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Goodbye Bea!:(

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Legendary tall gal, and deadpan comedic actor, Bea Aurthur died and left the world a little sadder with her passing.  I didn’t watch Maude, which spawned the spin off Good Times which I never missed, but I sure do love the Golden Girls!  I mean, what’s not to love.  You have the hyper-sexual southern belle, Blanche Deveraux, the Scandanavian nitt-witt, Rose Nyland, the old Sicillian mother Sophia Portillo, and of course the amazonic , level headed school teacher, Dorothy Zbornack! Oh and Dorothy came as a package deal with her putz ex-husband Stan, a follically challenged pig. This was the ultimate ensemble cast, and they could never be duplicated. These ladies showed the world that life doesn’t end at fifty, and cheesecake played a big role in thier lives while they sat and talked out thier problems at that tiny kitchen table.  The exchanges between Dorothy and her mother Sophia were true comedic genius, and the whole cast played thier parts to a T.  What were your fave moments from the Golden Girls? 

RIP Bea and Estelle

RIP Bea and Estelle

My fave episode was when Rose’s cousing Sven came to visit.  He was supposed to marry a girl from Sweden, but fell in love with Blanche, which had Rose upset.  So once Sven pronounces his love for Blanche, there’s the doorbell.  Big Sven, his father, sent his bride-to-be to come and get him, and she’s a young hottie, needless to say, he forgot all about Blanche!  Bea will be missed.

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Eddie Doing Richard?

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Eddie's still got it

Eddie's still got it

Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about the rumour that one of my fave funny guys is going to portray the legendary and troubled comic, Richard Pryor.  Eddie is known as a comedic actor, but he showed that he could bring the drama in Dreamgirls, but will he be able to pull this off?  Time will tell.  Anyway, the two of them worked together, along with the late, great Redd  Fox back in 89’s Harlem Nights.  Ithought I heard a rumour that the two of them didn’t get along.  Anyway, it’s good to see Eddie getting back to work, now if he would go back to stand up! 

And speaking of Richard Pryor, my fave  movie he did was which way is up, in which he portrayed several different characters, including the oversexed, guitar playing preacher!  RIP Richard, gone but never forgotten.

For more on this, and to find out who else wants to play Mr. Pryor, click here.

Tiny’s Pain…I Feel You

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Wow, I was checking my email, and saw a link to an article about Tiny, TI’s signif other losing her daughter.  I know she’s supposed to be pregnant, but did she lose the baby?  Or did this happen some time ago?   I don’t know.  Anyway, I lost one of my son’s this last September, and I can definitely feel her pain.  I cried while reading of the way she chose to say goodbye to her daughter, read it here, and felt compelled to share my own story, as it is what keeps me from wanting to rip out my hair.  Had my own pregnancy progressed the way it was supposed to, he’d be less than a month old right now, but as it stands he was taken from me without so much as a warning. 

Remembering a life that ended before it began, does it ever stop hurting?

Remembering a life that ended before it began, does it ever stop hurting?

I gave birth to my son on September 28th, 2008, and two minutes after he was born, he passed on.  I was only five months and one week into the pregnancy, and his little lungs weren’t fully developed, so he didn’t make it.  During the delivery, I’d lost alot of blood, and my body just started to convulse, so I wasn’t able to hold him.  Later that morning, I went home with a picture of his little body, and that was it.  That Monday, I just laid in the bed, and regret began eating its way into me.  I hadn’t held him, hadn’t felt his body, and didn’t even know what color eyes he had.  Tuesday morning I went back to the hospital and demanded to see my baby.  I just had to say goodbye to him even though he was gone.  The counselor arranged for me to have some time with him in one of the empty rooms on the maternity ward, and I spent a couple of hours with my baby boy.  It’s something I’ll never forget, and I will cherish the memories for the rest of my life.  I chose to have him cremated, because I didn’t want to think of his little body buried in the ground.  His remains will be with me for the rest of my days.

Julian’s Father Finally Speaks…

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..and wait until you hear what the man had to say about Julia Hudson, Willie Balfour, and the murder of his angel, Julian.  Okay, intially I saw the post on necole bitchie, and then jumped over to  for the full article.   During this whole incident,the focus has been riveted on Julia, and this murdering prick WB.  But what about Julian’s dad?   Well in a nutshell, Word On the Streets magazine interviewed him and what he said was that weeks before the murders, WB dropped Julian off at his house, and started acting like they were BFF’s. 

 He kept telling Gregory (Julian’s father) that he had a pistol, and that the car he stole from Julia, he sold for $800.00, and was upset about not having received the money from whomever he sold  it to.  He also stated that WB had stolen the pistol that was used in the murders before, but gave it back.  That gun, as you may remember, belonged to Jennifer Hudson’s brother, Jason.  Not only that, but WB had been stealing money and drugs from them too, which was probably why he got put out the house.    We all suspected that JHuds brother and Julia were probably selling drugs out the house, and their mom had to have known, so he confirmed that.   

Dang, just when you think you’ve heard everything….  Anyway, read the article because it’s definitely interesting.   He believes, like I do that there were others involved, namely WB’s brother, who high-tailed it out of town after this happened. 

 Ladies, you may think that dating/being involved/having children by these so called “bad boys” is exciting, but this whole saga is a testament to why you need to think better of yourself, and realize that you deserve better, as do your children ( if you have any).  One of my closest friends was involved with a “thug” and he whooped her ass so much that she once told me that “I don’t think he loves me unless he hits me..”    Chew on that for a minute.

Julia, if you loved yourself as much as you love "some good dick" then maybe Julian would still be here

Julia, if you loved yourself as much as you love "some good dick" then maybe Julian would still be here

(AP Photo/David Banks)

On a lighter note, Jennifer Hudson is supposed to be performing at halftime for Sunday’s Superbowl.  Even though she must still be in mourning, maybe getting back to work will be good for her.