I love my google alerts, even though I take my time getting into them because there are so many, but from now on I’m going to stay on top of them!  So I followed a link to this article about how RatStaxx attempted to proposition Slim Thug, and he not-so-nicely shut her down.  Now we know I am  on Twitter, and I do follow both these idiots, but I only caught the end of their back and forth.  I think Slim Thug told her that she had a face like a possum, and that he didn’t find her attractive… or something to that effect.  What say you…I think she does look like something that hangs upside down from a tree limb to sleep.

He then went on to clown her about the lack of persons that attended an even she was hosting at some club, and that she was only paid $100.00, that’s nine hundred dollars less than Foxxy’s take the other night! LOL

Anyway, this chic deeply disturbs me.  You can tell a lot about someone’s frame of mind by the things they say, or in her case “tweet”.  She’s obviously insecure and needs some kind of validation.  My guess would be that she was abused as a child ( I don’t know her background) and is looking for attention no matter how negative and demeaning.  And am I to understand that she is a mother?  WOW!

I guess she thought that being a public whore would make her rich,and is willing to sacrifice her self-respect to get it, but didn’t SuperHead already do it ?  I  think she should quit now, because as far as I know, she hasn’t sexed up any a-listers like Sup did.  Good luck with that Kat, I hope that hundred-dollar appearance fee goes towards your child’s therapy fund.



10 Responses to “RAT STAXX GOT SHUT DOWN”

  1. Oh, wow. Where did this chick come from? She just popped up on the scene talking about all these people she’s ‘been with’. She’s just sad. She’s the kind of person you just want to hit without out much reason. **kanyeshrug**

    • Butta, unfortunately, she didn’t just pop up. This hoe bag, has been around for a minute & I think Superhead is her idol!!! I’ve been reading things about her from Bossip and ALL the Twitter stuff. It’s sad how both her & Superhead are making/trying to make a living by sleeping around & then spilling the beans. Kat has been getting it in about quite a few rappers, and as hard as she go, they come back even harder. I’m behind you is “wanting to hit her without much reason” Like, I see no rhyme or reason for Superhead, and the same goes for this chick.

  2. BUT the difference between her and Superhead is that SH made millions from spilling the beans, she apparently hasn’t. Like I said, SH already did it, and it’s no longer a shock, and all the “rappers” staxx has slept with thus far have been c and d listers at best, i heard nelly clowining her during an interview, she didn’t even know that she was talking to him, and he exposed her for the liar she is, she has to mess with poo butts like soulja boy and chopper from making the band….CHOPPER!

  3. Wow…chopper? SAD! This chick is irritating. What ever happened to just getting a job instead of sleeping w/ some of everybody for money. She think its cute and so do alot of her fans…

  4. Just like sydney starr…the “tranny” who sleeps w/ rappers and tell their business. The only reason why ppl pay her any attention is because they want to know who is downlow…i really could care less.

  5. Ms. Mizani Says:

    I care more about who is sleeping with Sydney Starr a lot more than who is slummin with Ratstax AKA Swiss Beeks sister.
    Yes. Expose these sneaky Devils!
    What I don’t understand is they want us to repect them, love them, and not pass judgement. But the DL man kills all that noise. And the name is so fitting…Down Low = Low Down. Because that’s what it is when you risk your life and others, by pretending to be something you’re not!
    My take on it is, Life is not promised and too short to boot. Why waste it doing Low Down things when you should consider yourself better than that and worth so much more than living this hurtful lie.

  6. Lmao yes sidney looks better. I dont believe it was a man though. It exposed chingy as one of its lovers and staxx was heated. Guess she mad the tranny got to him before she could.

  7. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Peace everyone…

    Hi Charisse, Just go on youtube and look him/her up. I remember seeing a before pic and an after pic. And his real name is Steve. lol!
    And he/she is also featured on a site named, Hermophadites in Hollywood.

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