the news is by assaulting nail techs!  Foxxy…meet Karma!


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Once upon a time, hip hop was about moving the crowd.  MC’s were revered for their lyrical abilities.  Then in the nineties it became more about how much ice you could wear (at one time), what kind of cars you drove, and which designers you rocked.  In short,  it all started to go down the toilet.  There was a time when you couldn’t hear a rap song without the mention of Cristal champagne. It was the champagne of preference for the hip hop crowd up until 2006, when Jay Z called for a boycott of the champagne because of what he perceived as racist comments made by the companies representative regarding the detrimental lifestyle of rap and how it affects his brands image overall.  I believe other designer clothing brands voiced this same concern.

Anyway, Jay-Hov- ah, took to his soapbox, denouncing the champagne and pulling it from his 40/40 clubs.  However, Hov the Handler couldn’t see past the end of his nose.  According to this article, business boomed for Cristal, as other markets were able to purchase what wasn’t being sold in the United States.  According to general sales manager, Frederick Heidsieck, the only thing that brought down sales was the turn in the economy as consumers spent less to save money, two years after the boycott.  I guess even the rich were feeling the heat.  However, now folks are back to drinking the bubbly despite what a dunderhead like Hove the Handler says.   Another interesting note was that according to studies, only fifteen percent of Cristal’s consumers were African Americans which isn’t very many people.

I guess Hov really did think that he could be the downfall of a brand that’s been around since the 1800’s.  RME


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If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably at least heard of Sandra Rose, who is known for her opinionated blog.  Most people call her a hater, I don’t know, much of what she says, although harsh, is true!  So when she started going in on Jermaine Dupree and his “lackluster” career, homeboy went off the deep end. But seriously, isn’t he garbage?

“I got people ready to kill you right now!,” he screamed. “I’m letting you know it’s serious in the streets right now,” said JD in a 3-way call from France where he had just finished partying.

He said repeatedly, “I run Atlanta! I got ni**as calling me saying they don’t know what you look like, but all I gotta do is point you out and they will FUCK YOU UP!!!!”

I was extremely offended by all his yelling and cursing and I reminded JD that I was a grown ass woman. “I’m grown too!,” he responded. “I got ni**as that will fuck you up on sight!”

He wasn’t at all subtle with any of his threats — even though he insisted he wasn’t threatening me. “I know you’re recording this,” he yelled, “and I’m recording it too!” He made death threats unapologetically: “You already dead!,” he screamed.

First of all, this violence against women is getting so out of hand.  Secondly, you cannot threaten someone’s life.  Third of all, are you too stupid to realize that she is a blogger, and anything you say is going to be posted on her blog RIGHT AWAY?

Dang, you would’ve thought that she’d accused him of raping Kriss and Kross…oh no that was someone else.

Jermaine Dupri, your little behind needs to issue an apology ASAP, but I don’t think that would even help at this point, he needs to be locked away real tight, teach his mini self a lesson. I think what was left of his “career” is pretty much a wrap.

Nas and Kelis Calling It Quits?

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So I heard the anti-beyjay is calling it quits.  It is rumoured that Kelis decided to file for a  divorce.  I wonder if there was any truth to the rumour that Nas gets physical with his women?    Isn’t Kelis like six months preggie? Anyway, although I didn’t want to see them married, I’m kind of sad that they didn’t make it, sorry guys!  Nas is back on the market!

will nas be removing the tat of kelis' face?
will nas be removing the tat of kelis’ face?



It Was All A Dream…

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Kimberly Jones is at it again.  Ol’ girl just can’t accept that she was Biggie’s go-to girl, and is now claiming that he appears to her in her dreams, giving her valuable advice.  She also claims that Biggie will reveal his true feelings from the afterlife.  For more on the craziness that is Lil’ Kim, read the full article on Baller Status.


" Are you there, Big...It's me, Kim"

" Are you there, Big...It's me, Kim"

I guess the world needs crazy people like Lil’ Kim to make it interesting, because she is clearly off her damn rocker, but I’m not mad at her.  If her believing that she was Big’s number one gets her through the day, who am I to judge?    If  Kim looks in the mirror and sees a white woman looking back, then I guess she can communicate with Biggie from the Great Beyond.  I hope he advises her to stop with the plastic surgery because enough is enough.  Don’t forget to watch La Loca on Dancing  With the  Stars.

X to the Z Calls Out Irresponsible Bloggers and Homophobes!

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Getting rid of the braids was a good move, X

Getting rid of the braids was a good move, X

Many people seem to be under the impression that my fave ego-maniac, Diddy,  is homosexual.  I really don’t believe that, but it if he was, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference to me. 

Anyhow, after a radio interview X did recently, the blogs went crazy claiming that Diddy took X and the infamous Superhead to a gay club, and that X was calling Diddy gay without coming right out and saying it.  I don’t know, but I read what X said in the interview, and I didn’t get the impression that he was calling Diddy gay, he just said that he saw some man/man activity going on, and it freaked out so much, that they blew the joint without telling Diddy they were leaving. 

But just because homosexuals go to a club, does not make it a gay club.   He then went on to say that he’s not interested in bashing homosexuals, or Diddy, and just wants to concentrate on his art-form.  He also calls out the fact that certain blogs take something they hear in the media, and run with it.  I hear you X….some of these bloggers will do anything to attract “hits” no matter how wrong they get it, or who it hurts, or embarrasses.  Quit being so ignorant!

Thank you X, for not spreading more hatred against homosexuality, and focusing on what really matters….the truth!

First the whole Rihanna picture deal, and now this…bloggers really need to get their crap together.   Take a stand and stop following the parade, and start leading it!   For the full article, click here.

Somebody Please Gag This Fool!

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I don’t like David Banner.  He once said something that infuriated me on some discussion on television, and ever since I haven’t given him a second thought, until I ran across this idiodicy on Necole Bitchie.  If you’d like to read the whole article, then click here.


Anyway, he was at some university speaking on the issue of black women who relax their hair, then he went on to say this:

“Chris Brown is being convicted and character assassinated in the media and we don’t even know what Rihanna did yet,” Banner said.

I’m pissed off because basically he’s telling us that  CB was justified in doing what he did.  So in other words, he condones this woman beating? It makes no difference what Rihanna may or may not have done to him, the fact remans that Rihanna was assaulted, Chrish Brown ran, then turned himself in later. So under the right circumstances this fool would go ape-shit and beat up a female too? Maybe someone should go upside his mother/sister/aunt/niece’s head, then his for good measure. Would he still be popping off at the mouth? Now that I’ve had my say, I’m going to go back to ignoring him, kind of like the record buying public has done his music.

Too bad they didn't teach this fool any sensitivity in college

Too bad they didn't teach this fool any sensitivity in college

Celebs Do NYC Fashion Week

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Ming Lee, Kimora Lee, and Aoki Lee

Ming Lee, Kimora Lee, and Aoki Lee

The celebs turned up in NYC for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  My fav mommy-in-the-making did her thing at the Baby Phat/KLS show.  As usual, her cuties were in attendance. Kimora adores these girls, and they adore her, and that’s the way it should be. 


Misa and Justin

Misa and Justin


Misa Hylton was in the audience at BP/KLS with her little man Justin.  Misa is Diddy’s ex, and mother of  his first son.  Remember her from the Biggie Small’s video? She was the girl in the hot tub with Puffy, and had the platinum blonde hair.  Anyway, Jutin looks just like mom, he’s really going to be a cutie when he finishes maturing.



Kanye West and gal-pal Amber Rose were front and center for the Narcisco Rodriguez show.  Rodriguez gained national attention when First Lady Michelle Obama wore one of his dresses on Election Night.  I just didn’t think the piece did anything for her, but that’s my opinion.  Anyway, Kanye definitely seems to be taking this quest to be a fashion designer seriously, which is a good thing.  Too often these celebrities put these “lines” 0ut there without truly understanding what goes into a successful fashion line.  Amber looks fab with no hair, but enough with the sunglasses in the dark!



Fast becoming a littel fashionista, Solange and Zoe Saldana are pictured here with fashion icon, Georgio Armani at his show.  Zoe’s shoes alone should have gotten her ran out of town on the first thing smoking, those are hideous!  Looks like Beyonce may not be the only one in the family with a mis-matched eye. She doesn’t even look like herself  here.

Zoe please don't you eva..eva..EVA wear those shoes in public again!

Zoe please don't you ever, ever, ever, EVER...wear those shoes in public again!

Photos courtesy of Concrete Loop

Suga and Karma…Round Two

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Just When Suga thought it was safe to party again, and was thinking that everyone forgot this

Dead Weight

Dead Weight


A man claiming to be Akon’s manager was arrested for hitting the failure ex-record company executive in the head, twice!  That’s what he gets for kicking that girl in the head, and leaving her to live or die in Vegas.  Karma 2…Suga 0!  For more on the man who got the best of Suga at a private party in Arizona, click here.

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I’m Done With Bossip..

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I started visiting Bossip a little more than a year ago.  I have found them to be entertaining, but not long after I began to notice that the blog promotes racism, gender-bashing, and homphobia.  If you have any doubts, log on and you will notice that one of their categories is called “hoe sit down”.  The people who post stories constantly refer to women as “bitches” and “hoes”.

While your there, click on the comments link and read through them. There’s going  to be at least one racially charged comment, and more female bashing.  Now this is supposed to be a black  blog, and I know that their comments are moderated, so why do they let posters use the “n” word and spread their hateful messages?

When the Rihanna tragedy first broke, I scoured the Internet for more information, Bossip was the only blog  who claimed that she’d been assaulted for giving him Herpes.  What pisses me off is that they don’t have the education, or sense enough to realize that Herpes is divided into two forms.  There’s simplex 1, which contributes to coldsores.  Now how many people suffer from coldsores?  Simplex 2 is the Herpes that is passed through unprotected sex.  Now I’m not Rihanna’s gynecologist, so I don’t know what she has, or doesn’t have, but I do know that a couple of weeks ago, they posted a story about the couple in Dublin, and in one of the pictures taken, Rihanna had a cold sore, and Bossip started claiming that she has Herpes…and we all know that when you say something like that, people are going to automatically assume that you are talking about Simplex 2.  My point is that what they did was irresponsible. 

So I am officially distancing myself from the blog.  I will not reference them in any of my posts, I am eliminating them from my blogroll, and I am no longer visiting the site.  I am in no way saying that you shouldn’t if you want to, I’m just stating my intentions.  So with that said, I am done.  Thank you for listening.