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I love my google alerts, even though I take my time getting into them because there are so many, but from now on I’m going to stay on top of them!  So I followed a link to this article about how RatStaxx attempted to proposition Slim Thug, and he not-so-nicely shut her down.  Now we know I am  on Twitter, and I do follow both these idiots, but I only caught the end of their back and forth.  I think Slim Thug told her that she had a face like a possum, and that he didn’t find her attractive… or something to that effect.  What say you…I think she does look like something that hangs upside down from a tree limb to sleep.

He then went on to clown her about the lack of persons that attended an even she was hosting at some club, and that she was only paid $100.00, that’s nine hundred dollars less than Foxxy’s take the other night! LOL

Anyway, this chic deeply disturbs me.  You can tell a lot about someone’s frame of mind by the things they say, or in her case “tweet”.  She’s obviously insecure and needs some kind of validation.  My guess would be that she was abused as a child ( I don’t know her background) and is looking for attention no matter how negative and demeaning.  And am I to understand that she is a mother?  WOW!

I guess she thought that being a public whore would make her rich,and is willing to sacrifice her self-respect to get it, but didn’t SuperHead already do it ?  I  think she should quit now, because as far as I know, she hasn’t sexed up any a-listers like Sup did.  Good luck with that Kat, I hope that hundred-dollar appearance fee goes towards your child’s therapy fund.



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Remember the silly-dilly boy band B2K?  They were huge back in the early part of the millennium.  You couldn’t turn on MTV, or BET without seeing them perform on a show, or one of their videos.  Anyway, the group was rocked when two former members ( and brothers) accused the manager Chris “I’m Married” Stokes of not only molesting them, and other members of B2K, but also Marques Houston of Immature/Imx, and in turn, encouraging Houston to also violate them sexually.

Here’s an old article regarding Stokes denial of the allegations made by the brothers in which he denies any wrong doing.  LOL, why do most married pedophiles…uh excuse me…alleged married pedophiles use their marital status and the fact that they have children as a defense to molestation charges, and being gay.  You will notice in his statement that after denying it, the first thing he says is ” I’m not gay”.

So after the allegations were made and “leaked” on the internet, Raz-B pops up in a video apologizing  and basically recanting everything that he alleged against Chris Stokes, and Houston. However, after looking at the video, I didn’t feel as if this was voluntary, or genuine.  Anyway, his brother has never gone back on his original accusations.

I bet ol’ Chris thought that was the end of it, until the Bishop Eddie Long case came to light.  Now Raz is back with his original accusations against Houston and Stokes.  It seems to me that the accusers in the Long case must have given Raz the courage to come forward once again.

Of course people are accusing him of being on the come up for some cash, but I just can’t understand what man would admit to the world that he was raped by a grown man when he was a youngster?  Come on, we all know how these execs in the industry get down, which makes me think that Raz and his brother have been telling the truth from the jump.  Who was behind the cancellation of their reality show?  I’m sure that if one was abused, they all were, and it is disappointing that the others won’t back up their band mate, but I won’t pass judgement on them.  Maybe they have been threatened, or maybe they are just ashamed of what was done to them?  I think it’s also interesting how Omorion is still being managed by Stokey, along with Marques Houston, and it is Omorion who not only came to Stokey’s defennse when the allegations were first made, but he’s also the one who was running his mouth on the radio saying that Raz  was bi-polar…typical sickness they use to discredit someone.

Although I hate what may have been done to th boys, and I want to hold hate against Marques, I can’t because after all, he was once a young boy under the guidance of Stokey, and the same thing must have happened to him which in turn, makes him a victim too, and the diseased wheel keeps on turning.


As in the Bish E.L.’s case, more accusers are surfacing in this disgusting soap opera.  A relatively unknown artist by the name of Quindon Tarver has come forward corroborating the allegations against the Stokes/Houston sexual predator tag team.  I find this very exciting that these two young men are ignoring threats to their lives in order to expose the truth.  I’m riding with these two and hope that Stokes is put away for his crimes.  As for Houston, I just have to keep in mind that he is a victim in this also, and while I think that he should be punished for raping these young men, we should take it easy on him.  As for Stokes, I seriously think that he should be soaked in gas and lit the hell up!


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Back before I was aware, I thought it strange that Hov the Handler would collaborate with people, then turn his back on them, so I put together a list of those Hov left behind on his climb to the top of the pyramid (pun intended).


I think we all know that Jaz-0 was Jay’s mentor before he made it big, also known as selling out.  I don’t know who Gunna is, but here are the two of them putting Hov on blast about how he never lived what he rapped about…


I really don’t know what to make of Foxy, I guess she was to Hov what Lil Kim was to Biggie.  They were the original Bonnie and Clyde of HipHop, so was she his first slave?


Dmx made claims that once Hove became the president of Def Jam (suspect) he abandoned his friendship with X.


“I say what I mean, Me and Jay had a battle, I got in his ass. I got in his ass, before he got signed. Niggas was there, niggas know. In a pool hall in the Bronx. I fucks with him and had respect for him after that. Until he became the president of Def Jam, and I ain’t gon say too much more about it, but you know what it is. There’s a difference between doing wrong and being wrong. At one point, you were being wrong.

Jay is a talented motherfucker, don’t misunderstand me. He is talented. But he has no heart. There’s no soul behind it. It’s motivated by money strictly… But I still maintain the respect, because our birthday is in the same month and you know, we have history. But I lost it when he became president of Def Jam, that’s why I left Def Jam. ‘

When you became the president, you hit me “yo dog, the inmates is running the building!!!” You know what that mean, your mans is in charge… “That’s what it is, we good,” cuz we had history. And then you go do that.

You come down, listen to my shit… we ready. Then you go on vacation. Niggas take a picture of you with chancletas on. That’s what you leave the hood for, son? That’s why you walk out on your man for, son? Flip-flops? Serious? You serious? Real talk son, I respected you. I’m in my feelings about that. I’m hurt. I ain’t ever talk about that.”

Inarticulate, but you get the gist.



Your first heard her as a feature on Hov’s ” Can I get a…”.  Here are the lyrics from her song “Quarrels”

“Yo, ever since I known you, you been out to get me
Acting like my peeps, but I know that’s how you tricked me
Love to see me get high, love to see my tipsy
Heard you even wanna stick a little chip in me
You been trying to play me close ever since my shine
Wanna take me to dinner, feed me shrimp and swine
You said, Amil I want you to meet a good friend of mine
His name is Money and we partners till the end of time
Introduced me to your clique, hate, envy, lust and greed
Said you want the whole world in ya custody
And if I give you my soul you’ll give me luxuries
Said you could hit me up wit power, it’s just up to me
I turn you on when I’m in short skirts and tight jeans
You want my kids to write Santa and celebrate Halloween
Told me sell my people crack and get rich off fens
You love the number 6 but hate the number 13
Chorus: [Carl Thomas]
We’ll have some quarrels
Some disappointments
And a whole lot of problems
And you will except me
You wanna, be the one to pick me up when I fall
Told me hang Casear bojease on my living room wall
It was always something bout you that made my skin crawl
You turned me into a player and showed me how to ball
You give me rewards when I rob and steal
Want me to abort my babies and get on the pill
You put burners in the hood so each other we kill
I see your eye watching me on the dollar bills
When I got the scoop on you, it just made you mad
Cause I moved out your crib, packed all my bags
Them days I turned to you was the days you laughed
You used to smile every time I pledge allegiance to the flag
We speak now and then but we ain’t smacking hands
You be up in the clubs asking me for a dance
Still trying to convince me to go cheat on my man
Begging me to please give you just one more chance
When we was kids you was the one who taught me how to lie
Said I could always use you as my alibi
And you kept me from knowledge, wisdom, and the most high
Had me believe God had blonde hair and blue eyes
Our relationship went sour since I found the truth
You know you can’t have me so you fuck with my youth
You got all my phones tapped, I gotta talk at booths
I learned an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
You built Sodom and Gomorra for us all to live in
When we was cool you used to tell me all your visions
Like how you gonna rule the nations under one religion
You got this New World order, it’s like a big prison
You said you wanna be worshipped from noon to noon
Nothings gonna get better is what we all assumed
Cause nights is getting shorter and it’s snowing in June
I see you working overtime cause you out of here soon ”

She makes reference to the all seeing eye on the dollar bill. So what happened?  Did she refuse to become a part of the game, so Hov dropped her like the rest?  Probably.

Beanie Seagel/Dame Dash/Memphis Bleek

In regards to Dame and Hov, they fell out because of Aaliyah, that’s been established, but not because they were in love with her, they wanted to handle her.  Aaliyah was a sex slave, trained in Catholic school before attending a school for performing arts.  According to published reports, children being trained to be future sex slaves/starlets were hidden in these Catholic schools and the school would keep their secret. Beanie Siegel..well Hov dropped him from “The Roc”.


Karma is a mother, and the same people that you meet on the way up, are the same ones you meet on the way down.


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We all know that Natalie Nunn is the newest reality skank to hit the airwaves.  She’s the resident loudmouth on Bad Girl’s Club, she slept with Chris Brown post-Rihanna which is disturbing in itself (he denied it, smartest thing he’s done all year), and she claims to have “punked” Vanessa Simmons on twitter (how do you punk someone through the computer?).  I guess she really believes that she does run L.A., but from what I’ve seen the only thing she’s running is her mouth. 

Natalie Dumm...oops Nunn and her bulk weave

Apparently the Jay Leno look alike thinks that she’s a “star”, but she looks like just one  more attention whore to me.  Her whole swagger comes off as phony and overdone.  She has some color issues as she demonstrated on the show.  She claimed that she was Brazilian and Puerto Rican, and I might believe her if she didn’t have like 150 pounds of bad weave in her hair.  She was also taking shots at the other black girls in the house, calling them ghetto, and writing that one of them was “too black”. 

 Take my advice Natalie, the next time you go for the silky straight, get those edges laid down.


Obama…the Ultimate Puppet?

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Throughout history, the Masons have been at the helm of every decision that has  affected America.  The Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, and countless other families have  controlled the money for decades, thus affording them great power and rendered them untouchable. These people were/are psychotic and would resort to the lowest levels to keep  and grow their power and influence over everyone else. 

It is rumored that the Mason’s practice Satanism, and I’m not touching on  that, yet.  I will tell you that since this whole music industry being connected with the Illuminati and Mason’s have come to light, it’s rather hard  not to notice all of the symbolism in the videos.  Things that we’ve come to accept as the “NORM” are actually not  normal.   We are definitely being deceived.

When Obama was running for President of the USA,  he had the backing of everyone.  After all, this would be the very first time in history that a black man was being named commander and chief, and for alot of people, that actually means something. 

That means that we have something to aspire to besides being a rapper/singer, basketball, football player. It meant that we had finally broken down the barrier, and could aim high.

  Obama had the support of Hollywood behind him, and the general public that wanted something other than what we’d been living with during the  Reagan, and  Bush administrations.  We thought that he was going to be our “savior” which is exactly what his role is, and boy is he playing his position. 

 We all know that Bush lied about those pesky weapons of  mass destruction, in order to start a war that would line the pockets of the elite that really run this country.   

  Don’t you find it suspect that practically all of Hollywood’s major players got behind this man?  These are the people with the most control over the masses, as they are the ones we follow.  We actually look to them for guidance on what we should be wearing and saying, which is why if you are a celeb and you want to have fame/celebrity you have to pay a very dear price indeed, but more on that later. 

  Never has there been as much support from celebs for a presidential candidate than in this election.  McCain knew he didn’t stand a chance in winning the Presidency, because the election isn’t decided by “us”, it’s decided by the Illuminati who hold all the power because they have all the money.  Why else would McCain choose a dipshit like Palin to run with him?  He was pressured to sabotage his chances of winning.  I don’t believe that McCain is a Mason, but Obama definitely is.

If this triangle (pyramid) is the symbol for "rockafella" then why are they throwing up at a speech for Obama?

Image Source

The Mason’s share a very distinct handshake…

Image Source

I assume this is his college graduation

Image Source

As you can see in this photo, McCain is not using the Mason handshake that acknowledges that he is a fellow mason. John McCain didn’t have a chance in hell!

Democracy is a lie!

As you can see, there is no secret handshake, and the look on Obama’s face screams “contempt”.

I remember watching the movie Casino.  It was about how the mafia was deeply involved with running/robbing Las Vegas.  They had a frontman, Phillip Green who definitely was not in charge of anythng.  This seems eerily familiar with our new President.

"Phillip Green" was the frontman for the Mob in the movies Casino.  Is Obama the Illuminati's "Phillip Green"?

Phillip Green was the frontman for the Mob in the movie Casino. Is Obama the Illuminati's Phillip Green?

 Image Source

Not only is he failing with the issues this country faces, he is continuing the Bush agenda.  Same shit, different day.  What really made me start having doubts about him was before he even took office. 

 Beyonce expressed an interest in singing at the Inauguration.  Now we all know that she is an attention hog, Illuminati sex puppet bent on poisoning the masses, and she screamed and kicked until she was allowed to sing at the Inauguration.  What an insult to Miss Etta James, who was alive and kicking, and could have very well sang her own song.  Was this Bey’s way of gloating, and rubbing it in?  I believe that Beyonce and countless other celebs are the “I”‘s puppets, as are the execs in the music industry who control the artists right down to what they wear.  I will touch on the Masonic images in the videos and movies at another time. 

Next up was the fact that he gave billions of dollars to bail out the huge corporations, and two of the biggest crooks in America, Freddy and Fannie ( these are some suspect names for corporations don’t you think?)  They sold Americans the dream of home ownership, and set them up for epic failure with all of these “creative” loans.  These companies willingly put people in the position of getting behind in their mortgage payments, and they get rewarded with a financial windfall from the government?  What is wrong with this picture?

AEG Blows it’s Bailout like it’s 1999!

The economy went belly up, Wall Street crashed again, and people were being foreclosed on left and right.  Instead of helping these people out, he allows them to refinance their homes.  Now instead of being evicted now, they get evicted later, because there is a job shortage.  He then bails out AEG, and what do they do with the billions…throw a big ass party while the rest of us worry about where we  are going to be living, how they are going to survive in this economy, these execs aren’t fazed by it in the least.  I would have let them all sink personally. 

Then he sends  in more troops to Iraq when I was under the impression that he would end the war.  The Illuminati, or the “I” as I call them, are planning to take over the world.  They want one government, one banking system, one religion a.k.a. total domination.  They want to implant chips so that they can keep track of you and what you are doing. 

Now the elite want to make Mexico, Canada, and California into one union.  They want us to have a single currency called the Aero dollar?  They say it will make America stronger in the global market, but I say that’s bullshit.  It’s just one of the first steps in world domination.  I mean what’s next, a bridge connecting Europe and the United States? 

They want to keep you in a hypnotic state so theybombard  us with subliminal messages in our music and television, genetically alter the food we consume, poison us with chemtrails, and fabricate things like H1N1 so that you will run for a vaccination containing I don’t know what.  The brainwashing is apparent, and it starts with the children  You have little babies on youtube gyrating like women in their thirties and we think it’s “cute”  am I the only one who thinks that this is totally insane?   

My son has Autism.  For the first two years of his life he was fine.  He turned two, and we took him for his immunizations, and a few weeks later, he stopped talking altogether.   Autism effects the way he communicates.  Thankfully, it’s not as bad as it could be, but I still am not sure that he will ever be able to function at his full capacity, and who knows what other kind of poison they put in the injections, and what other consequences lie in wait for him?  Cancer, brain damage?    They injected him with something that caused this, as nobody in my family has this disability.  The governement has found that the pharmacuetical companies aren’t responsible…big surprise there, the pharmacuetical companies are out to milk the public for every red cent, and that money goes into the pockets of the rich and elite. There is a reason why all of Obama’s speeches are televised….YOU ARE BEING HYPNOTIZED AND FED SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES!!!!!!!!!! TURN OFF THE DUMBBOX!

Tupac was much more than a guy who made music, he was a thinker, and he told us that there was going to be a revolution.  He has been quoted as saying that we need our own country, goverment, monetary system because the goverment and the powers that be don’t care what happens to us.  The illuminati wants to decrease the population worldwide by billions of people so that they can have all the Earth’s resources for themselves.  My question is that whether you believe this theory or not, the day is going to come when you will have to take a stand.  What side will you be on?

What’s Wrong With This Gal?

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Okay so it wasn’t enough that Lil Mama makes a complete fool of herself by hopping her rabbit behind up on the stage during Jay and Alicia’s VMA performance, but she then goes on the Tyra show to say that she didn’t plan on doing it….it was just a spontaneous moment in which she was overwhelmed by the song “Empire State of Mind”….that she would like to work with both Jay and Alicia…

LO-damnL!  Does she really believe that two hip-hop/r&b heavies would associate themselves with her and her lip gloss?  Big Mama come get your child!  It’s sad that she would crash the stage, and it’s pathetic that she would be inspired by Kanye’s dumb ass to do so in the first place. What a bird-brain!



It Was All A Dream…

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Kimberly Jones is at it again.  Ol’ girl just can’t accept that she was Biggie’s go-to girl, and is now claiming that he appears to her in her dreams, giving her valuable advice.  She also claims that Biggie will reveal his true feelings from the afterlife.  For more on the craziness that is Lil’ Kim, read the full article on Baller Status.


" Are you there, Big...It's me, Kim"

" Are you there, Big...It's me, Kim"

I guess the world needs crazy people like Lil’ Kim to make it interesting, because she is clearly off her damn rocker, but I’m not mad at her.  If her believing that she was Big’s number one gets her through the day, who am I to judge?    If  Kim looks in the mirror and sees a white woman looking back, then I guess she can communicate with Biggie from the Great Beyond.  I hope he advises her to stop with the plastic surgery because enough is enough.  Don’t forget to watch La Loca on Dancing  With the  Stars.

I’m Lost….

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Maybe her new book should be a guide to ruining your child's life

Maybe her new book should be called "How to ruin your child's life in five easy steps" Someone call CPS

So Karrine Steffans is penning a new book on how to get and keep a man.  I’m sure some misguided female will actually buy the book, but the question is, how is a self proclaimed prostitute who was used by nearly every hip-hop artist, and ball player going to dole out advice on how to have a healthy relationship?


 The blind leading the blind.  Karinne, maybe you should give it up already.  Now if you were writing manual on how to be a bottome feeding skank, that would be more believable.  Maybe you should just concentrate on getting you and your son into therapy, because if you keep this up, he’s going to judge every woman by how his mother is.

X to the Z Calls Out Irresponsible Bloggers and Homophobes!

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Getting rid of the braids was a good move, X

Getting rid of the braids was a good move, X

Many people seem to be under the impression that my fave ego-maniac, Diddy,  is homosexual.  I really don’t believe that, but it if he was, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference to me. 

Anyhow, after a radio interview X did recently, the blogs went crazy claiming that Diddy took X and the infamous Superhead to a gay club, and that X was calling Diddy gay without coming right out and saying it.  I don’t know, but I read what X said in the interview, and I didn’t get the impression that he was calling Diddy gay, he just said that he saw some man/man activity going on, and it freaked out so much, that they blew the joint without telling Diddy they were leaving. 

But just because homosexuals go to a club, does not make it a gay club.   He then went on to say that he’s not interested in bashing homosexuals, or Diddy, and just wants to concentrate on his art-form.  He also calls out the fact that certain blogs take something they hear in the media, and run with it.  I hear you X….some of these bloggers will do anything to attract “hits” no matter how wrong they get it, or who it hurts, or embarrasses.  Quit being so ignorant!

Thank you X, for not spreading more hatred against homosexuality, and focusing on what really matters….the truth!

First the whole Rihanna picture deal, and now this…bloggers really need to get their crap together.   Take a stand and stop following the parade, and start leading it!   For the full article, click here.

Somebody Please Gag This Fool!

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I don’t like David Banner.  He once said something that infuriated me on some discussion on television, and ever since I haven’t given him a second thought, until I ran across this idiodicy on Necole Bitchie.  If you’d like to read the whole article, then click here.


Anyway, he was at some university speaking on the issue of black women who relax their hair, then he went on to say this:

“Chris Brown is being convicted and character assassinated in the media and we don’t even know what Rihanna did yet,” Banner said.

I’m pissed off because basically he’s telling us that  CB was justified in doing what he did.  So in other words, he condones this woman beating? It makes no difference what Rihanna may or may not have done to him, the fact remans that Rihanna was assaulted, Chrish Brown ran, then turned himself in later. So under the right circumstances this fool would go ape-shit and beat up a female too? Maybe someone should go upside his mother/sister/aunt/niece’s head, then his for good measure. Would he still be popping off at the mouth? Now that I’ve had my say, I’m going to go back to ignoring him, kind of like the record buying public has done his music.

Too bad they didn't teach this fool any sensitivity in college

Too bad they didn't teach this fool any sensitivity in college