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MTV is the devil’s playground. An evil forum for initiates and grand dames alike. No doubt, Pinks trapeze act was much more than a circus influenced performance, it was her initation.
Here’s pink flying high above the crowd at last years ceremony…

Notice the baring of her left breast.  Since this was on television, they covered the nipple.

Not only is her left breast exposed,

but she has the tell tale masonic checkerboard pattern on her leotard.  Tell me why is it even there, what purpose would it serve if it wasn’t a masonic symbol, and this was a harmless awards show, as they want you to believe.  HIDDEN IN PLAIN VIEW.

Now think back if you can, to 1999.  Lil Kim shows up to the MTV awards in a purple, sequined jumpsuit, with HER LEFT BREAST BARED, AND A PASTY T COVER THE NIPPLE.

Remember how Diana Ross came out onstage and felt her up in front of the world?  Did you see Mary J Blige’s face, like she was not amused!  That was Kim’s initiation ( that is my opinion and I’m sticking to it)  One of the initation requirements is for the initate to be humiliated in public some kind of way.   Rihanna’s “beating”, and Taylors “wtf” moment.  I believe that Diana Ross was also a puppet since I’m positive that Berry Gordy probably took an oath to be as successful as he was, after all she slept with and had children by the man.   You’ll also recall that this was when Kim was still beautiful, before she began to destroy her face.