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It’s Nice To See Jennifer Smiling, But the Outfit Has To Go!

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Now that JHud is back on the scene, and seems to be coming to terms with her family tragedy, I can go back to critiquing her clothes.  Here’s Miss Jen @ an event for “Music Cares, and I gotta tell you, I’m not thrilled about the gold business blazer, or those awful gladiator sandals that look a little too small. 

Not that the outfit can’t be salvaged if she’d take off the jacket and donate it to Goodwill, along with the shoes.  Jennifer’s lost some weight which given what happened is perfectly normal.  She’s looking good, and she’s sporting a big smile, which always looks good.  I just don’t want to see her start “going Hollywood” and losing so much weight she looks like a bauble-head, like a certain someone.  Anyway,  my fave Dreamgirl is up for four Grammy’s this year, and I’m sure she’ll take at least one home.  That will make an Oscar, and a Grammy.  Now if she can just win a Tony, she’ll have upstaged Beyonce once again!

Jennifer in L.A.  She should have re-thought the jacket and shoes.

Jennifer in L.A. She should have re-thought the jacket and shoes.


Photo courtesy of Concrete Loop

Julian’s Father Finally Speaks…

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..and wait until you hear what the man had to say about Julia Hudson, Willie Balfour, and the murder of his angel, Julian.  Okay, intially I saw the post on necole bitchie, and then jumped over to  for the full article.   During this whole incident,the focus has been riveted on Julia, and this murdering prick WB.  But what about Julian’s dad?   Well in a nutshell, Word On the Streets magazine interviewed him and what he said was that weeks before the murders, WB dropped Julian off at his house, and started acting like they were BFF’s. 

 He kept telling Gregory (Julian’s father) that he had a pistol, and that the car he stole from Julia, he sold for $800.00, and was upset about not having received the money from whomever he sold  it to.  He also stated that WB had stolen the pistol that was used in the murders before, but gave it back.  That gun, as you may remember, belonged to Jennifer Hudson’s brother, Jason.  Not only that, but WB had been stealing money and drugs from them too, which was probably why he got put out the house.    We all suspected that JHuds brother and Julia were probably selling drugs out the house, and their mom had to have known, so he confirmed that.   

Dang, just when you think you’ve heard everything….  Anyway, read the article because it’s definitely interesting.   He believes, like I do that there were others involved, namely WB’s brother, who high-tailed it out of town after this happened. 

 Ladies, you may think that dating/being involved/having children by these so called “bad boys” is exciting, but this whole saga is a testament to why you need to think better of yourself, and realize that you deserve better, as do your children ( if you have any).  One of my closest friends was involved with a “thug” and he whooped her ass so much that she once told me that “I don’t think he loves me unless he hits me..”    Chew on that for a minute.

Julia, if you loved yourself as much as you love "some good dick" then maybe Julian would still be here

Julia, if you loved yourself as much as you love "some good dick" then maybe Julian would still be here

(AP Photo/David Banks)

On a lighter note, Jennifer Hudson is supposed to be performing at halftime for Sunday’s Superbowl.  Even though she must still be in mourning, maybe getting back to work will be good for her.