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Once upon a time, hip hop was about moving the crowd.  MC’s were revered for their lyrical abilities.  Then in the nineties it became more about how much ice you could wear (at one time), what kind of cars you drove, and which designers you rocked.  In short,  it all started to go down the toilet.  There was a time when you couldn’t hear a rap song without the mention of Cristal champagne. It was the champagne of preference for the hip hop crowd up until 2006, when Jay Z called for a boycott of the champagne because of what he perceived as racist comments made by the companies representative regarding the detrimental lifestyle of rap and how it affects his brands image overall.  I believe other designer clothing brands voiced this same concern.

Anyway, Jay-Hov- ah, took to his soapbox, denouncing the champagne and pulling it from his 40/40 clubs.  However, Hov the Handler couldn’t see past the end of his nose.  According to this article, business boomed for Cristal, as other markets were able to purchase what wasn’t being sold in the United States.  According to general sales manager, Frederick Heidsieck, the only thing that brought down sales was the turn in the economy as consumers spent less to save money, two years after the boycott.  I guess even the rich were feeling the heat.  However, now folks are back to drinking the bubbly despite what a dunderhead like Hove the Handler says.   Another interesting note was that according to studies, only fifteen percent of Cristal’s consumers were African Americans which isn’t very many people.

I guess Hov really did think that he could be the downfall of a brand that’s been around since the 1800’s.  RME