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We all know that Natalie Nunn is the newest reality skank to hit the airwaves.  She’s the resident loudmouth on Bad Girl’s Club, she slept with Chris Brown post-Rihanna which is disturbing in itself (he denied it, smartest thing he’s done all year), and she claims to have “punked” Vanessa Simmons on twitter (how do you punk someone through the computer?).  I guess she really believes that she does run L.A., but from what I’ve seen the only thing she’s running is her mouth. 

Natalie Dumm...oops Nunn and her bulk weave

Apparently the Jay Leno look alike thinks that she’s a “star”, but she looks like just one  more attention whore to me.  Her whole swagger comes off as phony and overdone.  She has some color issues as she demonstrated on the show.  She claimed that she was Brazilian and Puerto Rican, and I might believe her if she didn’t have like 150 pounds of bad weave in her hair.  She was also taking shots at the other black girls in the house, calling them ghetto, and writing that one of them was “too black”. 

 Take my advice Natalie, the next time you go for the silky straight, get those edges laid down.


Working the Red Carpet @ the NAACP Image Awards Pre-Show

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These lovely ladies continue to put their foots in fashion, well except Angela Simmons, who just can’t seem to find her way through the fashion jungle.  I have hope for her yet, and I think that as she matures, she’s going to find her look, however this just isn’t it.  I’ve alway thought Angela was pretty cute, but all that hair isn’t going to cut it.  I don’t like the jumpsuit’s plunging neckline, and the fact that her bra is showing.  The whole thing just looks ill-fitting.  As her older, and more stylish sister, Vanessa needs to take Angie under her stylish wing.


Keep trying, one day you will get it right.

Keep trying, one day you will get it right.

Older sister Vanessa’s look is so 50’s, as evidenced by the skirt, meets rocker chick with the leather jacket.  She looks young, fresh, and fun.  I just wish I had a better look at those shoes, because they look like they may be FEROCIOUS! Anyway, this isn’t surprising, because I can’t remember a time when Vanessa didn’t bring her A-game.

Love the look Vanessa!

Love the look Vanessa!

Taraji killed it in her yellow/orange dress.  She looks like a walking flame, and a definite Oscar caliber actress!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she will take it home.  She’s most definitely becoming more evolved with her fashion choices, as the dress, hair, and makeup are flawless.  I’m not all that crazy about the shoes, but I’ll overlook them.  Has she been getting style tips from another Oscar winning actress?

The dress is ab-fab, go on Taraji!

The dress is ab-fab, go on Taraji!


Look at Tatyana Ali looking gorgeous.  She doesn’t look that much different from when she played Will’s younger cousin on the Fresh Prince.  I like this dress on her.  It’s very age appropriate for the 30 year old actress/singer.  Once again, the shoes don’t inspire me, but she looks gorgeous.

Devil in a blue dress

Devil in a blue dress

Photos courtesy of  Concrete Loop

Enterprising Sistas

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Angela and Vanessa Simmons, maybe the daughters of Hip Hop pioneer, Reverend Run, of Run DMC, but these girls are making a name for themselves in the business/fashion world.  The dynamic duo have a line of shoes they call “Pastry’s”, and although I don’t think that anyone over the age of sixteen should be wearing them, I do admire the fact that they are about their business.  People argue that they only get breaks because of who their father and uncle are, but I disagree. 

Sure they have access to money, and notoriety through their family connections, but they are making their own opportunities.  In a world that constantly focuses on young celebs bad behavior, it’s refreshing to see two girls who have pride, dignity, and are about changing the game…thank you Angela and Vanessa, for presenting an image that young girls can acutally look up to!  Read up on their new line of accesories at, and make sure to tune in to “Daddy’s Girls” on MTV.

Vanessa is alway stunning, Angela needs some help though, that hair is just awful.  Love you girls, but I have to keep it real.

Vanessa is alway stunning, Angela needs some help though, that hair is just awful. Love you girls, but I have to keep it real.


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