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I didn’t watch alot of Disney films when I was younger.  My mother worked two jobs, and had little time for things like movies.  I instead, would indulge in reading, and maybe that was a good thing looking back as I have never been interested in being anyone’s wife. 

Disney films like cinderella, snow white, the little mermaid, princess and frog, and other stories involving women waiting or a prince to come and rescue them, send a dangerous message that women are nothing until that prince (man) comes to rescue them, then they are complete.  They have the wedding they’ve always dreamt of, marry the prince and live out the remainder of their days in wedded bliss. This has been the theme of these fairy tales that we were subjected to over and over again during our childhood, and the reason why so many unmarried women think that unless they are married, their lives are incomplete.

  Instead of being smart and careful about the men they choose to become involved with, they settle for whomever .They think that something is wrong with them and the desperation kicks in. This contributes to domestic violence and the twisted and warped belief that having any man is better than being alone.

So then the task is to know yourself, and find a way to relearn to listen to your gut instincts. Make sure you work on your own self esteem, and heed those red flags we choose to ignore, stop thinking that love can change a man because it can’t. Be really aware of whom you are getting involved with( do a background check and ask plenty of questions), and ask yourself if your willing to sacrifice yourself because you are afraid of being alone.

 It bothers me that most women (not all) put more value on the actual wedding, than they are willing to put into the marriage. stop looking for someone to take care of you, and take care of yourself. Marrying for money( as well as becoming a “kept” woman) is nothing more than a milder version of prostitution.

Was Rihanna’s “Beating” an Initiation?

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Okay so unless you live under a rock on a remote island in the middle of the Black Sea,  you know that Rihanna was beaten like she stole something by Chris Brown earlier this year.  Instantly, we chose sides.  Most of us thought Rihanna was the victim, some sided with Chris saying that Rihanna “provoked” him. 

I’ve been researching the Illuminati, Masons, and the entertainment ties.  It’s quite disturbing to say the least.  I like alot of others think that Jay Z is a Mason.  He uses the handshake with fellow Masons, He calls himself  “Hove” as in Jehovah, and on and on. 

Through my research, I have found out thatone of the initiation rituals they require is for one to humiliate themselves in some way.

Could the “beating” that Rihanna took from CB in fact be one of these humilation rituals?  If you were beatin until your lips looked like inflated innertubes, well wouldn’t that be a bit embarrassing?

Remember that after Rihanna was beaten, the photos of her battered face were “leaked” on the internet? 


Was this an initiation for Rhianna?  I’m seeing Chris Brown on television giving interviews, and appearing in videos, when he should be run off the face of the planet.  Was he rewarded  for beating her?

There's definitely a difference, look into the eyes and they tell the whole story.

 Notice the light in her eyes.  The innocence that lived there before she found out what being a star really cost.  As of late, her whole look is getting darker and darker, like her pop counterpart’s whole sasha persona.  I wonder what happend to her suing the LAPD for releasing the pictures.  Hmmmm.

The Illuminati"s all seeing eye, although it's a black and white pic, you can still feel the menace in that gaze, nothing like the former




Chirs Brown: 2 x Loser

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CB in court, i guess he left his savage face at home

CB in court, i guess he left his savage face at home

I was so irritated yesterday!  I recently moved back to Cali from Las Vegas, and have to get my license changed back.  But in order to do this, I had to go all the way to San Francisco to get another copy of my birth certificate, and that took all day, because I had to get on the train.  Anyway, I saw something while waiting at the station that made my day a little brighter.  Chris Brown formally charged with two felonies, making threats, and assault!  They say he could face up to four years in jail.  He was in court yesterday looking like a deer caught in the headlights.  So I got home and watched Nancy Grace, and one of the correspondants said something interesting.  She made the point that maybe CB was jealous of Ri’s success.  What do you all think?  I believe that this was the reason that K-Ci hailey of Jodeci was abusive to his long suffering girlfriend, Mary J Blige.  While Jodeci’s career peaked, and began to decline, Mary J’s did nothing but rise.  Could this be the case with these two, along with other baggage?

Two future domestic violence statistics

Two future domestic violence statistics

There were also reports that Rihanna was not cooperating with police, and that the two were together in Miami, but until I see some proof, I’m not going to believe that one.  However, if Rihanna has taken Chris back, the next time he busts her head open will be on her.  Chris maybe able to sell more records, but the endorsements are a thing of the past.

BTW, CTFU @  the sign made out of a cardboard box….I have no idea why that’s so funny to me.

Photos courtesy of  Concrete Loop

Chris Brown attends “anger management” a.k.a. Damage Control

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Chris Brown is reportedly attending anger management courses after his “heartfelt” apology was thrown back in his face, and after receiving a bunch of death threats for going 51/50 on Rihanna earlier this month.  Now don’t get me wrong, I was the first one to holler that the boy needs some help, but this just smells like more of the same bullshit his cam. came up with to save what little career the boy has left.

The posterchild for domestic violence

The posterchild for domestic violence

And while Chris is learning that Kindergarten lesson to keep his hands to himself, Miss Rihanna was spotted in Mexico, getting some much needed sun and relaxation.

She Was Down, But Not Out!

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Rihanna was spotted in L.A. on her way to the airport.  As you all can see, the girl is back to her normal, gorgeousness.    Her birthday was yesterday (Friday) so happy belated b-day Ri.

Emerging a stronger person, hopefully she'll leave that savage alone, and get some counseling.

Emerging a stronger person, hopefully she'll leave that savage alone, and get some counseling.


Photo couresy of  Rihanna Daily

Another Nail In the Coffin

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I know you all have seen the picture making it’s rounds on the internet of Rihanna’s face, allegedly taken at the crime scene.  I refuse to post it, because I think she’s gone through enough, and if she wanted people to see her battered face, she wouldn’t have gone into hiding. 

Anyway, this has caught the attention of the LAPD,  and they are investigating if the picture is in fact authentic, and if so, who’s the asshole that leaked it.  Anyway, whether it is, or not, it’s just another blow to Chris Brown’s demise, which suits me just fine.  As for the photo, it’s not as bad as reported by the media, but definite proof that she did take a beating that night.  We’ll see how this develops. 

I like Rihanna's face as it was, asshole!

I like Rihanna's face as it was, asshole!