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Thanks to one of my fellow truthers from Facebook, this video of the Oprah Show from 1989 says it all…

Oprah is a slick one…

” I don’t know any Jewish families who sacrifice babies”

a.k.a. trying to discredit by making light.

Oprah, Tyler, and Madea…One Big NWO Family

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One of my faithful readers ( and commenters) Bette, wanted me to explore the relationship between Tyler Perry, and Oprah Winfrey, whom I’ve started calling “NoPrah”.  She pointed out that these two shared quite a few similarities, and I became interested.  Awhile ago, the two were pictured walking around Italy ( with Gayle…of course!) and rumours flew that the two were involved romantically.  Of course I knew this wasn’t likely since I believe that Mr. Perry is a closeted homosexual.  Seriously, what man wants to go tramping around Italy with Oprah and Gayle in the first place?

I then started trying to do a little research on Tyler Perry.  There’s very little written about his personal life, but I did find some interesting information regarding Perry’s childhood in which he was ritually sexually abused.  This article I came across can explain the relationship better than I can, I think you may find it very interesting.

Even our little Pop Princess Janet figures into this mess…I’M SHOCKED (insert sarcasm).

Real Gangsters Don’t Advertise Their Dirt

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So now, as if threatening Rick Ross isn’t enough, 50 Cent  goes there, and is now threatening that idiotic DJ Khaled’s family.  I won’t even repeat what he’s saying, so if you want to read it for yourself, click here.  This is getting to be beyond ridiculous, and the Three Stooges are just what is so wrong with hip-hop, and why the art form is frowned upon.  No wonder luxe brands like Cristal, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton don’t want their brands associated with hip-hop. 


The face of an idiot

The face of an idiot

Shame on 50 most of all, for continuing to glorify killing, and hustling instead of  thinking and acting like a grown man.  This is exactly why hip-hop is in the gutter.  It’s become more about making a quick buck, than actual artistry.  If 50 and Ross were the gangsters they claim to be, they would know that a real, true, grimy thug doesn’t tell on himself.


Another idiot!

Another idiot!

Khaled, you have no idea what your getting yourself  into.  You seem to want to be embroiled in this drama to sell some sorry image, but your not fooling the Dirty Gurl.. maybe you should shut your loud mouth, and leave the building before you get you and your family hurt.  We have enough mis-guided assholes within our race, we don’t need another one.

Maybe I Was Wrong

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Yes, as hard as it is to admit, I could have been wrong about 50/Rick Ross’ beef being a publicity stunt and here’s why…this was taken from an interview 50 did with DJ Laz of Miami radio station Power 96.

“In Rick’s case he hasn’t done anything for his son’s mom in two years outside of letting her drive a truck for two years that he had ownership of.”

The rapper also bashes Rick Ross even further stating, “I have artists that have more money than Rick Ross… I don’t feel like there’s something socially wrong with you deciding to be a police officer, I feel like there’s something wrong from a hip-hop prospective for you to write your whole career as being one of the biggest drug dealers in Miami.”

When 50 Cent was questioned on the beef that went on between 2Pac and Biggie that resulted in the death of the two on different occassions, the rapper responded, “Well, in all honesty I think if he went far enough to be agitated enough on my end, that could happen to him… we did learn is when you go too far in those situations, you put yourself in the space were they only know one way to respond. Where I come from, the price of life is cheap. I have been under investigation since 2003. Because the price of life is so cheap, and I have acquired so much finances and money, they gotta watch me… Ask me if I wanna go there, naw.”

50 and his teeth

Left: Rick Ross in his correctional officer blue blockers...Right: 50 and his teeth


For the full article,  hit it up here.  We all know what happened to Biggie and Pac, and that was a really dark time in hip-hop. For 50 to even reference something like that happening again makes me think that Officer Rick needs to just step off, and move on to somebody else to beef with. On the other hand, 50 needs to realize that any “punk” can pull the trigger of a gun and end a life. Why don’t they both just STFU? Keep the beefing on wax, like it was meant to be? 


And before I sign off on this one let me say f irst, that Rick Ross’ chain has to be the ugliest thing I’ve seen in a long time.  Second, Rick Ross’ baby’s mother, Ti-La-La, or whatever her name is…is a straight up piece o trash!    That shit she pulled with 50 was foul as fuck.  You are a mother, and have a child that has nothing to do with this mess that’s going on around him/her, what’s that child going to think when he/she is old enough to understand that his/her mother sold her soul to get even with his/her father?  If you feel like Officer Rick is lacking in the parenting department, air that shit out in court, not on video, because all 50 is doing is playing YOU, and making  you look like a vindictive, bargain basement snatch that can be bought with some designer trinkets.  

  All you chicks out there who are bad mouthing your children’s father within earshot of your children need to stop, it’s only going to come back on you later when the child is older.  I have no respect for this gutter-mutt.


Photo looted from Hip Hop RX