This is not the first time I’ve had a problem with the bauble-head nitwits on The View, and I’m sure as long as the current line up is still cackling on that stage, it won’t be the last.  In my dirty opinion, when Rosie O’Donnell left, it became predictable and stale, a constant battle of right wing idiots vs. left wing idiots. In short…more senseless distraction.  However, I totally understand why they would want to get rid of  someone who doesn’t boot lick and sacrifice their ability and right to say what they feel, because that  wouldn’t fit in with ABC’s mass media hypnosis propaganda agenda.

So the internet is all abuzz how Whoopi Goldberg, and Joy Behar walked off the stage in the middle of  an interview with the Fox network‘s ( and the illuminati’s)   marionette Bill O’Reilly on ( the illuminati’s t.v. show) The View.  While I’m sure Elizabeth was probably fit to orgasm in her republican panties  in his presence,  Whoopi and Joy thought it a good idea to show how low class, and truly ignorant they are ( not to mention extremely unprofessional) by exiting  the stage.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand how someone as mean spirited and idiotic as Bill O’reilly can be would  get under your skin by spewing pre-scripted propaganda, but to actually leave the stage, is not making him look bad, it’s making you look bad.  This serves the anti-woman agenda by making us look emotional, silly, and ineffective of holding up half of a debate.  I find it funny ( not ha-ha but RME funny)  how Whoopi can sit there and clown Elizabeth, but she can’t do the same with a clown like Silly Billy?  What I’d like to know, is where was this same defiance and outrage when you were called a “mutt” on national television by Nobama?  I mean, did you not know that he does this kind of baiting almost every night on his own show?

This is just as bad as Elizabeth showing her true ignorance when Kathy Griffin was a guest on the show, and she began yawning and calling her out for some remarks she said about Elizabeth’s questionable presence on a talk show that is supposed to project some depth of intelligence when she clearly has none.  Here’s Kathy inviting Lizzy to Bring it on!

I must say, that I liked it better when not only Rosie O’Donnell was on, but when both Meridith Vierra, and Lisa Ling were co-hosts.

So anyway, now they both look like “typical women”, and Bill O’reilly’s ratings go up.  Way to go girls!

I read an article that the lamestream media was losing it’s grip on the American public thanks in large part to all of the truth blogs, and other alternative media and movements out there, so this little stunt also served as a chance for them to reinforce the notion that Americans were attacked by Muslim extremists when in fact it was our own leaders that did it to us.  Nice try guys, but you fail again.

Here’s Rosie calling out the media INCLUDING her employers at the time, ABC television…



6 Responses to “SO UNPROFESSIONAL…”

  1. Man rosie spoke the truth, I see why she was let go. I like how kathy handled elizabeth but I didn’t get a chance to see them walk off the stage. So, are you saying that all the view women are apart of/minions of the illuminati

  2. One thing ive noticed is how they are always speaking over one another. I can never hear what is being said.

  3. Notice how whoppi, joy, and shepard are all on one side…then the barb and elizabeth is on the other side. You could draw a line down the middle and make it look like two pics.

  4. elisabeth is the only one on that show with any common sense or decency–and that’s not sayiing much.

    kathy griffin is a hyena and she’s not funny.

  5. Rosie is crazy! Ha ha ha!!!! But, I feel her though. Now as for Elizabeth, she just seems lik she chooses to stand up for herself at the wrong time or with the wrong key phrases. Like with Kath Griffin, I understood where she was coming fro,m and what she was trying to say, but it was almost like she lost her train of thought or lost track f what she was saying because the audience and Kathy laughed at her. Whoopi and Joy need were suppose to do that. As much as the network will try to deny it, they were suppose to get all huffy and mad because that’s what Bill O’Reily does. He gets under people’s skin and touches nerves. Whoopi and Joy were playing into it causing their ‘flock’ to disregard anything he says for the rest of their lives.

  6. Ms. Mizani Says:

    ‘whoopi and Joy should not have ever left their post. They were to stick to their strong beliefs and if anything run Bill’s ass off. They did exactly what those fools wanted and played straight into Bill’s hands. Now I do understand…because ignorance def annoys me enough to do the same, but I have to exercise self control and show that standing up for my beliefs is just as important as it is for Bill to do the same and prove his point.

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