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I saw this over at Baller Status, and I fell out laughing.  Apparently some folks are still checking for Foxxy Brown enough that she’s getting paid to make appearances at clubs.  You know, I never could understand that whole concept…pay x amount of $ just so you can say you partied with a celeb, and nine times out of ten, that celeb is holed up in the VIP where your not going to get in.  Silly sheeple!

Anyway the Illest was supposed to perform at the Splash Bar but didn’t show up until thirty minutes to closing!  On top of that she refused the car they sent because it was an 09, and not a 10 model.  On top of all this, you can too get Foxxy to perform at your party for a mere $1,000.  Yep that’s right folks, you heard me $1,000.00!

I was never a fan, but this is the Foxxy I choose to remember…I mean without the gratuitous cleavage and all, she was so pretty..wtf happened?  Proof positive that this industry will chew you up and spit you out to die on your own.

Damn Jay, your girl needs some help!  No wonder the only way she can keep her name in the news is by assaulting nail techs!  Foxxy…meet Karma!



  1. Lmao!!! Gurl you aren’t right for this one right here! I’m about to get my G together so I can get Foxxy to perform at my next birthday! *whew* too funny… You’re a mess!

  2. lol i don’t make this stuff up, lol!

  3. lol @ getting your g together!

  4. And just think… She’s not even commanding as much as Rat Skanks for an event??? Where they do that at???

  5. hee hee @ rat stax…that’s so retarded, and rat stax does what? at least foxxy can draw from her three hit singles

  6. Lmao! $1000 is rather cheap. I wouldnt want her at my part if she showed up for free. Dont even get me started on kat stacks…

  7. Also, i saw a very interesting billboard advertising Lil Waynes new cd “im not a human being” (or something). Have u seen it? If not, i could email it to u. Would make a great article.

  8. Rat Staxx?! Ha ha ha!!!! I didn’t think she got paid for anything, much less for making club appearances. They should have saved the money and disinfected the club after she left. Man, 1K for Foxxy? I might have to put in on that, last celeb we got out here was Snookie!


  10. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Hump! And to think, Ms. Thang was a guess on Mo’Nique’s Show, where she cried and cried, thanked God for all her blessings, including getting her hearing back. God this..God that!!! Putting on a front for all to see. She acted like she was changing her life for the better. And lo and behold, not even a week later. Foxy is charged wtih harassing her neighbor, then this things with her brother. This woman’s life is a mess and I’ve got a feeling that she is end up, (if not already poor) end up old loney, and in the poor house. I suggest she sit down somewhere and come back to reality. Nikki Minaj in who is being focused on. Not that I’m a fan, but her name is mentioned often.

  11. When did she lose her hearing? Im late. Never really liked her anyway. Oh well 🙂

  12. HOintervention Says:

    I still cram to understand why people pay Rat Stacks to show up at clubs.

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