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Beyonce Obsessed, Solange Posessed!

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I like the hair Solange, the psychotic eyes…not so much, has anyone seen Julez?

what happened to this child?

what happened to this child?


Boy Matty and Tina have really done  a job on thier daughters, they both share image issues.  I know Solange’s lips weren’t that big two months ago.

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Cassie Cuts Half Her Hair Off

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Okay, I admit that about two months ago, I got kind of restless, and I pulled a Brittany.  Sort of.  I cut my hair which brushed my shoulders, off.  I was just tired of it, frustrated, and just lopped it all off.  I didn’t give myself a buzz cut, but I only left about two inches of hair on my head.

Apparantly, everyone’s fave Bad Boy jump off shaved half her hair off.  So now, it’s super long on one side, and she’s got the entire blogosphere going crazy.  The funny thing about it, is that I like it!  She was just pretty before, but now she’s super edgy.  I guess it’s some kind of attempt at having a career as a rockstar?  Maybe it’s a move in the right direction because we know the girl’s no songstress, so maybe rock would fit her better.  Well anyway, I think the girl can carry it off, but I’d like to see her take it a step further, and get rid of it all.

Did she clear this with Diddy?

Did she clear this with Diddy?

Do You Dig the New Do?

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Here’s miss Ashanti in NYC outside Gemma restaraunt.  Someone’s decided to lose the long weave, but I really don’t know if I like the new hairdo.  It could be because I’m not used to it on her I’ll just reserve judgement until a later date.  I am feeling her simple dress, and the color of her shoes.  One thing about Shanti, she’s always got a smile on her face, and a gleam in her eye. 

I’m hearing that she’s about to come with a line of handbags and accessories.  Now although I hate how every other celeb is coming with a fashion line…and most of them suck DEREON, but I hope hers looks like something.  I’ll be watching.

Not sure about the hair...give me some time.

Not sure about the hair...give me some time.


Photo courtesy of Concrete Loop…duh!