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Disney: The Ultimate Evil

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I am the mother of five boys, and two of them are now 19 and 21.  I remember when they were little, me and my mother used to buy them Disney Movies.  We loved movies like Alladin, The Little Mermaid, and especially the Lion King, so you can understand how troubling it is to me to find out that Disney is just as corrupt as the government.  Okay, let’s start from the beginning.

First of all, Walt Disney was rumoured to be heavily involved in the corruption of our children.  You see, the Illuminati is hell bent on getting our children while they are young.  This way they can condition them to accept certain things that we adults consider unacceptable.  Walt Disney, under the guise of subsidiaries like Pixar, produced pornography, some of it involving children which were being conditioned  to be mind controlled.  Now, two years ago I would have laughed if someone would have told me that, but the evidence is too big to ignore. 

I have never seen the Rescuers, so I couldn’t tell you what it was about, but what I do know is that during the film, one of the scenes involves a pornographic image in the background.  It comes and goes so quickly that you wouldn’t know it’s there…conciously, but here is a still, and let me assure you it is no joke, as Disney has recalled the video after some parents complained.



Now there could be some logical explanaton for this, and when you think of one that makes sense, please let me know.  My question is, why on Earth would Disney even have a picture like this available to them in the first place? HMMM… could it be that they were filming pornography in the same studios…DISNEY STUDIOS?

Now let’s take a look at the Little Mermaid…I have a problem with the whole Disney mentality as a whole.  Maidens waiting around for a prince to kiss them and save them, or wake them up, or marry them so that they can have a happy life..such antiquated bullshit in my thinking.  But take a close look at the original movie poster for The Little Mermaid.

You’ll see that part of the castle looks like a male member…

Isn't that an usual place for a "member"

Would you like to excuse this as an accident?  Before you try to blow it off, tell me how do you explain this….

Notice, the preacher marrying the couple seems to have an erection?  Is this an accident, or is this meant to corrupt the minds of children?  Remember this type of thing would never be retained in the concious, but in the subconcious.  Now let’s move on to Disney’s biggest cash cow…Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus.

She’s Hannah Montana….She’s Miley Cyrus.  Disney’s entire “Hannah Montana” show is based on Miley living a double life.  Duality…Split personalities…  Now remember when those racy photos of a “bored” Miley surfaced on the internet?  By the way, nothing is ever “accidentally leaked” on the internet. 

This is what your children are following.....

Now don’t get me wrong, I mean I know teens do some pretty crazy things, but this is just too much, and what follows just leaves me speechless…


A picture is worth a thousand words, and this picture just screams “Jailbait”!, but compared to this next one seems almost tame…..

Daddy's little girl

It’s bad enough that this was shot by a grown woman, but it’s doubly offensive that her father is in it with her.  I mean she’s lying across his lap with her midriff exposed and thrust forward.  This is blatantly sexual and inappropriate for a girl and her father to be photographed that way.  It is downright frightening that he was game!  Another shocker is the Hannah Montana candy and what it contains…

Is that a penis?

Okay don’t tell me that this is anything but a penis, they just couldn’t put testicles on it, that would have been too obvious.  This is what your children are being bombarded with, and your too blind to see it!  Taking Disney’s track record, and accusations regarding porn and pedophilia of it’s founder, I would certainly boycott anything Disney, because it’s just not what I’ve already mentioned, it’s also in their theme parks…
This disturbs me…why is Donald facing this way as opposed to the other way
 This isn’t a picture I’d want to share with anyone, it equates to soft core kiddy porn…

Remember Christina was a Mickey Mouse Club member, was she also ritually abused?

The connections are more than just a mere chain of coincendence, don’t you think?  Do you think?

The State Of the Black Man In Hollywood

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Well it seems that  I’m on some socially conscious trip this week.  That’s fine, I have many sides to me, as I’m sure you do.  Before I get into what I’m about to get into, I just want to say, that I have never discriminated against people that are homosexual.  I don’t care what your sexual preferences are, as long as your not hurting anyone.  I believe that homosexuality is something that your born into, not something that you choose to be. 

The only thing that I do have a problem with concerning homosexuality, is when a man who is homosexual does too much.  All that finger-snapping, and extra hard dip in the hip, is not how women act, walk, or talk, so who are they emulating?  Is this how men really see women?


 Same thing goes for lesbian women who dress like a man, walk like a man, talk like a man, trying to act hard like a man.  If you are homosexual that is fine, but by engaging in these stereotypes, it just makes things confusing.  Okay, with that said, let’s get ready to dive in.

I was surfing the net, and came across a photo of Ving Rhames in the movie Holiday Heart.  For those of you who don’t know, Ving Rhames played a drag queen, about six feet five, 300+ pounds who although was a flaming homosexual, could kick your butt to the point of hospitalization. 

scene from holiday heart

scene from holiday heart

Photo source


Anyway, I also remember the movie “Pulp Fiction” where Rhames played a high level crime figure, who gets himself into a tight squeeze.  Bruce Willis and Rhames fight thier way into a pawn shop, and the owner just happens to be a sadistic freak.  He calls his buddy, a cop, and they take Rhames and Willis into the back room to have a butt-bumping-party.  Of course Rhames is the first to be sodomized, while Willis somehow gets loose, and kills the pawnshop owner and the cop who is violating Rhames from behind. 

pulp fiction

pulp fiction

Photo source

 My question is why was Rhames the first to get it in the film, and not Willis?  Willis coming to the black man’s rescue, which is how the slave owners saw themselves, as “saving” the slaves from their animalistic ways. 

It seems like  almost every major/minor black man in Hollywood, has at one point in thier  career put on a dress, wig, lipstick to portray women.  Now we could argue that they do it because it’s funny. 

chris tucker in the fifth element

chris tucker in the fifth element

Photo source

Then I’d ask you what’s so funny about a man who is not gay (?) putting on a dress and heightening their voices?  Is it funny because they are mocking women?  I don’t get it.   Or you could argue that it shows an actors range to be able to emulate women.  In my opinion that is BS, Denzel Washington never put on a dress, and he has an Oscar.  He’s played many roles, but never a woman, so that theory doesn’t wash.   What’s really going on in Hollywood? 

eddie in norbitt

eddie in norbitt

Photo source

Will Smith is one of the one of  Hollywood’s biggest stars.  His first movie role was in  Six Degrees of Seperation, in which he played a homosexual con man.  On his hit show, “The Fresh Prince” , Will was often rolling his head and giving someone “two snaps and a circle.”   

scene from fresh prince of bel air

scene from fresh prince of bel air

Martin Lawrence had Shenneneh


 and even Flip Wilson had  Geraldine,


 and the list goes on.  I know there have been white actors who have cross dressed, but compared to the black actors, the numbers don’t add up. 

It’s the new-age minstrel show.  African Americans have come a long way from the image of the bumbling pickaninny, scratching his head, clueless as to what is going on around him.  Someone who is happy to entertain, singing and dancing.  African Americans have become a major influence on society in general.  We  have shown that we can compete with our white counterparts, and win!

So how does Hollywood get it’s grinning, bowing minstrel back?  By dressing him in woman’s clothing, throwing his weight on his hip, rolling his neck and snapping his fingers.  This accomplishes two things; It shows that the black man is ineffective, and therefore weak.  It also shows that the relationship between African American men and women is non-existent, and that African American men see their women as silly, vindictive, and petty.  Often these “characters” are loud, ignorant, and confrontational, and that’s funny?  What the heck are we laughing about?  Have we been conditioned to laugh?  It reminds me of how not so long ago, studio audiences were prompted to laugh, or applaud during the taping of television shows.    Be honest, if a man dressed up as Michelle Obama, and acted like Michelle Obama, then there would be no humor in that.  Why, because our First Lady carries herself with quiet dignity.  However, take the Madea character from the Tyler Perry movies, and almost every cruel, ignorant, and obnoxious thing that comes from “her” mouth  leaves us doubled over with laughter.  Chew on it.

It’s Curtains For Beyonce….

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Well, Beyonce’s subpar thriller “Obsessed” opened to the tune of 28 1/2 milli…well at least that’s what’s being told, I really wouldn’t put it past her “machine” to inflate numbers.  Anyway, I heard that she was as corpse like as ever.  I myself have no interest in seeing it because I’ve seen “Play Misty for Me” with Clint Eastwood, and Jessica Walters, and “Fatal Attraction” with Glenn Close and Michael Douglas…and I have no desire to see a bad copy, although if you’d like to see it without paying, I’ll give you a link!  Anyway, enough about the movie, let’s talk about the premeire, and that dress she wore on the red carpet.  Let’s dissect this mess, because that’s what I love to do.

It was typical Beyonce on the red carpet for her movie obsessed.  She crossed her T’s and dotted her I’s, as usual.

Dead -deer- eyes- caught- in -the- headlights expression…..CHECK!

please, won't someone help me?

please, won't someone help me?


Lopsided boob job……CHECK!

do plastic surgeons give refunds?

do plastic surgeons give refunds?

Trashy, ill-fitting dress made from Liberace’s window treatments…..CHECK!

Tacky Tina's been playing with the rhinestones, glue gun, an extra fabric again....

Tacky Tina's been playing with the rhinestones, glue gun, an extra fabric again....

Robotic pose  and Miss America wave …….CHECK!

sorry bey, the tinman role has already been taken

sorry bey, the tin-man role has already been taken

Plastic smile that never touches her eyes…..CHECK!

i'm not smiling, my mouth is stuck

i'm not smiling, my mouth is stuck

man, this chic knows we have the gun, yet she keeps giving us the ammunition.  On the bright side, at least she took the time to shave her armpits, and  had the decency not to show up with chipped fingernail polish.  Love you Bey!


Eddie Doing Richard?

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Eddie's still got it

Eddie's still got it

Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about the rumour that one of my fave funny guys is going to portray the legendary and troubled comic, Richard Pryor.  Eddie is known as a comedic actor, but he showed that he could bring the drama in Dreamgirls, but will he be able to pull this off?  Time will tell.  Anyway, the two of them worked together, along with the late, great Redd  Fox back in 89’s Harlem Nights.  Ithought I heard a rumour that the two of them didn’t get along.  Anyway, it’s good to see Eddie getting back to work, now if he would go back to stand up! 

And speaking of Richard Pryor, my fave  movie he did was which way is up, in which he portrayed several different characters, including the oversexed, guitar playing preacher!  RIP Richard, gone but never forgotten.

For more on this, and to find out who else wants to play Mr. Pryor, click here.

“Madea” Does It Again

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Black Power

Black Power

Okay everyone, I saw “Madea…Jail” lastnight, and although I don’t think it was the best Madea Film, it was funny enough.  Tyler Perry reprises his role as the gun-toting, salty mouthed, mammoth breasted Madea, and that foul brother of hers, Uncle Joe. 

Madea...fresh off the bus

Madea...fresh off the bus

 Kiesha Knight Pulliam also did well as the strung-out prostitute, Candace.  Derek Luke was allright, and I really despised Ion Overman’s character, the vile, insecure District Attorney, which means that she did a good job. 


Madea and her crazy cell mate bond over a meal

Madea and her crazy cell mate bond over a meal


I’d have to honestly say that it was worth the price of a movie ticket.  The only issue I have with the “Madea” films is that they follow the same formula.  There’s always a damsel in distress, a man who steps in and “rescues” that damsel, and a vile female messing things up.  I really could have done without “Brown”, as I don’t find him a bit funny.    Support Tyler, and go see his movie. 

Photos courtesy of  IMDB

Madea Opens To the Tune of 14.7 Milli

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14.7 Mill opening night, not bad Tyler

14.7 Mill opening night, not bad Tyler

Your boy, Tyler Perry wasn’t feeling the recession lastnight with his latest installment of the “Madea” film franchise grossing over $14 Milli its  opening night.  I must admit, I do like these movies, even though the first two followed the same my-man-is-a-dog formula. For the full article, click here, and support a black man in film by checking out Madea Goes To Jail.

I Almost Choked On This One

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CTFU @ the twisted staff member @ TMZ who posted this hillarious, yet somewhat accurate comparison photo.



So now Tyler Perry is the Master P of the film industry, cause it seems like every time I turn around, he’s releasing another one of his movies.  I say if you’ve seen one Madea movie, then you’ve basically seen them all.  Will any of you be at the theatre on Feb.20th?

Beyonce To Portray Angela Davis? Yeah Right!

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I know I am not the only one who thinks Beyonce needs to leave the acting to the actual actresses, and I don’t want to even think of her attempting to play Angela Davis, former Black Panther, and Professor.  According to Young, Black, and Fabulous,  Rachid Bouchareb is making a movie about Davis’ life, and wants Beyonce to star in the leading role.  Beyonce couldn’t carry a movie if it had handles.  Let’s just hope that if/when this guy asks Beyonce to take the role, she has the decency to decline.  Besides, I can think of several actresses that could pull this role off without blinking an eye…Taraji, Sanaa, Alicia Keyes, or Jennifer Hudson would be good choices, what do you all think?

Beyonce's Emerald Tuna look

The Little Mermaid...yes...Angela Davis?....I think not.

Benjamin Button… A Definite Must See…

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So I finally got some me-time, and watched Benjamin Button, and I’m glad I did.  The movie moved me, disturbed me, fascinated me, and shook me up.  I cried, I laughed, and I LOVED IT!  I hope it wins every single award it’s nominated for!  Taraji did her thing as Queenie, and I liked Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall, but as Benjamin Button he blew me away.  He’s got such a quiet, brooding quality.  Everyone put their hearts and souls  into this film, and it was just plain weird to think of someone aging in reverse.  Well if you haven’t seen it, please do, and although it takes an outstanding movie to move me enough to buy it on DVD, I will definitely be adding this one to my collection.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Miss Henson at the upcoming Oscars for her portrayal. 

Queenie (Taraji P. Henson) rescues baby Benjamin from her doorstep.  She and Brad both deserve Oscars for their respective roles.  Go see this movie!

Queenie (Taraji P. Henson) rescues baby Benjamin from her doorstep. She and Brad both deserve Oscars for their respective roles. Go see this movie!

Kimo And Djimon

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I absolutely adore Kimora Lee Simmons, and here she is on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of Push, which took home multiple awards from Sundance.  Anyway, I just think these two are such a good looking couple, and are obviously in love with each other.   Kimora shuts bossip critics up by glamming it up.  I love that she can be casually cute one day, and a glowing diva the next.  Peep the hand action going on behind her back.  I wonder if she smiled this much when she was with Russell?  BTW…Kimora has some pretty big feet…like me, and I love that she put some thought into where to place her tat..not only is it small, but it’s in a place that really doesn’t take away from her overall look.  Now, I love Mary J Blige, and Keyshia Cole, but when they glam it up, all I see are those horrible tats.  Ladies, stop inking yourselves up, it only looks foolish when you get older!

Kimo is all smiles, and Djimon is as suave as ever

Kimo is all smiles, and Djimon is as suave as ever

Photo courtesy of Concrete Loop