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Deathrow Reborn April 18th

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As I reported earlier this year, Deathrow is under new ownership, and on April 18th, they will be releasing some of the songs they have in that catalogue Sugar Knight tried to hide from the court. Unreleased material by Snoop, Dre, Pac, who made Deathrow a force in the music industry in the 90’s.  So in other words, more killing, slanging, banging, and misguided woman hating music.  I for one will not be copping this mess, it’s time for something new!  I’m sure Suga is steaming about “his” label and the music he worked so hard to cheat the artists out of is in someone else’s hands.  I’m also sure he is going to take out his anger and frustration on some woman.  What a loser!

What a charming bunch!

What a charming bunch!

Suga and Karma…Round Two

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Just When Suga thought it was safe to party again, and was thinking that everyone forgot this

Dead Weight

Dead Weight


A man claiming to be Akon’s manager was arrested for hitting the failure ex-record company executive in the head, twice!  That’s what he gets for kicking that girl in the head, and leaving her to live or die in Vegas.  Karma 2…Suga 0!  For more on the man who got the best of Suga at a private party in Arizona, click here.

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Can A Fresh Perspective Breathe New Life Into Death Row?

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We all know that dirty mofo Suge Knight lost Death Row, and it was snatched up by Lara Lavi for a cool $18 Mil…along with Sugar’s dirty underwear, she also inherited music catalogues for Dre’, Snoop, Pac, Dogg Pound, and some others who were signed to the label, including Lisa Lopes (RIP).  Well anyway, according to an article by, Lavi is planning to undo the mess that Suga created.  We all know he ran that label using intimidation, and violence, and the mighty do fall hard.  If you don’t believe me, check the pics of Suga, knocked the fuck out in front of a club, and bleeding from the head after some barber- dude introduced his big ass to the concrete last year.  Dam, that still gives me a chuckle.  Anway, Lavi wants to transform the label, and run it like a real business.  Good luck to her, and I hope she’s successful.  As for Suga, Suge…karma is a bitch, and she now owns your label!  If I were her, I would get a restraining order, STAT!  We know he likes to hit women…WHATTABITCH! 

Maybe the barber-dude can beat his ass, and get him to confess that he had something to do with Biggie’s death.

SUGE! should have been bobbing and weaving!

SUGE! should have been bobbing and weaving!

Thanks for the photo…TMZ…i’m still LMAO!