Just wanted to take a minute to thank you guys who read my blog.  It didn’t start off the way it is now, and I never expected it to take off the way it did, but I’m very thankful!  I appreciate all of you guys, as you afford me an opportunity to vent, and inform at the same time.  I hit a personal milestone today (2k hits), and am researching ways to push it further until they shut me down.  Once again thanks to all of you (commentors and lurkers alike) for putting this blog where it is!

By the way, my email was shut down by google, and I have yet to set up another email account, but it’s next on my “need to do it, but i’m too lazy, but i’ll get around to it soon” list!

Wishing you all awareness, peace, and freedom




  1. Who r u? Obviously a rich snob with connections with nothing else to do. I refuse to support a rich person.

  2. Hey, anything for my Blog Big Sis!!! NO, seriously, I not only love your blog, but I love how you chop it up with me like we go way back. Keep it up, Gurl!!!!

  3. Welcome 🙂 wondering though…why did google shut down your email? Also, to all the lurkers, stop hiding in the shadows and post something already! Lol

  4. @ yoyo…where did that come from. I’m not rich, I’m not a snob, and I’m not connected LoL that kind of caught me off guard!

    buttaflyy…you know we do go way back to….when you first clicked my link looking for information! LOL and I’m glad you did!

    charisse, also thank you for your readership, i don’t know why they did. first of all someone hacked into it then google shut it down. I guess i rubbed someone the wrong way?

  5. btw in closing yoyo, you are supporting me..you not only clicked my link from your search, but you commented!

  6. OMG! Lmbo! I opologize. I just wanted to know if this person posting this was real or just computer generated. Lol Well I know u r real.

  7. OMG! Lmbo! I wanted to see if this was real or just computer generated. Lol I kept getting post to my email from this site and today I decided to subscribe because I told myself, I want to see if this is a real person or just a computer. Lol I apologize.

  8. I am glad that so many are reading your blog because this information needs to get out there. Shutting off your email? The people in power know that you know.

  9. Yeah u mustve rubbed someone the wrong way! Dont think its a coincidence that it was hacked and then shut down. When someone hacked my fbook, I had to go through hell and high water to get it deleted. Sent emails, proof pics, I even called them.

    • Must’ve been what @Wyclef was doing during his hospitalization. Ha ha ha!!!! You drove the man crazy, Gurl! That was too funny!!!

      • girl stop! no this was a almost a month ago pre-wyclef! lol did you hear that he’s going to run in 2015? I guess he’s going to move down there to qualify as a resident
        and he was already crazy…i take no credit on that one! even though i’d love to!

      • ButtaFlyy Says:

        Wow, really? He’s a mess. I mean, I know actors, models, and singers have stepped into head offices of several countries, but he’s not even a resident, doesn’t pay taxes, and probably doesn’t even know the laws for Haiti. WACK!!!

  10. Verbs2010 is always glad to contribute to this website, where the true prevails.

  11. Excuse me “truth”.

  12. I’m ALWAYS excited to partake in a good conversation, where you can agree to be disagreeable and we live to see another day. THANK YOU for ALL the good information!!!

  13. That’s some s***. I just emailed you too; oh well that’s what copy and paste is for. Lurker is out; greetings all. I have been studying the illuminati for at least a year now. I came across your website three days ago, and I am still going through it eating up all the information. I wanted to read the books pertaining to thanks for the memories and transformation america. Is there anyway you can email them to me or tell me where to go and download them from? Oh yeah, I’m having problems finding you on twitter and fb also. Keep doing what you are doing trust me it’s a wonderful thing. I’ve been called crazy a few times also, but I will tell whoever wants to listen. Thanks again mama.

  14. I’m so excited to see all of the new people commenting!!!! Sorry, all, I just love to see things grow before my eyes. And such a positive thing too!!!

  15. i like posting here because i can post my weird conspiracy theories and no one thinks im crazy!

  16. Lol! I emailed you about a week ago to show my appreciation too! Well, at least now I know how to reach you. Here’s a link you may find amusing. Dig what the vapid K-sisters are wearing;) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/10/07/kim-kardashian-khloe-kardashian_n_753856.html

  17. The ppl who dont find some truth in conspiracy “theories” are the crazy ones that’s content living a lie every single day.

  18. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Girrrrlll, I ain’t going no where!!! I found you a couple of yrs ago and was hooked. You make this site feel like home. And with the increase in intelligent bloggers, it just made my addiction worse. HaHaHa!!!
    I’m in for the long haul. Much love and respect for you and yours. And may God continue to guide you as a warrior. Peace Sista. 🙂

  19. you guys are all so awesome, even though it can be tedious at times, it does feel like a place you can go and be yourself, i’m glad, i also enjoy interacting with all of you. some of the sites used to go to don’t have that.

  20. I have this site bookmarked. I get a high whenever I drop by and find a new post. Keep doing what you do, we love it.

    • I also bookmarked this page, girl we love you because you are telling the truth and that’s why they shut down your e-mail. Love you and keep telling the truth and yoare doing a good job.

    • I fell you in the ‘high’! No lie, it is like a rush when I see a new post. Like, oh, wow, what’s she got for me today?! 🙂

  21. Dirtygurl, I recently heard a rumor that the government is saving all our tweets in a national database… I really don’t know what to think about it. It kind of fits though. into this puzzle of craziness we’re all in. What do you think? like… Big bro already has a database where they keep every single piece of child pornography ever recorded from investigations and such. Big leaders and stuff can access it with just a password So this twitter thing sounds very possible.

  22. @ rochelle, well there is a story circulating that the feds are using some guys twitters to indict him for murder, he was bragging about all the things he did, and he even bragged how he beat a case, now he’s in custody, so that should tell you something! all i have to say is use your common sense when twitting cuz big brother is always watching and listening. as for the porn, i know they monitor the mail and the internet looking for porn so that they can blackmail the senders into service for them. this is how cathy obrien’s dad got caught up and sold his children to the government to be slaves, he was sending her and the family dog in beastiality films.

    • I don’t know all of the details in regards to the government using our Twitters to spy on us, but I can believe it and unfortunately, it’s not illegal. All of the social networking sites are public domain, so anything we put on there can be used against us in court, just like us throwing out our trash, once it hits the curb, it’s public property.

  23. No wonder I couldn’t send you a link. I wanted your opinion on this new black model chanel iman. I saw her wearing a black dress with a gold triangle on the front…but of course I know what it is. I life your blog

  24. I never trusted facebook or twitter. I also believe that our phone lines r being tapped. Now i always watch what i say.

  25. I haven’t been here as long as some others, but thank you for making an awesome site! 🙂

  26. i keep hearing little beeps and blips on my cell phone but i just use it to curse out my cf, and talk to my kids teachers…thats it so they can keep on listening and wasting their time if they like. i’m not out robbing folks, selling drugs or other crimes so they can monitor the twitter and fb all they want, worse case is they shut it down, but i won’t be stopped even then

    • Yeah, I get the same crap aswell. I normally let them know that I am fully aware that they are listening to me and that even though they believe themselves to be part of the winning team, they will be betrayed by their masters. Henry Kissinger said it and made it clear when questioned on the definition of what a terrorist is. “A terrorist is any person who is against the New World Order”. So according to their so called definition, we are all terrorist here. Keep up the good works and stay strong.

  27. Gotta keep updating and keeping current with the times, lol. In 2 months I’ll be Verbs 2011, lol.


      • Feel free to place me on the blog roll, I welcome it and it is much appreciated. I will definitely be posting more often as times are now changing faster than ever. People require real answers to their problems, I’m just doing my bit to help those who are honestly seeking the truth.

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