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 One of my readers Mary, asked me to do a post on celebs that have “evolved” thorughout their careers, seemingly changing into a different person once they reach a certain level of fame in the industry,  and since I wanted to explore the sex kitten slave , these became one in the same. Enjoy.

I’ve talked alot of how I believe that Beyonce is a presidential model (beta model + beyonce = beyta). For those who don’t know, a Beta model, or presidential model is a sex slave who is basically used as a prostitue for the elite, and in some cases, can even be used as a drug mule. I don’t happen to know if Hov the Handler and Beyta are smuggling drugs, but I wouldn’t put it past their programmers. You may think that female celebrities live a life of luxury, and freedom but you’d be surprised. We’ve already established that these women are Illuminati slaves, so of course they are compensated with loads of money You always see them shopping, shopping, shopping and you may think to yourself that these women have everything, but do they really?
Those wild and crazy psychotic Illuminati slavemasters never quit. They can take the simplest thing and make it into something dirty. I want to talk to you about the way they mark their “pussycats” for those in the know…..animal print clothing. When you see pics of your favorite celebrities, you can rest assured that they don’t dress themselves. Every decision from what to sing/which roles to take to the color shoes they wear to walk down the street for a photo op are calculated by a team. This includes managers, stylists, and anyone else who stands to make a buck off them. I remember trying to get my jewlery in the hands of celebs, and being told that it was the publicist who decides what the person wears, and to contact them directly. I didn’t think about it then, but it makes perfect sense to me now.
Anyway, leapord print for those in the know, is an indicator that a celeb has a sex kitten alter. That means that anyone with the “keys”/triggers can unlock/summon the alter that is programmed to perform uninhibited sexual gratification for anyone that can afford the hefty price tag. Here is Beyonce performing “Sweet Dreams” at her I am….tour in 2009. Beyonce is depicted as a human robot, complete with cut out breasts, butt and stomach and back which just happen to reveal leapord print. Of course we know that robots indicate her mind controlled existence, and the leapord prints signify’s that she is available for a price and can be “tamed”/total submission.


And here she is in leapord print for her slutty video “Kitty Kat”

Tell me what this video has to do with the lyrics to the song?

Moving on to miss Rihanna.  Rihanna started off as a Beyonce knock off, then her look began gettting more and more edgy, starting with the removal of her super weave.  I guess the industry didn’t need another Beyonce!  It makes me think that Hove the Handler and their programmers use these two in their sexual encounters with the elite, beyonce being the good girl, and Rihanna being the bad girl.  Anyway, then she was a good girl gone bad, taking the oath in front of everyone in her video “Umbrella” which was nothing more than a song about her selling her soul for fame.  With the success of Umbrella, Rihanna became a hot item.  Then she got the brakes beat off her by Chris (hoax) and the next time we see her, she’s wrapped in barbed wire with a patch over one eye!  I mean can you get anymore blatant than that? 

Here’s Rihanna in some kind of promo video where she almost gets her face scratched off by a real cat.  If you watch it in it’s entirety, you will also notice that she is posing with mannequins, very much like Beyonce’s Diva video.   These mannequins suggest that Rih/Beyta have been dehumanized and programmed to be void of any original thought or action, and just like a mannequin you can dress them up anyway you want and they will be totally submissive.

You will also the obligatory masonic checkered floor see Rihanna turn Diva when someone tells her she’s come a long way, she pushes the woman and starts to go into Diva mode before she realizes the camera is on her, then it cuts to another scene.  More pics of Rihanna in leapord print.

Keyshah Cole, was a little raw when she first came out.  A true East Oakland chic with a nasty attitude and a gap-toothed smile.  I liked her because she was real, although I could have done without the orange hair.  Keyshah has three platinum albums under her belt, so it was only a matter of time before the elite came knocking.  I’d like to do some comparison shots to show how much her look has changed since she’s crossed over.  Here is the original Keyshah on some red carpet.  She looks cute…

She looks so happy to have some measure of success, but then the industry sucked her in and turned her into some kind of stepford singer.  Her latest album is entitled ” A Different Me”.  My question is what was wrong with the old Keyshah? Here she is as her sex kitten alter on her album cover. I would like you take note of the way her tattoo is made to encircle her body, as if she was being restrained.  Also, with Monarch sex slaves diamonds are an indicator of her status as a sex slave.  Remember Beyonce’s Diamonds perfume spot?

I really don’t know where this Nicki Minaj chic came from, but then again I don’t watch MTV or BET, I also don’t follow rap artists anymore because Hip Hop was destroyed in the new millenium.  According to my research this Minaj chic has been on some mixtapes, and done some hooks for various artists.  I believe her record label is Young Money/Cash Money/Universal, so she was basically signed by Lil Wayne, another Illuminati puppet, so that says a mouthful.  She claims that she is a black Barbie, which is a doll, an inaminate objectj which could be considered a tiny mannequin ( see Rihanna and Beytas videos depicting mannequins).  Her sexpot image is reminiscent of Lil Kim’s raunchy persona, but she lacks Lil Kim’s talent in my own opinion.  Here’s Nicki wearing zebra striped shoes,which are ugly as hell in my opinion, and have no business in this shoot.  Zebra print represents a mind that has been split and altered.  Not leapord print, but still telling of her mind controlled status.

unless I’m just not looking hard enough, I was unable to find a pic with Minaj in leapord print.  Could this be that she is still going under programming to create the sex kitten alter.  I think the Zebra is the first step, and pretty soon we will start seeing Minaj sporting leapord.

If you click the image you can see it in it’s entirety….of course you know we have yet to explore all of the entertainment industry so you can count on a sequel to this one.

I Love This…

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With all this talk about the “I”, just thought I’d give you guys something to laugh about.  When I saw this I almost choked on my coffee….

Both of these girls were so durn funny, good job. Especially when gaga went in for the melons.

Janet Does Armani

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Hey People,

Looks like my hiatus is over, and I’ve missed alot of craziness in the past five months, but I won’t bother rehashing any of it.  Instead I’ll just move on from today.


Here is Janet Jackson at the Armani show during Milan’s fashion week.  I like the outfit.  Those wide legged trousers, and  argyle sweater look good on her.  This is probably the best I’ve seen her look in a long time out in public.  It looks like either she’s tired from flying, or is starting to show her age.  I just hope she doesn’t go get something done.


BTW…her performance at the VMA’s was powerful and moving.  I’d totally forgotten how much I enjoyed the video for “Scream”!




En Vogue Do Jet Magazine!

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Where were you the first time you heard “Hold On” by EnVogue?  Remember them in the video with the super tight fitting spandex dresses?  I have always adored the quartet, and it looks like they have reunited.  They all still look like cover girls.  The industry needs them right now!


Loving Dawn and Terry’s shoes!

Cassie Cuts Half Her Hair Off

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Okay, I admit that about two months ago, I got kind of restless, and I pulled a Brittany.  Sort of.  I cut my hair which brushed my shoulders, off.  I was just tired of it, frustrated, and just lopped it all off.  I didn’t give myself a buzz cut, but I only left about two inches of hair on my head.

Apparantly, everyone’s fave Bad Boy jump off shaved half her hair off.  So now, it’s super long on one side, and she’s got the entire blogosphere going crazy.  The funny thing about it, is that I like it!  She was just pretty before, but now she’s super edgy.  I guess it’s some kind of attempt at having a career as a rockstar?  Maybe it’s a move in the right direction because we know the girl’s no songstress, so maybe rock would fit her better.  Well anyway, I think the girl can carry it off, but I’d like to see her take it a step further, and get rid of it all.

Did she clear this with Diddy?

Did she clear this with Diddy?

Hallee and Nahla in Malibu

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Little Nahla is growing up so fast!   She and mom were spotted in Malibu looking flawless.  You mark my words, Nahla is going to be a stunner just like Hallee.  I wonder if she’ll be having anymore?

Halle and Nahla

Halle and Nahla

Oscar’s Red Carpet Fashion

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I don’t care about the Oscar’s, or should I say, I don’t care about watching the Oscars.  However, I’m awfully interested in knowing what everyone was wearing.  You know I love to give my two cents on celebrity fashion, so here we go….

Taraji and Viola took my breath away.  I really liked the gold  Reem Acra on Viola, as gold compliments women who wear a darker shade of skin, in my opinion.  Although we just saw Taraji kill in a white red carpet gown, she definitely shook it up with this tiered gown by Roberto Cavali, and I love the luscious color of her clutch.  Although she didn’t get the trophy, she was still a winner!  Both ladies had flawless hair and makeup!

Viola and Taraji...LMAO @ Taraji coveting Oscar!

Viola and Taraji...LMAO @ Taraji coveting Oscar!


Alicia Keyes looked chic, and sexy in this gown by Armani Prive.  The color is exquisite on AK, and I even like her Jokeresque smile.


Alicia serves up legs and thigh on the red carpet

Alicia serves up legs and thigh on the red carpet

Queen Latifah certainly does know how to work with what she has.  She absolutely sparkles in this navy satin number with Swarovski embroidery by Georges Chakra.  I love Latifah…just because you have a larger frame doesn’t mean that you can’t look like royalty.  A def thumbs up!

Dana brings it in crystal encrusted Navy satin

Dana brings it in crystal encrusted Navy satin