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He’s Too Cute…

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I came across this pic of Jennifer and her son, and may I just say that he is really cute.  To Jennifer I would say to enjoy him as he is now, because the whole game changes once he turns two….Just Kidding, congrats to Jen, he is a beaut!


Although I do enjoy looking at pics of babies, it makes me kind of uncomfortable whenever celebs sell their babies pics to these gossip rags.  Oh well…to each his own.


Grammy Fashion..The Good, Bad, and What In Hell?

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As we all know, The 51st Annual Grammy Awards went down lastnight in Los Angeles, and aside from the drama of the Brown Beatdown, there was some fashion drama on the red carpet.  Let’s take a look at what the best and brightest in the music industry graced the red carpet wearing. 

BTW…Beyonce was a no show, and she didn’t win the
Grammy.  I’m really surprised since she would show up at the opening of a door.  I think the clock is ticking on her popularity.

It’s Nice To See Jennifer Smiling, But the Outfit Has To Go!

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Now that JHud is back on the scene, and seems to be coming to terms with her family tragedy, I can go back to critiquing her clothes.  Here’s Miss Jen @ an event for “Music Cares, and I gotta tell you, I’m not thrilled about the gold business blazer, or those awful gladiator sandals that look a little too small. 

Not that the outfit can’t be salvaged if she’d take off the jacket and donate it to Goodwill, along with the shoes.  Jennifer’s lost some weight which given what happened is perfectly normal.  She’s looking good, and she’s sporting a big smile, which always looks good.  I just don’t want to see her start “going Hollywood” and losing so much weight she looks like a bauble-head, like a certain someone.  Anyway,  my fave Dreamgirl is up for four Grammy’s this year, and I’m sure she’ll take at least one home.  That will make an Oscar, and a Grammy.  Now if she can just win a Tony, she’ll have upstaged Beyonce once again!

Jennifer in L.A.  She should have re-thought the jacket and shoes.

Jennifer in L.A. She should have re-thought the jacket and shoes.


Photo courtesy of Concrete Loop