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Posted in Beyonce Kowles, Illuminati, lady gaga on March 22, 2010 by Kenya

What can I say about the video from Lady Gaga and Beyta?

For those who haven’t seen it,   or are too afraid, bored, and uninterested here’s my take on the whole hot mess of a video.   It’s full of Masonic symbols as usual but let’s go a step further.  First of all, it takes place in a womens prison.  For me the prison represents the mind controlled  state  of existence that slaves exist in.  The guards at first appear to be women,but in fact are men. This represents two things; the encouragement of homosexuality, and confusion.  The elite are definitely homsexuals and they are trying to push that agenda so that it becomes more acceptable.  They want us to remain confused and in the dark, to skew our world views and to accept them as our leaders and abandon our own values.  There is no room for originality in the New World Order!

  One inmate appears to be working out with a radio wearing one black boot, and one white boot.  I think the radio represents the music industry, and how anyone that achieves success must be made over, the core personality split into an alter.

Gaga is lead into the yard wearing glasses made of smoking cigarettes and chains.  This tells those in the know that she is a slave, and possibly has been tortured by her programers by being burned with cigarettes to maintain programing.  More lesbianism, and the product placement represents the companies that are run by the Illuminati, and the fact that they are an everyday part of our lives without (most of ) us being aware of it.

There is a woman with a short buzz cut died blond sitting with pyramid shaped earplugs.  Immediately, Amber Rose came to mind.  Are they telling us that she is also a slave, brought into  “club” by Kanye, and has she taken the oath in order to get her own shot at celebrity by landing lucrative fashion editorials in fashion magazines?  She is also seen with the skull and crossbones on her leather jacket.

When Gaga is told that she has a call, the camera focuses on a girl with dark hair and glasses.  Maybe this is the core personality Stephanie before it was split and the alter “gaga” was born.

  The scene where she is wrapped in crime scene tape, positioned over one eye is an indicator that those who are controlling her are above the law and therefore untouchable?  I don’t know.

Beyonce and her robotic acting show up in the infamous “pussy wagon” from the Kill Bill movies.  Tarantino also sold himself for a successful career.  Beyonce chastises Gaga and allows her a bite of her pastry, and snatches it away.  I think this has something to do with the food depravation the programers use to maintain the programing on thier slave.  Beyonce’s headwear resembles the horns of Baphomet which she has mimicked countless times.  Off subject, Beyta looks gorgeous in this scene.  The women speak of shattering mirrors which are used in Monarch programing.

Gaga and Beyta poison and kill an entire diner full of people with a death recipe. Remenber that Beyta is a self proclaimed role model, and children are going to watch this and take note of that toxic recipe.  The then the two of them begin dancing with the corpses surrounding them dressed in Amercian Flag costumes.  The government is poisoning US citizens in numerous ways such as the immunizations, chem-trails, and flu vaccines, not to mention man-made disasters like Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti.  The Illuminati want to get rid of about 90 percent of the population, the rest will be slave labor.

Gaga and Beyta dressed in black and white again represents alters used for programing, and the term “far far away’ is indicative of  Wizard of Oz programing to make the subject compartmentalize the atrocities and missions that were carried out.  What do you guys think?