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Miss Jones: New Home, Same Hate…

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I was over on, you know that blog created by Russell Simmons?  Anyway, he’s got quite a few celeb, and psuedo celeb bloggers  over there.  One of them is Miss Jones.  Miss Jones had a hit back in the early nineties, but her career never took off.  Anyway, she’s best known for clowning celebs during interviews on her former radio show.  She hung up on Christina Millian, and tore Tiffany “New York” Pollard a new ass when she put her on blast for lying about going to college. 


Same shit...different day and venue

Same shit...different day and venue

Mrs. Jones also hated on Beyonce…DAILY, and even cracked on Tina Knowles during a chance meeting in the lobby of the building that houses the radio station she was fired from.  Anyway, she posted this, blaming Beyonce for Kelly Rowland  being dropped from Columbia Records, which has been her label for over ten years.  She also alleges that Matthew Knowles is Kelly’s biological father. 

I must say, that I do believe that Kelly Rowland is Matthew’s love child, because they look alike, and Kelly even has his wonky eye, which Beyonce also has.  Do I think that Kelly’s being dropped was Beyonce’s fault?  No, I don’t.  I think that Matthew was so insulted, and furious that Kelly dropped him, that he urged the label to get rid of her.  After all, Beyonce has made that record company alot of money, so Matthew does have some leverage.  Anyway, I hardly think that this will hinder her career, and it may even be what she needs to realize her own shine out of  Bey’s shadow.  However, she is still with them as part of Destiny’s Child…that’s really weird.  We’ll see how this plays out.

Kelly and her deadbeat dad...he's been there all along

Kelly and her deadbeat dad...he's been there all along


X to the Z Calls Out Irresponsible Bloggers and Homophobes!

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Getting rid of the braids was a good move, X

Getting rid of the braids was a good move, X

Many people seem to be under the impression that my fave ego-maniac, Diddy,  is homosexual.  I really don’t believe that, but it if he was, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference to me. 

Anyhow, after a radio interview X did recently, the blogs went crazy claiming that Diddy took X and the infamous Superhead to a gay club, and that X was calling Diddy gay without coming right out and saying it.  I don’t know, but I read what X said in the interview, and I didn’t get the impression that he was calling Diddy gay, he just said that he saw some man/man activity going on, and it freaked out so much, that they blew the joint without telling Diddy they were leaving. 

But just because homosexuals go to a club, does not make it a gay club.   He then went on to say that he’s not interested in bashing homosexuals, or Diddy, and just wants to concentrate on his art-form.  He also calls out the fact that certain blogs take something they hear in the media, and run with it.  I hear you X….some of these bloggers will do anything to attract “hits” no matter how wrong they get it, or who it hurts, or embarrasses.  Quit being so ignorant!

Thank you X, for not spreading more hatred against homosexuality, and focusing on what really matters….the truth!

First the whole Rihanna picture deal, and now this…bloggers really need to get their crap together.   Take a stand and stop following the parade, and start leading it!   For the full article, click here.

So What’s The Problem…

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Nothing wrong with getting smashed once in awhile, at least she had the sense to cover up her goodies.

Nothing wrong with getting smashed once in awhile, at least she had the sense to cover up her goodies.

I initially saw this on DC Rumours, but Googled it to get the whole scoop.  Apparantly, Beyonce was on some English television program, and when asked if she’d have a drink of brown ale, she refused.  I guess they didn’t take it too good, because they said they woudn’t invite her back on the show.  According to one of the hosts, her pimp father,  Matthew guaranteed them that she would do anything they asked.   Well Beyonce stood up for herself and refused.  Beyonce, you need to ditch Matthew before he sells you to the highest bidder!


I know I often have nothing good to say about Beyonce, but I applaud her for not collapsing under the pressure.  I don’t understand how she’s acting like a diva for refusing a nasty drink.  Have you ever tried one of those brown ale things?  Anyway, we all know that Beyonce has been known to take a drink now and then, but she is a grown woman.  On the other hand, I hear that she doesn’t have that strong  following over there, so I probably would have just sipped politely.  I think that the Britt’s are going to call her stuck up for not going along with it.  Not a good way to win over fans.  Anyway you can read the whole article here.

 Photo courtesy of crazy Gossip

Maybe I Was Wrong

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Yes, as hard as it is to admit, I could have been wrong about 50/Rick Ross’ beef being a publicity stunt and here’s why…this was taken from an interview 50 did with DJ Laz of Miami radio station Power 96.

“In Rick’s case he hasn’t done anything for his son’s mom in two years outside of letting her drive a truck for two years that he had ownership of.”

The rapper also bashes Rick Ross even further stating, “I have artists that have more money than Rick Ross… I don’t feel like there’s something socially wrong with you deciding to be a police officer, I feel like there’s something wrong from a hip-hop prospective for you to write your whole career as being one of the biggest drug dealers in Miami.”

When 50 Cent was questioned on the beef that went on between 2Pac and Biggie that resulted in the death of the two on different occassions, the rapper responded, “Well, in all honesty I think if he went far enough to be agitated enough on my end, that could happen to him… we did learn is when you go too far in those situations, you put yourself in the space were they only know one way to respond. Where I come from, the price of life is cheap. I have been under investigation since 2003. Because the price of life is so cheap, and I have acquired so much finances and money, they gotta watch me… Ask me if I wanna go there, naw.”

50 and his teeth

Left: Rick Ross in his correctional officer blue blockers...Right: 50 and his teeth


For the full article,  hit it up here.  We all know what happened to Biggie and Pac, and that was a really dark time in hip-hop. For 50 to even reference something like that happening again makes me think that Officer Rick needs to just step off, and move on to somebody else to beef with. On the other hand, 50 needs to realize that any “punk” can pull the trigger of a gun and end a life. Why don’t they both just STFU? Keep the beefing on wax, like it was meant to be? 


And before I sign off on this one let me say f irst, that Rick Ross’ chain has to be the ugliest thing I’ve seen in a long time.  Second, Rick Ross’ baby’s mother, Ti-La-La, or whatever her name is…is a straight up piece o trash!    That shit she pulled with 50 was foul as fuck.  You are a mother, and have a child that has nothing to do with this mess that’s going on around him/her, what’s that child going to think when he/she is old enough to understand that his/her mother sold her soul to get even with his/her father?  If you feel like Officer Rick is lacking in the parenting department, air that shit out in court, not on video, because all 50 is doing is playing YOU, and making  you look like a vindictive, bargain basement snatch that can be bought with some designer trinkets.  

  All you chicks out there who are bad mouthing your children’s father within earshot of your children need to stop, it’s only going to come back on you later when the child is older.  I have no respect for this gutter-mutt.


Photo looted from Hip Hop RX

Beyonce/Sasha Posessed?

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Okay, ya’ll let me stop laughing and get myself together.  Now I don’t know Beyonce/Sasha on  a personal level, but I don’t  like her public persona, music, or the dumb things that seem to fly out her mouth at any given moment. 

 There’s this crazy, “Christian” website that is convinced that Beyonce is posessed by demon’s causing her to have split personalities. This is crazy to me because I’m thinking that Beyonce’s whole Sasha thing probably isn’t her idea in the first place.  It’s probably something Matt dreamed up along with marketing, and if this is not the case, then Bey needs to see a psychiatrist. 

swiped from, so ninth grade, but funny as hell!

swiped from, so ninth grade, but funny as hell!

Beyonce, you had better watch your back, because some of these religious radicals go hard, remember PETA?  Anyway, they have dissected her Crazy In Love video’s car scene, you know the one that Jay blows up while she’s having a seizure in the backseat, about to burn the hell up.  I’m not going to quote such foolishness so check out the hour long post at, for some wholesome craziness, and a good laugh.


Is this the face of a stalker?

Is this the face of a stalker?

Then there’s this website dedicated to the hatred of blogstress, Sandra Rose a.k.a. CrustyRose (their name for her, not mine).  I don’t like SR because of her foul mouthed Obama bashing, so I’m not going to post a link, but apparantly this hate sandra blog claims that she’s been stalking Mrs. Carter, starting in 2005, after sending sexually charged messages to Beyonce, that were rejected.   They even claim that Matthew has filed a restraining order against her.  I wonder if there is any truth to this story, or is it just speculation?  Either way, it makes for some juicy gossip!   Beyonce doesn’t strike me as the type to play on the other side of the fence, maybe Sasha does though. 

Just Kidding…anyway, I find it hilarious  that someone would dedicate an entire blog to one person, either hating or loving, much like the hateonbeyonce website.  I understand you can’t stand this or that person, and you want to tell the world, but you’d think that focusing on one person would make for sporadic posts.  Anyway hit up, that’s where I swiped the pic.