A Few Words To Cover My Butt

There’s nothing like a hot, juicy, tidbit of gossip!  Everyone loves dirt, and yours truly is no exception.  I do have a life, but the exploits of celebrities are so much fun to dissect and examine from every angle!  Anyway,  this site is for entertainment purposes only.  Any information posted on this blog is speculation, rumour, innuendo, and opinion.  I make no claims to the validity of any  information I post.

Any media used on this blog  is the property of  its  resepctive owner.  As much as possible, I will credit the owners of photos, videos, articles, and any other media used.  I make no claim to it whatsoever, and do not use it for commercial purposes.  If you are the owner of any of the media used on this blog, and don’t want it used here, please contact me @ kwill72@gmail.com, and I will promptly remove it at your request.


Last but not least, have fun.  I’m not trying to hear any gender, race, or sexual preference bashing.  I’m a peace loving person, and will not tolerate any hate, whatsoever.  If your that miserable then take your closed-minded self somewhere that they allow that mess.  With that said, feel free to leave comments, contact me when you need to at the email address above, and just have fun.  Oh, and come back as much as you can.

6 Responses to “A Few Words To Cover My Butt”

  1. i honestly love all your writing taste, very helpful.
    don’t quit as well as keep writing mainly because it just simply that is worth to look through it,
    impatient to read a whole lot more of your current stories, kind regards 🙂

  2. Chariel Says:

    I love your site…. I’m just disappointed that I discovered it so late 😦 When I do have kids I hope they can read by age One. I have so much to let them know…or is it really worth having kids in today’s society??..? I digress. Keep up the good work!!

  3. chariel,
    knowing the direction that we are headed in, on one hand i think it’s futile to bring children into this mess, but if we stop having children, there will be no future warriors, i think that television, internet, radio should not be introduced to a child before they can read and use logic, i always teach my children what I know and not to fall for the okiedoke!

  4. oh yeah,
    thanks for reading, you guys are priceless! don’t forget to join me on facebook look for “the dirt” website, you can also add me as a friend if you want

  5. EndOfTheIlluminati Says:

    That’s True!
    Good Points Of View!

    Please Continue Exposing These Mother Soccers!!!

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