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Remember the silly-dilly boy band B2K?  They were huge back in the early part of the millennium.  You couldn’t turn on MTV, or BET without seeing them perform on a show, or one of their videos.  Anyway, the group was rocked when two former members ( and brothers) accused the manager Chris “I’m Married” Stokes of not only molesting them, and other members of B2K, but also Marques Houston of Immature/Imx, and in turn, encouraging Houston to also violate them sexually.

Here’s an old article regarding Stokes denial of the allegations made by the brothers in which he denies any wrong doing.  LOL, why do most married pedophiles…uh excuse me…alleged married pedophiles use their marital status and the fact that they have children as a defense to molestation charges, and being gay.  You will notice in his statement that after denying it, the first thing he says is ” I’m not gay”.

So after the allegations were made and “leaked” on the internet, Raz-B pops up in a video apologizing  and basically recanting everything that he alleged against Chris Stokes, and Houston. However, after looking at the video, I didn’t feel as if this was voluntary, or genuine.  Anyway, his brother has never gone back on his original accusations.

I bet ol’ Chris thought that was the end of it, until the Bishop Eddie Long case came to light.  Now Raz is back with his original accusations against Houston and Stokes.  It seems to me that the accusers in the Long case must have given Raz the courage to come forward once again.

Of course people are accusing him of being on the come up for some cash, but I just can’t understand what man would admit to the world that he was raped by a grown man when he was a youngster?  Come on, we all know how these execs in the industry get down, which makes me think that Raz and his brother have been telling the truth from the jump.  Who was behind the cancellation of their reality show?  I’m sure that if one was abused, they all were, and it is disappointing that the others won’t back up their band mate, but I won’t pass judgement on them.  Maybe they have been threatened, or maybe they are just ashamed of what was done to them?  I think it’s also interesting how Omorion is still being managed by Stokey, along with Marques Houston, and it is Omorion who not only came to Stokey’s defennse when the allegations were first made, but he’s also the one who was running his mouth on the radio saying that Raz  was bi-polar…typical sickness they use to discredit someone.

Although I hate what may have been done to th boys, and I want to hold hate against Marques, I can’t because after all, he was once a young boy under the guidance of Stokey, and the same thing must have happened to him which in turn, makes him a victim too, and the diseased wheel keeps on turning.


As in the Bish E.L.’s case, more accusers are surfacing in this disgusting soap opera.  A relatively unknown artist by the name of Quindon Tarver has come forward corroborating the allegations against the Stokes/Houston sexual predator tag team.  I find this very exciting that these two young men are ignoring threats to their lives in order to expose the truth.  I’m riding with these two and hope that Stokes is put away for his crimes.  As for Houston, I just have to keep in mind that he is a victim in this also, and while I think that he should be punished for raping these young men, we should take it easy on him.  As for Stokes, I seriously think that he should be soaked in gas and lit the hell up!


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I knew there was something greasy about Fantasia’s suicide attempt some weeks back.  It was just too much of a coincidence that her album was about to drop, and now her reality show is about to make a comeback on VH1 on the 19th of this month.  How do you attempt to take your life on Monday, then turn around and tape your show on Wednesday?  Recently, Fantasia was reportedly making light of it, then a couple of days later she’s on the Wendy Williams show having a “break down.”

There’s something seriously disturbing about someone who would fake a suicide in order to sell records, which is why I now consider Fantasia a mutt.  Even if this was the brilliant plan of the people around her, she still went along with it, and   I don’t think you can stoop any lower than she has.


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First it was Alicia Keyes, now it’s Fantasia.  Both women have been raked over the coals and called “homewreckers”for their involvement with married men.  I am sick to death of everyone placing the entire blame with these women.  Bear with me.

I’m no relationship expert, as a matter of fact, I am living the single life and absolutely loving it.  But even a dunderhead like me knows that if two people are truly in love with each other, than no outside woman or man can break that union.  In order for a man or woman to go outside of that relationship, it couldn’t have been that strong in the first place.

With that said, this in no way excuses A.K. or Fantasia from going after married men. But time will take care of these two, because just how you were able to take them from their wives, some chick will be able to do the same in the future.  I’m still reserving my comments for Fantasia’s medical misadventure…not sure if that one is adding up yet.


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If I had to choose just one MC that I repect and admire, it would have to be KRS-One.  Boogie Down Productions made such an impact on me growing up, and I consider KRS-One one of the greatest MC’s of all time.

-This interview took place sometime after the election but before he took office.  Listen as he breaks down Obama-mania, and how we have to look past the man’s racial make-up, and get to his underlying intentions.


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Hey guys, I need your support on this one.  If you are tired of the way black women have been portrayed throughout American history, then please support us.  Although I started the group to address the particular concerns I have of my own race, anyone who is against misogyny can join in, we need all the support we can get!   Membership is closed to any non-members so we can weed out the idiots that troll through cyberspace.  Champion our rights!  Make a difference!  We are prepared to do whatever it takes to push our own agenda and get somethings done.  If you guys don’t mind, I’d like to keep religion out of this, unless it relates directly to what we are trying to do…all are welcome no matter what your religious views may be, however I want to avoid the squabbling  that accompanies these discussions.


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According to Michael Jackson’s trust, his children Paris, Prince, and “the little fella” ( I refuse to call  this kid Blanket!) are due some serious cash, but hold on, they won’t be able to touch it until they are thirty!  Smart move on Mike’s part. I think that children who come from affluent families and  are spoiled, are out of control when it comes to spending the folks money.   I think that when a child is not taught the value of money, they are more likely to blow it and have entitlement issues.

This is a culture that thinks it’s cool for a sixteen year old CHILD to have two matching Range  Rovers ( MTV’s Super Sweet 16).  Does anyone see the absurdity in this?  Well anyway, the children will receive an allowance until they are 30, and at that time they will get only 1/3, at 35 they get 1/2, and when they are forty they will get the remainder .

Katherine Jackson, his mom, will get 40% for the rest of her lifetime, and when she passes, the remainder will go to the children.  20% goes to designated charities.  I’m hearing that each of the children’s share is going to be around 33 million each, but that’s just hearsay.  I’m sure Joe Jackson is somewhere stewing in his own pedophile juices, dreaming of a scheme to get his grubby hands on some money, but I would suggest that he clean some of his families blood off them first.


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Mo’nique has basically made a successful career out of the phrase;

“Skinny bitches are evil!”

So if skinny bitches are so evil, then why are you trying your damnedest to become one?  It seems that ever since she’s gotten that joke of a talk show on Blacks Eternally Trifling (BET) network, she’s become the incredible shrinking woman.  Now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fantastic that she wants to get in shape, however I don’t respect the reason or motives behind it…acceptance in Hollywood.




Hollywood accolades mean nothing to me.  I didn’t see Precious, but for those who did, do you really think that she killed it?  I have a problem with someone winning an award for such an awful character.  Seems to me that once again, Hollywood is twisting things here.  Does her Oscar win somehow perpetuate the negative stereotypes that surround black people?  Remember Denzel finally receiving the Oscar for playing a murdering psychopathic cop in “Training Day”, and Hallee got one for showing her knockers and freaking with a white man in “Monster’s Ball”.  On a side note, I thought that was such bad acting, all that screaming and basically being a gutter whore was not a good look.

I also cannot stand her late night talk show, it’s a minstrel extravaganza!  Little dude is nothing more than a joke, the new age buffoon!  I hate how he struts around the stage like a cocky rooster, it is truly sickening, But I digress….

While looking for a clip of the show where he was showing his behind, I came across one of my favorite comedians  putting Hollywood, Black and White on blast.  Any ounce of respect I had for this woman has been demolished…let’s watch…

*It seems that I am unable to play the video, probably from the heat it’s generating, but Monique asks “what’s this” and it’s the handsign for Baphomet.  You can still go to youtube and look up “paul mooney on monique show”

Now why would she insult our intelligence and asks what “this” is @ :24, as if she didn’t know damn well.  She’s already taken the oath, and in return she has a show and an Oscar….come on now Monique, you are not fooling anyone, you just showed your allegiance to your master.