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Remember the silly-dilly boy band B2K?  They were huge back in the early part of the millennium.  You couldn’t turn on MTV, or BET without seeing them perform on a show, or one of their videos.  Anyway, the group was rocked when two former members ( and brothers) accused the manager Chris “I’m Married” Stokes of not only molesting them, and other members of B2K, but also Marques Houston of Immature/Imx, and in turn, encouraging Houston to also violate them sexually.

Here’s an old article regarding Stokes denial of the allegations made by the brothers in which he denies any wrong doing.  LOL, why do most married pedophiles…uh excuse me…alleged married pedophiles use their marital status and the fact that they have children as a defense to molestation charges, and being gay.  You will notice in his statement that after denying it, the first thing he says is ” I’m not gay”.

So after the allegations were made and “leaked” on the internet, Raz-B pops up in a video apologizing  and basically recanting everything that he alleged against Chris Stokes, and Houston. However, after looking at the video, I didn’t feel as if this was voluntary, or genuine.  Anyway, his brother has never gone back on his original accusations.

I bet ol’ Chris thought that was the end of it, until the Bishop Eddie Long case came to light.  Now Raz is back with his original accusations against Houston and Stokes.  It seems to me that the accusers in the Long case must have given Raz the courage to come forward once again.

Of course people are accusing him of being on the come up for some cash, but I just can’t understand what man would admit to the world that he was raped by a grown man when he was a youngster?  Come on, we all know how these execs in the industry get down, which makes me think that Raz and his brother have been telling the truth from the jump.  Who was behind the cancellation of their reality show?  I’m sure that if one was abused, they all were, and it is disappointing that the others won’t back up their band mate, but I won’t pass judgement on them.  Maybe they have been threatened, or maybe they are just ashamed of what was done to them?  I think it’s also interesting how Omorion is still being managed by Stokey, along with Marques Houston, and it is Omorion who not only came to Stokey’s defennse when the allegations were first made, but he’s also the one who was running his mouth on the radio saying that Raz  was bi-polar…typical sickness they use to discredit someone.

Although I hate what may have been done to th boys, and I want to hold hate against Marques, I can’t because after all, he was once a young boy under the guidance of Stokey, and the same thing must have happened to him which in turn, makes him a victim too, and the diseased wheel keeps on turning.


As in the Bish E.L.’s case, more accusers are surfacing in this disgusting soap opera.  A relatively unknown artist by the name of Quindon Tarver has come forward corroborating the allegations against the Stokes/Houston sexual predator tag team.  I find this very exciting that these two young men are ignoring threats to their lives in order to expose the truth.  I’m riding with these two and hope that Stokes is put away for his crimes.  As for Houston, I just have to keep in mind that he is a victim in this also, and while I think that he should be punished for raping these young men, we should take it easy on him.  As for Stokes, I seriously think that he should be soaked in gas and lit the hell up!



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Major Shot out to miss Buttaflyy, you all should check out her blog Buttaflyy’s Opinion and show your support!

I saw this over at Baller Status, and I fell out laughing.  Apparently some folks are still checking for Foxxy Brown enough that she’s getting paid to make appearances at clubs.  You know, I never could understand that whole concept…pay x amount of $ just so you can say you partied with a celeb, and nine times out of ten, that celeb is holed up in the VIP where your not going to get in.  Silly sheeple!

Anyway the Illest was supposed to perform at the Splash Bar but didn’t show up until thirty minutes to closing!  On top of that she refused the car they sent because it was an 09, and not a 10 model.  On top of all this, you can too get Foxxy to perform at your party for a mere $1,000.  Yep that’s right folks, you heard me $1,000.00!

I was never a fan, but this is the Foxxy I choose to remember…I mean without the gratuitous cleavage and all, she was so happened?  Proof positive that this industry will chew you up and spit you out to die on your own.

Damn Jay, your girl needs some help!  No wonder the only way she can keep her name in the news is by assaulting nail techs!  Foxxy…meet Karma!


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Once upon a time, hip hop was about moving the crowd.  MC’s were revered for their lyrical abilities.  Then in the nineties it became more about how much ice you could wear (at one time), what kind of cars you drove, and which designers you rocked.  In short,  it all started to go down the toilet.  There was a time when you couldn’t hear a rap song without the mention of Cristal champagne. It was the champagne of preference for the hip hop crowd up until 2006, when Jay Z called for a boycott of the champagne because of what he perceived as racist comments made by the companies representative regarding the detrimental lifestyle of rap and how it affects his brands image overall.  I believe other designer clothing brands voiced this same concern.

Anyway, Jay-Hov- ah, took to his soapbox, denouncing the champagne and pulling it from his 40/40 clubs.  However, Hov the Handler couldn’t see past the end of his nose.  According to this article, business boomed for Cristal, as other markets were able to purchase what wasn’t being sold in the United States.  According to general sales manager, Frederick Heidsieck, the only thing that brought down sales was the turn in the economy as consumers spent less to save money, two years after the boycott.  I guess even the rich were feeling the heat.  However, now folks are back to drinking the bubbly despite what a dunderhead like Hove the Handler says.   Another interesting note was that according to studies, only fifteen percent of Cristal’s consumers were African Americans which isn’t very many people.

I guess Hov really did think that he could be the downfall of a brand that’s been around since the 1800’s.  RME


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Just wanted to take a minute to thank you guys who read my blog.  It didn’t start off the way it is now, and I never expected it to take off the way it did, but I’m very thankful!  I appreciate all of you guys, as you afford me an opportunity to vent, and inform at the same time.  I hit a personal milestone today (2k hits), and am researching ways to push it further until they shut me down.  Once again thanks to all of you (commentors and lurkers alike) for putting this blog where it is!

By the way, my email was shut down by google, and I have yet to set up another email account, but it’s next on my “need to do it, but i’m too lazy, but i’ll get around to it soon” list!

Wishing you all awareness, peace, and freedom



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It’s official, House Of Dereon sucks, but we’ve known that for years.  Remember Tina and Beyonce were debuting this crap on the Oprah Show, and I couldn’t help but wonder to myself 1) it’s messed up for them to make Kelly model that crap on national television. 2) one hundred dollars for some iron-on decal on the pocket of some cheaply made jeans? and 3) Why did she never show her line at fashion week…..okay that was a jab!  Anyway, House of Dereon is right where it belongs…or rather “Miss Tina” in Walmart.

But that’s not the point to the post, the point is, that although I despise Tina Knowles, I thought she was a nice looking older woman.  All she had to do was lose the red lipstick and all that hair weave.  You could tell that she must have been some kind of fox in her youth, but now, she went and chiseled her nose and she looks ten times worse than before.

And did ol girl have some cheek implants thrown in for good measure?  I always thought that  this was one of those woman who felt like she had to compete with her own daughters.  RME.




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I’m sure by now, you all know that I have a child who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, and I just have a special spot for people with any kind of disability so this makes me especially ill…

A Florida man was arrested for striking a 7 year old diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder across the stomach with a cable wire.  He claimed the boy was arguing with him, so he went to his truck where he retrieved the cable wire and struck the boy.  Luckily the lad wasn’t hurt, but it did leave a welt across his stomach.  You can read more here…

First off, why are you arguing with a seven year old?  What could you be arguing about with a seven year old who has ASD?  And finally, where were this child’s parents.  I’ve got a feeling that this man has a history of abuse and is possibly a mental defective caveman from the past.


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Not often, I have been called homophobic on some of my past posts.  I must admit, I am torn, but definitely not homophobic.  Homo is short for homosexual, and a phobia, or someone who is phobic means fear of.  I’m not afraid of “gays”.  I am curious about what makes them believe that  they are homosexual, and I am disgusted by those who are what we call “flaming” or “butch” ( perpetuating stereotypes), but I am not afraid of them.  I am also not afraid to voice my opinions which is why I started this blog in the first place.

Contrary to the old saying, opinions are nothing like assholes, I have only one of those, but I’ve got a million opinions.  Recently it came to my attention that Perez Hilton (no comment) was reaching out to the slaves in the industry to write open letter to gay youth regarding the spike in numbers of suicides, both completed and attempted.  Hilton is obviously gay, and that’s fine, but while I think he means well on this one, it’s going to take more than open letters from celebs to combat this problem.

In my opinion, homosexuality is not natural.  If men were meant to have sexual relations with men, ( and this applies to women too) then men would be able to create and carry life within.  Two men cannot reproduce, it is physically and biologically impossible.There are only two kinds of life…man and woman, and this is so for a reason.  While I don’t have a problem with homosexuality if it is a choice you make of your own free will, however I will not support the (suspected) agenda behind it.

I’m saying frigg being politically correct and let’s be real here for a minute.  One reason I think that so many gay youths are killing themselves is because although they are satisfying their primal urges, this is not something that was intended by the creator, and that is the internal struggle they are dealing with at their very core.  On top of that, this is still  a predominately heterosexual society, and it is frowned upon, although it is becoming more tolerable as time goes on, and that too is part of the agenda behind it thanks to the entertainment industry.  Can I honestly say that homosexuality has been around since the beginning of time?  No, because I wasn’t around at the beginning of time, but this is what we’ve been led to believe.  I’d appreciate what you guys think, as I always am saddened when anyone feels that they would rather end their own life than deal with the obvious confusion inside of them, especially ones who haven’t really began living before they end it.