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So we all know this ongoing drama regarding Kim “doormat” Porter, and Diddy’s long term relationship.  They are together, they break up, they get back together, and at random intervals, Puffy flaunts his little jump-off in her face.  Well rumour has it that after years and years of waiting, Miss Porter is finally going to marry her “man” in St. Barts.  It seems that celebs are flocking to the island to witness hell freezing over…the usual suspects…Jay/Bey, Denzel, and the rest of the Illuminati Crew are supposed to be there to see the couple exchange vows.  Now instead of him cheating without a ring, he’ll cheat WITH one!  If this goes off, congrats to them both.

Let’s take a look at KIDDY through the years, shall we?

Def NOT one of her better moments

  BTW…Kim is really out of line for not accepting the fact that Chance is Diddy’s daughter. It’s really hypocritical that Puffy adopted her son, but she won’t even acknowledge his daughter.  I mean I understand that she’s hurt because he cheated, but it isn’t the little girl’s fault.  Besides, Ashanti said it best in her song “foolish” ” when she said “all the things that we accept be the things that we regret.”  I hope Cassie is making that fool use protections, or she’s using birth control

i just don't get it

This is the dumbest alter ego pic i’ve ever seen…WTF?

X to the Z Calls Out Irresponsible Bloggers and Homophobes!

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Getting rid of the braids was a good move, X

Getting rid of the braids was a good move, X

Many people seem to be under the impression that my fave ego-maniac, Diddy,  is homosexual.  I really don’t believe that, but it if he was, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference to me. 

Anyhow, after a radio interview X did recently, the blogs went crazy claiming that Diddy took X and the infamous Superhead to a gay club, and that X was calling Diddy gay without coming right out and saying it.  I don’t know, but I read what X said in the interview, and I didn’t get the impression that he was calling Diddy gay, he just said that he saw some man/man activity going on, and it freaked out so much, that they blew the joint without telling Diddy they were leaving. 

But just because homosexuals go to a club, does not make it a gay club.   He then went on to say that he’s not interested in bashing homosexuals, or Diddy, and just wants to concentrate on his art-form.  He also calls out the fact that certain blogs take something they hear in the media, and run with it.  I hear you X….some of these bloggers will do anything to attract “hits” no matter how wrong they get it, or who it hurts, or embarrasses.  Quit being so ignorant!

Thank you X, for not spreading more hatred against homosexuality, and focusing on what really matters….the truth!

First the whole Rihanna picture deal, and now this…bloggers really need to get their crap together.   Take a stand and stop following the parade, and start leading it!   For the full article, click here.

Grammy Fashion..The Good, Bad, and What In Hell?

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As we all know, The 51st Annual Grammy Awards went down lastnight in Los Angeles, and aside from the drama of the Brown Beatdown, there was some fashion drama on the red carpet.  Let’s take a look at what the best and brightest in the music industry graced the red carpet wearing. 

BTW…Beyonce was a no show, and she didn’t win the
Grammy.  I’m really surprised since she would show up at the opening of a door.  I think the clock is ticking on her popularity.

Diddy Don’t Do Security

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DJ  Clue had a hot birthday party on Monday night in NYC, and as you can probably guess, the club was celeb central, and as such, security was tight, searching everyone at the door.  Now, enter Diddy who was a little resistant to having security pat him down.  According to gossip girls, he threw a hissy fit, claiming that he was being disrespected, then asked to be let into the back, which didn’t happen.  So now I’m wondering, was Sean packing heat?  Why else would he be so against being patted down?  Why is he carrying a gun around, isn’t that what your bodyguards are for?  He had to know that there was going to be security, didn’t he? 

The Didster

The Didster

What a Difference A Few Bucks Makes

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Today is a really slow day for any celeb gossip, so I’m forced to tap into my well of creativity.  I like to see how celebs change from when they were broke, and the new kid on the block, to how they are now that they have money in the bank.  Enjoy the show folks!

And A Good Time Was Had By All…

Posted in Diddy, Lil Kim with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on January 25, 2009 by Kenya has reported that Damon Butler recently was let out of jail.  Also known as D-Roc to his friends, this fool was the same fool who took the fall for Biggie in the movie Notorious.  This is also the fool who had a shoot out that sent Lil Kim to jail for lying to a grand jury.  Now I don’t run with thugs, but I know I wouldn’t have done a year in prison for anyone!  Anyway, Diddy, Swizz Beats, and members of Junior Mafia were in attendance, with DJ’s Mister Cee and Funkmaster Flex on music detail.  I don’t know why they celebrating, he’s probably going back soon.  Yep, I said it. For the full article on the Thug Celebration go to

Back in the day Kim was too cute.

Back in the day Kim was too cute.

Photo courtesy of MOG