It’s official, House Of Dereon sucks, but we’ve known that for years.  Remember Tina and Beyonce were debuting this crap on the Oprah Show, and I couldn’t help but wonder to myself 1) it’s messed up for them to make Kelly model that crap on national television. 2) one hundred dollars for some iron-on decal on the pocket of some cheaply made jeans? and 3) Why did she never show her line at fashion week…..okay that was a jab!  Anyway, House of Dereon is right where it belongs…or rather “Miss Tina” in Walmart.

But that’s not the point to the post, the point is, that although I despise Tina Knowles, I thought she was a nice looking older woman.  All she had to do was lose the red lipstick and all that hair weave.  You could tell that she must have been some kind of fox in her youth, but now, she went and chiseled her nose and she looks ten times worse than before.

And did ol girl have some cheek implants thrown in for good measure?  I always thought that  this was one of those woman who felt like she had to compete with her own daughters.  RME.




18 Responses to “LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE…”

  1. I just saw her this morning with Kathie Lee (gag) and Hoda on Good Morning America and thought she didn’t look so great. She looked a little sinister to be honest…not sure if it was the eye makeup or what. But anyways, she and another lady were talking fashion and had some models come out…and then lo and behold, Beyonce comes out! It was a little weird, especially how Beyonce has the fake smile plastered all the time, but Hoda’s reaction was priceless.

  2. I saw the ‘new’ her yesterday. I swear she went into the doll making office and said, ‘I don’t care what it takes, make me look like my daughter!’. She looks a hot mess. I could appreciate her chubbiness before because it was natural (for the most part), but now, she looks like an older, more evil Beyonce!!!

    And, it’s looking like Wally World is the designer Bone Yard more and more everyday. Sheesh!!!

    • just because you can make your daughter and her bandmates look like yong hookers doesnt make you a designer. sorry tina but you need to find something else tto do. i don’t see anyone buying this line.

  3. Ms. Mizani Says:


    I saw the whole interview and Tina still looks rough to me. She looks evil! It also looked like she’s lost a few pounds. I can’t help but to think this is what Bey is going to look like in the future. Rough, hard and worn the hell out. She’s already starting to age in the face, like her momma. She looks older than 29 yrs. old.
    Someone needs to remind Tina that she has 2 daughters, not one! I think Solange should’ve been there too. Or maybe just having Bey there supporting her was all she needed to sell her clothes. Even though it sort of backfired on her butt. When Bey came out modeling a dress the whole interview became about Bey and Tina’s clothes were put on the back burner. It was too funny!
    In my opinion, Tina selling her clothes through Wal-Mart just screams to me, “Please Y’all buy my clothes. Pretty please.” LOL!!!

  4. had to change the pic, the other one was unviewable, lookat their body language, if they are so close why are they standing at arms length of each other, somebody been in beyonce’s ear about this mess, since she’s always the face, I’m sure people be clowning her behind her back.

  5. Thought there were two lines “house of dereon” and just plain “dereon”. I see alot of young girls wearing dereon jeans and coats and what not. Tina has always looked like an evil cat to me. Solange is beautiful. Bey is too…from time to time.

  6. A little off subject…but do anyone else notice how the comments are dated. 6th then 7th then 6th…and it say i posted at 2:11am…When its only 9 something. Weird..

  7. […] ok, ok…first, please visit my Blog Big Sis, The Dirt, for more on this story […]

  8. I am up all night checking for any new posts lol i get so happy when i see a new article. I type from my phone…and my thumbs be killing me when i leave the blog.

    • ButtaFlyy Says:

      I heard that! I’m the same way. Glad she’s posting more often now. But then again, there so much more going on and coming out in the open, it’s hard NOT to post it. ;o)

  9. House of Dereon is House of Fallen!!! Walmart???? Like really???? I think that’s crazy, but then again maybe she’ll have better luck selling this line there. People LOVE Wally World!!! Tina always has that look like something stinks. I remember seeing her on a shopping network and her voice was very monotoned and she had that look like something was smelling. SOME of the pieces in this line are ok looking. I like the jeans & some of the coates.

  10. I like walmart…my fave pair of skinny jeans came from there…but its sad when something dnt sell as good as it was supposed to. Maybe fashion isnt her thing and she should just stick to being a mother/grandmother.

  11. Lord have mercy Tina please stop it please.

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