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I’ve been saving this one to see how it played out.  Governor Brewer of Arizona wants a fence built to keep illegal immigrants out of the state.  Obama says the controversial law would be discriminatory.  For those of you who don’t know, the law states that it’s basically against the law (in Arizona) to be without documentation.  I know that Arizona was the last state in the union to make MLK day a state holiday, but I am nothing if not honest, and I’m going to get behind the Gov on this one.

Now, before anyone calls me a racist, or says that I don’t like people of Latino or Hispanic heritage, let me say that is not true.  I don’t think that people should be excluded from this country.  I appreciate and respect the fact that they want to come here, work hard, and send money home to take care of their families.  I just think that they should be documented, because that would show that they have the right intentions.  Leaving the borders open would allow the trash (and every race has their trash) free rein to come into this country and commit crimes, then flee back to wherever they may be from.  We have enough to deal with, with our own murderers, pedophiles, drug addicts/dealers, thieves, drunk drivers, sex traffikers, and everyday criminals without taking on another countries headaches.

Although I think that giving the police the authority to profile whomever they want is a lawsuit waiting to happen, it’s not the law that’s the problem, it’s the attitudes of the police that need to be changed.  Any officer with prejudices are not going to be fair or impartial.

I know that in the fifties/sixties when people migrated from the Southern states to the Bay Area, the police forces actively recruited officers from the South, which led to excessive force on the part of the police against the citizens they were hired to “protect”, which led to the formation of the Black Panther Party, but we won’t get into that story right now.

I would like to relate a true story to you guys, and I saw this go down.  I lived in East Oakland for nine years.  One day, the police pulled up behind a car and followed them, then turned on their lights.  I don’t know if the cars registration was expired, or there was a broken tail light, or if the guys were acting suspicious, or they could have been just driving while black.  As they passed in front of my house, the passenger of the car being followed, got out, pistol in hand, and started shooting at the police.  This was during the summer, around noon, so there were plenty of people out and about.  My children just happened to be in the house, but who’s to say a stray bullet couldn’t have been fired through a wall, or window?  Who’s to say that this animal wouldn’t have hit an innocent bystander whether they be adult or child? Obviously this animal needed to be taken off the street, and of course he could have gone on to shoot someone, had the police not been profiling (if this was the case) so this was a good thing, but this incident is the exception and not the rule, so this is a very fine line, so I do agree to some extent with Obama’s front.  But I cannot help but remember the line in “Training Day” with Denzel (yet another puppet)

“To protect the sheep you gotta catch the wolf, and it takes a wolf to catch a wolf”

.  My point is, this is the excuse that Obama gives for not securing the border, but I SPECULATE that the reason behind this one is closer to the truth, if they close the borders then it won’t snow as much in Washington, or America.  You all figure that one out. On a side note, IF  the NWO is implemented, I think Washington is going to get a lot of resistance from Arizona.  Has anyone heard of the factions?

Suga and Karma…Round Two

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Just When Suga thought it was safe to party again, and was thinking that everyone forgot this

Dead Weight

Dead Weight


A man claiming to be Akon’s manager was arrested for hitting the failure ex-record company executive in the head, twice!  That’s what he gets for kicking that girl in the head, and leaving her to live or die in Vegas.  Karma 2…Suga 0!  For more on the man who got the best of Suga at a private party in Arizona, click here.

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What’s With Granny’s Pantyhose

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Back in the day, women who didn’t wear pantyhose were thought of as unladylike.  Today women still wearing pantyhose are just clueless.  Here’s everyone’s dead-eyed poptart, Beyonce at the All-Star game in Pheonix this weekend.  Eva Langoria looks casually cute.

Beyonce in Tina's nylons

Beyonce in Tina's nylons


Beyonce flunks once again.  I don’t  have any problems with the cut-off shorts, but the pantyhose and peep toed shoes are just offensive.  Nobody wears nude stockings anymore.  It’s like wearing socks with a pair of strappy sandals…illogical.  Also, the sunglasses inside is just pretentious. 

On second thought, those shorts look like a yeast infection ready to happen.  Ladies, your shorts are too tight when you have pleats eminating from your goodie-box area.  Also, how much sense does it make to wear a scarf wrapped around your neck, with a pair of cut off shorts? 


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