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Erykah Badu was charged with indecent exposure for  getting butt naked ( big pun intended) in her controversial video for her new single Winow Seat.  The Texas space cadet filmed the video in the infamous locale of the assasination of JFK.  I hear that after getting naked she is shot in the head (in the video, not really) and has “evolving” written across her shoulder blades. 


“to come forth gradually into being; develop; undergo evolution: The whole idea evolved from a casual remark.  ”

I believe the Illuminati was behind the Kennedy assasination, with Oswald being a delta model (assasination slave).  JFK obviously became a threat to them so he had to be eliminated along with Monroe who was the first Presidential Model (sex slave) and Bobby Kennedy.  What is Badu trying to tell us?  Is she telling us that she suspects the Illum killed JFK or is this another way of saying that she too has taken the oath and her symbolic death in the video is part of her evolution?

Robotic headpiece and the left eye emphasized…Erykah is the newest puppet.


So What’s The Problem…

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Nothing wrong with getting smashed once in awhile, at least she had the sense to cover up her goodies.

Nothing wrong with getting smashed once in awhile, at least she had the sense to cover up her goodies.

I initially saw this on DC Rumours, but Googled it to get the whole scoop.  Apparantly, Beyonce was on some English television program, and when asked if she’d have a drink of brown ale, she refused.  I guess they didn’t take it too good, because they said they woudn’t invite her back on the show.  According to one of the hosts, her pimp father,  Matthew guaranteed them that she would do anything they asked.   Well Beyonce stood up for herself and refused.  Beyonce, you need to ditch Matthew before he sells you to the highest bidder!


I know I often have nothing good to say about Beyonce, but I applaud her for not collapsing under the pressure.  I don’t understand how she’s acting like a diva for refusing a nasty drink.  Have you ever tried one of those brown ale things?  Anyway, we all know that Beyonce has been known to take a drink now and then, but she is a grown woman.  On the other hand, I hear that she doesn’t have that strong  following over there, so I probably would have just sipped politely.  I think that the Britt’s are going to call her stuck up for not going along with it.  Not a good way to win over fans.  Anyway you can read the whole article here.

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Bow Down Bitches!

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Growing up, I’ve always heard people refer to Grace Jones as ugly, but I didn’t see it.  I’ve always thought she was just gorgeous.  Her bone structure, ebony complexion, a sic body,  and that wild fire in her eyes!  Here she is gracing the cover of V Magazine, photographed by her baby daddy, Jean-Paul Goude.  She’s sixty…can you believe that shit?  Anyway, this woman didn’t just break down  barriers for the darker complected models in fashion, she demolished them! 




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Despite the Divaism…Mariah Impresses in “Push”

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See Mariah, when you embrace the crazy bitch inside you, good things will follow!

See Mariah, when you embrace the crazy bitch inside you, good things will follow!

I never saw Glitter, due to Mariah overload, and from what I saw of the movie’s trailer, it was basically a movie about a girl who becomes a famous singer…whoa!  Way to step out of your comfort zone, Mariah.  But in the movie Push, which was the top winner at Sundance. I’m hearing that Mariah gave a believable performance, as did Mo’Nique who played an abusive mother in the film.  This film was based on a novel, so I know I’m going to have to read it before I even think of seeing the movie.  Anybody know what the story is about?  Holla!  Read the full article on