Remember the silly-dilly boy band B2K?  They were huge back in the early part of the millennium.  You couldn’t turn on MTV, or BET without seeing them perform on a show, or one of their videos.  Anyway, the group was rocked when two former members ( and brothers) accused the manager Chris “I’m Married” Stokes of not only molesting them, and other members of B2K, but also Marques Houston of Immature/Imx, and in turn, encouraging Houston to also violate them sexually.

Here’s an old article regarding Stokes denial of the allegations made by the brothers in which he denies any wrong doing.  LOL, why do most married pedophiles…uh excuse me…alleged married pedophiles use their marital status and the fact that they have children as a defense to molestation charges, and being gay.  You will notice in his statement that after denying it, the first thing he says is ” I’m not gay”.

So after the allegations were made and “leaked” on the internet, Raz-B pops up in a video apologizing  and basically recanting everything that he alleged against Chris Stokes, and Houston. However, after looking at the video, I didn’t feel as if this was voluntary, or genuine.  Anyway, his brother has never gone back on his original accusations.

I bet ol’ Chris thought that was the end of it, until the Bishop Eddie Long case came to light.  Now Raz is back with his original accusations against Houston and Stokes.  It seems to me that the accusers in the Long case must have given Raz the courage to come forward once again.

Of course people are accusing him of being on the come up for some cash, but I just can’t understand what man would admit to the world that he was raped by a grown man when he was a youngster?  Come on, we all know how these execs in the industry get down, which makes me think that Raz and his brother have been telling the truth from the jump.  Who was behind the cancellation of their reality show?  I’m sure that if one was abused, they all were, and it is disappointing that the others won’t back up their band mate, but I won’t pass judgement on them.  Maybe they have been threatened, or maybe they are just ashamed of what was done to them?  I think it’s also interesting how Omorion is still being managed by Stokey, along with Marques Houston, and it is Omorion who not only came to Stokey’s defennse when the allegations were first made, but he’s also the one who was running his mouth on the radio saying that Raz  was bi-polar…typical sickness they use to discredit someone.

Although I hate what may have been done to th boys, and I want to hold hate against Marques, I can’t because after all, he was once a young boy under the guidance of Stokey, and the same thing must have happened to him which in turn, makes him a victim too, and the diseased wheel keeps on turning.


As in the Bish E.L.’s case, more accusers are surfacing in this disgusting soap opera.  A relatively unknown artist by the name of Quindon Tarver has come forward corroborating the allegations against the Stokes/Houston sexual predator tag team.  I find this very exciting that these two young men are ignoring threats to their lives in order to expose the truth.  I’m riding with these two and hope that Stokes is put away for his crimes.  As for Houston, I just have to keep in mind that he is a victim in this also, and while I think that he should be punished for raping these young men, we should take it easy on him.  As for Stokes, I seriously think that he should be soaked in gas and lit the hell up!



  1. they said he’s bipolar, he doesn’t sound like someone who’s ranting out their neck….

  2. buttaflyytulsa Says:

    Man, I haven’t even got to read this yet, but caught a glimpse of that pic of Immature & I’m still trying to find my jaw on the floor! Wow…just wow…

    • girl, why were these kids being pictured with their shirts off @ every oppurtunity like they were being auctioned off, and the one kid with the blond hair always wore the eyepatch. do we know if chris strokes is a mason, i’d be willing to bet he is.

      • hmmm….Lil Romeo was my fave! But, yes, I was thinking about that last night how he always wore an eye patch and I thought it was just because they didn’t want him to upstage everyone else with his hazel eyes. Now, I’m totally seeing how it makes sense that it was probably way more than just a fashion statement.

  3. Monique1974 Says:

    I believe Raz-B. Most men would be ashamed to even admit that another man has touched them in any type of sexual way. People are going to ridicule him, say that he’s crazy or even possibly flip the situation to make it seem as if he’s gay and that Chris Stokes isn’t. When most people have admitted to being abused in any way, those are not thing that people joke about. So, if he says that it happened, I believe him. I hope this will be investigated and legal action be taken. The more I read about the entertainment industry, the more I feel sorry for these people. We have no idea what goes on behind the scenes.

    • well monique, we are certainly starting to see the light, and it’s not pretty, i wouldn’t trade me or my life just to be rich and be a prisoner, there’s always a trade off, and that’s what is not being communicated to the young impressionable children
      I know first hand of the long lasting damage that pedophiles can cause with their preying on young kids whose minds aren’t even developed fully, i buried my secret for years and years and from the age of 6 or seven until i turned 33 it was stifled within me, but my spirit was screaming out and finally it all surfaced and it was like someone slapped me hard across my face! that is why i can relate to what these guys must be feeling right now, and it angers me beyond rationality!


    • Yeah, something’s madd off about that pic. They look both comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time.


      • Butta,
        I have to agree with you. They DO look comfortable (maybe because they were a group) and umcomfortable (because they were a group and things went too far). If this picture would have been taken with some young girls, the “look” of it would have be totally different.
        Like Mike would say (Jersey Shore) “we got us a situation right here”

      • Ha ha ha!!! Yes, there was definitly a ‘SITUATION’ going on in that room at that time. SMH

  5. I just don’t get why when people come forth to express something like this has happened to them, why they are attacked like they’re the ones that did something wrong. That’s the prime time to act 1st, ask questions later. If someone, especially a young man, states they have had that type of thing happen to them, they should lock the accused up until a thorough investigation has been completed. Start off as if they have all the evidence to prove they did it, and work backwards to see if it makes sense. If they are found not guilty, they the accuser needs to serve time. Like you said before, this is not the type of thing that should be played with or lied about. This is a very serious accusation.

    I hope it all works out for the victims.

    • butta you know how I feel about these accusations…
      where there is smoke there is fire, and although raz b has a cd dropping later this month, i just don’t believe that this is a publicity stunt, when he made these same accusations previously, he didn’t have anything coming out.
      this society is so messed up that we do tend to blame the victim, and that’s not right especially since we now know that there are pedophiles everywhere, around every corner and the are rampant in the entertainment industry

  6. can the connection be made then that Houston was a “handler” assuming that he and Chris were the abusers? If so then I see his connection to beyonce ( the rumors that they were dating). Maybe houston was her handler before jay

    • I can believe it. Alot of the best ‘handlers’ and ‘trainers’ have been MK’d themselves. Kind of the whole ‘takes-one-to-know-one’ thing. Once they’ve been broken down and reporgrammed, they pretty much believe (or their alpha alter believes) what they are doing is right and will make their master proud. Very rarely do they use outsiders to ‘program’ anymore. All inhouse.

  7. hmm, it is highly likely that chirs was using marques to handle the younger boys, keep them in line while they both violated them. I really believe that marques was probably blackmailed into raping and molesting these boys. I think that beyonce was a front so that immature wouldn’t lose their female fan base and their careers by being outed in this industry, i heard a rumour that although beyonce was willing to give herself to houston, and she even waited for him, he never touched her, now we know why, he didn’t like girls. but then I don’t know if that was truth or what. up until she was traded off to jay z, beyonce was handled by her father…that’s all and that’s it , or so i believe. i also would like to know where the parents were? it seems that they are paid to keep away, my children would never be allowed to go into entertainment, but if they were, i’d be right there all day every day especially when they are not of the age of consent.

    • Houston’s mother passed away of Lymphona back in 97′. She had been batteling it for years, so I’m sure his father was by her side most of the time. Sounds like perfect prey for MK hunting season.


    • i also would like to know where the parents were? it seems that they are paid to keep away, my children would never be allowed to go into entertainment, but if they were, i’d be right there all day every day especially when they are not of

      That’s just it, they win over the parents and for whatever reason, the parents feel like they can trust the ADULTS with their children, while not knowing them from a can of paint. case in point, when Usher came out, he was first signed to Puffy. Now we all know that puffy parties HARD!!! One day Usher called his mom, or she called him, and he was drunk (he was 14) she was like AHHH HELL NAW!!! snatched him up and took him back to ATL and that’s when he signed w/ LaFace. The parents are too trusting of these adults. I remember reading Faith Evans book, Keep the Faith, and she talked about how she would drag Usher along with her to make sure he didn’t get into trouble. Puffy didin’t have time to nurture Usher, he was a man-child himself.
      I think some of it is just the parents not knowing, but some of it is my child is getting ready to be a star, so whatever is whatever!!

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  9. i had a teenage daughter around the time omarion was going solo. omarion couldnt sell jack records as cute as he is. the recond company dropped him. the youngs girls just did not take to omarion or marcus houston (except for in sister sister) but not their music persona. the youngs girls took to lil bow wow at that time. i remember asking my daughter why she wasnt putting the omorian pic on her wall from the magazine. she replied “somethings off about him” . she didnt know, but she was picking up the homosexual vibes even at that young age. i dont understand why raz doesnt press some kind of charges. the statute of limitations probably have expired, but he does at least need to talk to a lawyer.

    • I’m sure he can still sue or something no matter how late it is, or at least be a character witness for the prosecutor if someone else would be a man and take a stand. Sadly enough, this type of dramatization would have damaged the young men involved and they might not even see themselves as men anymore. All in these situations need extreme compassion and understanding. I’m finding those two ingredients can totally change someone’s outlook on life for the better.

  10. I was a huge b2k fan. Went to conerts and everything. Remember when they broke up. I was mad because no one ever said why they were doing so. I heard about stokes molesting them.

  11. I was young and somewhat innocent and didnt believe that stokes would do that because razb is supposed to be his cousin. Omarion and marques supposed to be brothers…but in a word up article they admitted they werent but they felt like brothers.

  12. but i believe it now. Looking back on all their photo shoots, they did always have their shirts off and they were only in their early teens. Also, bow wow and omarion are very close, a lil to close.

  13. They were to young to be singing songs about love and dating and i, along with others, was much to young to listen to that.

  14. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Okay…Now this is all Illuminati related and I’ll tell you why I feel this way.
    1.) Before this became known to most of the public and given a media platform. There were already rumors about Chris Stokes molesting the little boys. A lot of the industry folk would not associate with Chris for this very reason. When describing him, the word ‘Strange’ would be used.
    2.) Each boy came with his share of problems…be it parents on drugs, desperate parents who signed over custody, with a promise of fame and fortune. And some kind of way these are biologically related. So some of the problems were well known in their family circle.
    3.) Chris Stokes has an already establish friendship with the Chief of Police, Political officals and the other important big wigs in his state and city.
    4.) Chris also has paid Gansters/ ??Bloods?? to also

  15. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Cont….. to help him when they are needed. That’s why he recanted his earlier statements. It was done out of fear.
    5.) With what I’ve names so far as his leads me to believe that he may also be a Mason. How has he maintained his lifestyle without contributing anything…like coming out with a new group with a big hit???
    6.) One boy escape and became a drug addict, then went home, joinned church and confessed to all that was done to him. He outted Chris Stokes before anyone else. At the time the Stokes camp claimed he was a druggy with mental problems.
    7.) Has anyone seen Chris??? This man looks like he wears lipstick and eyeliner. Which is one thing a woman can quickly notice. His mannerisms are feminine.
    8.) Even though Chris is married – I think thery’re going through a divorce- He has always been asked about his sexuality and what and who he perfers. But he would say he is heterosexual while looking all sweet. And since RazB has tried to bring so light into the sistuation…NOW this Monster is singing another tune. Now he’s Bi-Sexual. This was only admitted so he would have an excuse for some of his disgusting acts done to children.

  16. When i was younger i always thought chris looked nasty wearing those tight jeans with a wife beater…and his gut. Ugh! Now i look at him and see HOMOSEXUAL! They all need to come forward and admit the truth….

  17. […] dirtygurl пишет: girl, why were these kids being pictured with their shirts off @ every oppurtunity like they were being auctioned off, and the one kid with the blond hair always wore the eyepatch. do we know if chris strokes is a mason, i'd be willing … […]

  18. HOintervention Says:

    Chris Stokes needs to be in prison. Makes you wonder if he has even touched his own sons.

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