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We all know that Natalie Nunn is the newest reality skank to hit the airwaves.  She’s the resident loudmouth on Bad Girl’s Club, she slept with Chris Brown post-Rihanna which is disturbing in itself (he denied it, smartest thing he’s done all year), and she claims to have “punked” Vanessa Simmons on twitter (how do you punk someone through the computer?).  I guess she really believes that she does run L.A., but from what I’ve seen the only thing she’s running is her mouth. 

Natalie Dumm...oops Nunn and her bulk weave

Apparently the Jay Leno look alike thinks that she’s a “star”, but she looks like just one  more attention whore to me.  Her whole swagger comes off as phony and overdone.  She has some color issues as she demonstrated on the show.  She claimed that she was Brazilian and Puerto Rican, and I might believe her if she didn’t have like 150 pounds of bad weave in her hair.  She was also taking shots at the other black girls in the house, calling them ghetto, and writing that one of them was “too black”. 

 Take my advice Natalie, the next time you go for the silky straight, get those edges laid down.


Chirs Brown: 2 x Loser

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CB in court, i guess he left his savage face at home

CB in court, i guess he left his savage face at home

I was so irritated yesterday!  I recently moved back to Cali from Las Vegas, and have to get my license changed back.  But in order to do this, I had to go all the way to San Francisco to get another copy of my birth certificate, and that took all day, because I had to get on the train.  Anyway, I saw something while waiting at the station that made my day a little brighter.  Chris Brown formally charged with two felonies, making threats, and assault!  They say he could face up to four years in jail.  He was in court yesterday looking like a deer caught in the headlights.  So I got home and watched Nancy Grace, and one of the correspondants said something interesting.  She made the point that maybe CB was jealous of Ri’s success.  What do you all think?  I believe that this was the reason that K-Ci hailey of Jodeci was abusive to his long suffering girlfriend, Mary J Blige.  While Jodeci’s career peaked, and began to decline, Mary J’s did nothing but rise.  Could this be the case with these two, along with other baggage?

Two future domestic violence statistics

Two future domestic violence statistics

There were also reports that Rihanna was not cooperating with police, and that the two were together in Miami, but until I see some proof, I’m not going to believe that one.  However, if Rihanna has taken Chris back, the next time he busts her head open will be on her.  Chris maybe able to sell more records, but the endorsements are a thing of the past.

BTW, CTFU @  the sign made out of a cardboard box….I have no idea why that’s so funny to me.

Photos courtesy of  Concrete Loop

Chris Brown attends “anger management” a.k.a. Damage Control

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Chris Brown is reportedly attending anger management courses after his “heartfelt” apology was thrown back in his face, and after receiving a bunch of death threats for going 51/50 on Rihanna earlier this month.  Now don’t get me wrong, I was the first one to holler that the boy needs some help, but this just smells like more of the same bullshit his cam. came up with to save what little career the boy has left.

The posterchild for domestic violence

The posterchild for domestic violence

And while Chris is learning that Kindergarten lesson to keep his hands to himself, Miss Rihanna was spotted in Mexico, getting some much needed sun and relaxation.

Woman Beaters Abound

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I'm Done!

I'm Done!

This saddens me, since I was a fan of Terrence Howard. According to an article, TH was arrested for beating his estranged wife in 2001. Maybe that would explain is recent comments regarding the Riahanna fiasco, which he later retracted.  Everything happens for a reason.  The only good thing to come of the Rihanna incident so far, is that it has exposed this dirty little secret.  Apparantly, domestic violence runs rampant in the entertainment industry as well, and this needs to be addressed. Maybe Rihanna will use this experience to reach out to women that have/are being abused. As for that other person involved, I can pretty much guarantee that his career is over. What you do in the dark, always comes to light. Read more about this here.

My Last Word On Chris and Rihanna

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I have been readng alot of things about what everyone thinks happened the morning that Rihanna was attacked by Chris Brown.  I’ve heard the “herpes” consipiracy, and I’ve heard that Rihanna went off on him because of some groupie text he received.  The truth of the matter is that there are only two people who know what went down, and neither of them are speaking out on it right now.  All I know for sure was that whatever transpired before, Rihanna was beat by Brown, and there is nothing that makes it okay for him to take out his anger with his fists on anyone, let alone a female.


I can understand being so angry and frustrated that you just want to lash out, and hurt someone, but you can also choose to just walk away.  If I could ask Chris Brown anything at all, it would be if it was worth all of this.  People are starting to distance themselves from him.  Endorsements have been halted, and his songs are being dropped from radio station rosters.  I keep forgetting that Chris is just out of diapers himself, and this is going to follow him around for the rest of his life, but if he had just thought about the consequences, he wouldn’t be in this situation right now. 


If I could say anything to Rihanna it would be that I am very proud of her for not protecting him.  Don’t ever stand for abuse from anyone, in any form, because once you do, you’ve sacrificed yourself.  I would tell her that her injuries will heal, but counseling would heal her heart, as I’m sure she’s broken up about this whole thing.  I would tell her to stay strong, and next time it would be better to just walk away, rather than argue, fuss and fight.

Black love is beautiful, but notwhen it's black and blue

Black love is beautiful, but not when it's black and blue

 In time, we may forgive Chris, if he aplogizes, and seeks treatment for his anger issues. But I want all the women out there who are being abused by their boyfriends,signif others, husbands, etc…if a man can get angry enough to hit you, he can get angry enough to take your life.  Chew on it.

Chris Brown Knocked Rihanna Upside The Head?

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I saw this on E! lastnight, but I thought the “Brown” they were referring to was Bobby Brown.  Anyway, the story is that Chris and Rihanna were in the Hancock Park neigborhood, when Chris assaulted her.  She named him as her attacker, and eventually he turned himself in.  Of course, nobody has confirmed that it was Rihanna, but given the jumpoff situation, and the fact that the two haven’t been pictured together lately, it’s safe to assume that the victim was Little Miss Sunshine. 

Well, at least she had enough sense to tell the police that he was the one who hit her.  I have nothing but disgust for a man who would put his hands on a woman, but doesn’t Rihanna look like she has a super slick tongue?  Anyway, both of them pulled out of their scheduled appearances at last night’s Grammy, and her reps haven’t denied it.   I guess both of them were there because she reportedly bit his abusive ass.  This makes me wonder if this is the first time he’s put his hands on her?

Singer, Dancer....thug?

Singer, Dancer....thug?

Photo courtesy of Acess Hollywood

Cute Shoes….Rihanna

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Rihanna wandering the streets of L.A. in some really cute shoes.  I normally don’t like this color when it comes to shoes, but these make me re-think that!  She and Chris are together so much, that she looks weird without him.  When her singing career fizzles, she’s got a great future as a runway model with those long legs.

Thanx for the photo Concrete Loop!