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Thanks to one of my fellow truthers from Facebook, this video of the Oprah Show from 1989 says it all…

Oprah is a slick one…

” I don’t know any Jewish families who sacrifice babies”

a.k.a. trying to discredit by making light.

Oprah, Tyler, and Madea…One Big NWO Family

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One of my faithful readers ( and commenters) Bette, wanted me to explore the relationship between Tyler Perry, and Oprah Winfrey, whom I’ve started calling “NoPrah”.  She pointed out that these two shared quite a few similarities, and I became interested.  Awhile ago, the two were pictured walking around Italy ( with Gayle…of course!) and rumours flew that the two were involved romantically.  Of course I knew this wasn’t likely since I believe that Mr. Perry is a closeted homosexual.  Seriously, what man wants to go tramping around Italy with Oprah and Gayle in the first place?

I then started trying to do a little research on Tyler Perry.  There’s very little written about his personal life, but I did find some interesting information regarding Perry’s childhood in which he was ritually sexually abused.  This article I came across can explain the relationship better than I can, I think you may find it very interesting.

Even our little Pop Princess Janet figures into this mess…I’M SHOCKED (insert sarcasm).